James Hetfield from Metallica Reveals Thoughts about Lady Gaga
Metallica and Lady Gaga at Grammy Awards

James Hetfield just shares his thoughts for Lady Gaga. Metallica’s James Hetfield and drummer Lars Ulrich remember on the band’s 2017 Grammy Awards live performance.

On August 12th, 2020, Metallica shared by Howard Stern‘s SiriusXM program. In this program, they talk about their upcoming live drive-in concert series and also collaborating with Lady Gaga at the 2017 Grammy Awards. The band also how they’ve united on during the coronavirus pandemic. When we back into Grammy Awards famous thrash metal band stage with Lady Gaga at the 59th annual event in Los Angeles, California. However, this live performance turned into a little bit of a disaster. Because the Grammy sound crew can’t manage and turn Hetfield’s mic on. Then Hetfield and Lady Gaga sing the same microphone for the “Moth Into Flame” song.

Metallica frontman James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich comments on Lady Gaga:

Hetfield talks about Lady Gaga and says, “I just respect her as an artist. She was there for two hours before we even got there, working on her moves and thinking stuff up. She is an extremely creative and fearless artist.”

Lars Ulrich also added:

“Lady Gaga, in particular, she loves metal. She was telling me that ‘Metal Militia’, which is this deep cut on our first album ‘Kill ‘Em All’, was her favorite song back in the day.”

You can watch the rehearsal and live performance below.

Check out the dress rehearsal video below.


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