TOOL Guitarist Adam Jones Signature Guitars Stolen on Truck

TOOL guitarist Adam Jones recently announced his signature guitars. He and Gibson Les Paul collaborate together for a new collection piece of guitar set.

Adam Jones and Gibson worked together on his first electric signature guitar. These guitars also titled ‘the Custom Shop Adam Jones 1979 Les Paul Custom’. He and his TOOL bandmates shared a short and new animated video ‘The Witness‘ also features all-new music composed and performed by Adam. The song in this video recorded along with Danny Carey and Justin Chancellor.

According to some of the sources, a pallet of new Gibson Adam Jones 1979 Les Paul Custom Silverburst guitars has been stolen from a Sweetwater Music truck. This happened in Whiteland, Indiana on October 30.

Sweetwater chief supply officer Phil Rich talked about Adam Jones stolen guitars incident:

“Somehow out of a truck full of guitars, this ONE pallet was singled out and stolen at a truck stop. Totaling close to $95,000 in guitars, we feel this person/s knew exactly what to look for and when.”

Also, Gibson’s Cesar Gueikian added:

“These guitars were the dream guitars of 13 Gibson and Adam Jones fans who had been patiently waiting for them to be delivered.

We have decided to publish the serial numbers of the 13 stolen guitars and are appealing to all of Gibson’s fans to keep an eye out for them. And let us know if they surface. Our fans should ask any third-party sellers for a serial number. Before purchasing to be sure they are not being sold one of the stolen guitars.”

They will also want your help:

“Anyone who knows anything about the theft, or the whereabouts of the guitars, is urged to contact detective Kenny Polley of the Whiteland Police Department at KPolley@whitelandpd.us or (317) 535-8100. Sweetwater has published the serial numbers of all the guitars. As well, which will make it much harder for the stolen axes to be sold.”

These signature and custom guitars sell in two formats. The first one is a signed version retailing at $10,000 (£7,500) of which there are only 79 in the world. The second one is a Vintage Original Spec version (£4,500) with 179 of them.

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