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Who knows what tomorrow might bring now that we can’t undo our past? That’s the question lingering in all our minds. It’s okay to be anxious about the future, but our current actions greatly influence it. Simply put, we hold our destiny in our hands. That is why artists release inspirational songs about destiny all the time. Here are the best ten that we believe have powerful messages about destiny or fate.

10. “Destiny” by Zero 7 feat. Sophie Barker & Sia (Simple Things- 2001)

“Destiny” was written by Zero 7, an English duo. Afterward, they requested Sophie Barker, who added more lyrics before recruiting Australian singer Sia. The quartet later released the single in the UK in 2001. Music critics thought of it as “unforgettable” with “dulcet and “smoldering” vocals. Unsurprisingly, the song reached number 30 on the UK Singles Chart and remained in that position for three weeks.

9. “Blue Destiny” by Neil Diamond (In My Lifetime- 1996)

According to Foundations of Music, “Blue Destiny” is another fantastic song capturing the concept of fate, and we all can relate to it. Neil Diamond sings about a man who’s been romantically wounded and is trying to find his life’s purpose. The singer has always felt that it was the first song that drew an emotional effect on him. At some point, its uniqueness and honesty made him feel like a true writer.

8. “Twist of Fate” by Olivia Newton-John (Two of a Kind- 1983)

This world is filled with people who aren’t together but aren’t meant to be. That’s the idea that Olivia Newton-John’s “Twist of Fate” precisely captures. The ballad sounds like a heartbreaking song, describing how fate can work against our favor. The only way out is to move and assume it was never meant to be. The singer released this song for the 1983 romantic fantasy comedy film, Two of a Kind. It peaked at four in Australia and Canada. The US Billboard ranked it six in January 1984, marking Newton-John’s last top ten single on the chart.

7. “Destiny” by Jim Brickman & Jordan Hill (Destiny-1999)

Jim Brickman’s “Destiny” song is about two people in love. Brickman sings about a couple believing that they are meant to be. We believe Jim Brickman and Jordan Hill want us to pursue our destiny and work towards making our relationships work. The song peaked at ten on the US Adult Contemporary chart and the same position as the Canadian Adult Contemporary chart.

6. “Que Sera Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be)” (Doris Day-1955)

“Que Sera Sera,” loosely translated as “Whatever Will Be, Will Be,” is a song written by Jay Livingston and Ray Evans. It describes the unpredictability of the future. Doris Day released it for the 1956 film, The Man Who Knew Too Much, winning an Academy Award for Best Original Song and a third Oscar. After it was recorded for Columbia Records, it peaked at two on the US Billboard Hot 100. Also, it became the singer’s signature song.

5. “Found You” by Kane Brown (Kane Brown- 2017)

“Found You” by Kane Brown is about a man feeling heartbroken and can’t think straight. His mind state prompts him to find a rebound at a random party. What starts as a rebound relationship is eternal, something he never expected. According to Repeat Replay, Kane dedicated this song to his fiancé. He accurately describes that even the oddest moments bring people who share similar love interests. The song peaked at 80 on the US Billboard Top 100 songs.

4. “Falls to Climb” by R.E.M (Up- 1998)

The concept of destiny is quite complicated, even confusing the beauty of life and everything surrounding it at the end. “Falls to Climb” by R.E.M is one song describing a person approaching his death and regrets how they lived their life. However, the person hopes for one more chance to fix their mistakes and cheat death. The song featured on the band’s Up album, helping it peak at three on the US Billboard 200.

3. “End Up With You” by Carrie Underwood (Cry Pretty-2018)

“End Up With You” is an inspiring song for people to believe in destiny, particularly as far as love is concerned. Perhaps you’ve always met the wrong people and lost hope of finding someone who will complete you. Carrie sings about how she’s aware that she will eventually end up with someone special. She promises to do everything she can to wait for that person to find her. The song is a powerful ballad evoking a strong message about the concept of destiny. This song will wow you even if you aren’t a strong believer in love and destiny.

2. “Almost Maybes” by Jordan Davis (Buy Dirt- 2020)

”Almost Maybes” is a song reminding people that opportunities only come once in a life. Jordan Davis sings about taking risks and not living in fear to achieve your life purpose. While his message is practical, uncertainties about the future might prevent one from believing in his message. The singer (himself) wrote the song alongside Lindsey Hillary and Jesse Frasure. Between 2020 and 2021, it charted at seven on the US Hot Country Songs, five on Country Airplay, and six on the Canada Country Songs (Billboard).

1. “Definition of Destiny” by Billy Talent (Billy Talent III- 2009)

Have you ever felt stuck in life such that you pondered over taking matters into your own hands? There’s no doubt that we’ve all felt this way at one point in our lives. However, not everything goes as planned, but we still live to fight another day. That’s what Billy Talent’s “Definition of Destiny” message aims to relay. In an interview with Kerrang in 2009, the frontman, Ben Kowalewicz, admitted that he’d seen a lot of people who’ve lost hope. He was only 33 at the time and couldn’t help but notice the number of people working jobs they don’t like or being in relationships they abhor. Such people end up bitter by the time they clock 50. So, he reminds them to live their best life without hurting anyone.

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