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Okay, sure “worst to best” might not be the best headline here, but it’s the best I’ve got. I’ve loved Hollywood Undead for quite a while now and even after years of doing what they do best, it looks like they’re still going strong. Hollywood Undead has quite a diverse discography perfect for all kinds of moods, whether you want to listen to rap, rock, nu-metal, or if you’re in the need for a solid party anthem, Hollywood Undead has it all. So, how does each Hollywood Undead album stack up against one another?

American Tragedy: Redux

Track list:

  • Levitate (Digital Dog Club Mix)
  • Comin’ In Hot (Wideboys Club Mix)
  • Apologize (Buffalo Bill’s “Die Young” Remix)
  • My Town (Andrew W.K. Remix)
  • Coming Back Down (Beatnick & K-Salaam Remix)
  • Hear Me Now (Jonathan Davis Remix)
  • I Don’t Wanna Die (Borgore Remix)
  • Le Deux (Dr. Eargasm Remix)
  • Lights Out (The Juggernaut & Obsidian Remix)
  • Been to Hell… And Back! (KMFDM Remix)
  • Bullet (Kay V Remix)

American Tragedy: Redux isn’t a terrible album by any means; it’s got some really cool songs on there, with my favorite being the Buffalo Bill “Die Young” remix of “Apologize.” However, I’m not a huge fan of everything else on the album, there’s a couple decent remixes on there, but I would honestly just rather listen to the original songs. I don’t think that many people technically count this when ranking albums – at least from what I’ve seen – but it’s still a Hollywood Undead album, so I’m counting it.


Track list:

  • Bloody Nose
  • Live Fast Die Young
  • Something to Believe
  • Gotta Let Go
  • Another Level

I don’t really mind Psalms, but it definitely doesn’t live up to any of the other albums that we’ve seen from Hollywood Undead. I almost didn’t put this on here, because there are only five songs on the record, but I thought, why not? There’s not a whole lot to say about it, given that there’s only five songs, other than it was pretty disappointing outside of “Gotta Let Go.”

Desperate Measures

Track list:

  • Dove and Grenade
  • Tear It Up
  • Shout at the Devil
  • Immigrant Song
  • Bad Town
  • El Urgencia
  • Everywhere I Go (Castle Renholdër Mix)
  • Undead (Live)
  • Sell Your Soul (Live)
  • California (Live)
  • Black Dahlia (Live)
  • Everywhere I Go (Live)
  • No. 5 (Live)
  • City (Live)

I love Desperate Measures, especially the live versions that they’ve got on there. In what seems to be a pretty unpopular opinions, I actually love Bad Town and Dove and Grenade, but the rest of the album is covers and live versions of songs from another album, which is why it’s not higher up on the list. I do like Desperate Measures, I just like HU’s other work more.

New Empire Vol. 2 (Bonus Track Version)

Track list:

  • Medicate
  • Comin’ Thru the Stereo (feat. Hyro the Hero)
  • Ghost Out
  • Gonna Be OK
  • Monsters (feat. Killstation)
  • Idol (feat. Tech N9ne)
  • Coming Home
  • Unholy
  • Worth It
  • Heart of a Champion (feat. Papa Roach & Ice Nine Kills)
  • Idol (feat. Ghøstkid)
  • Idol (feat. KURT92)

New Empire Vol. 2 is Hollywood Undead’s latest album, and it is a prime example of how much variety the band can pull off with ease. This album definitely leans more into the hip-hop side of their sound, and it is one of their most unique albums yet. I am especially fond of the collaboration with Spencer Charnas of Ice Nine Kills on “Heart of a Champion” for this version of the album.

Notes From the Underground (Deluxe Edition)

Track list:

  • Dead Bite
  • From the Ground
  • Another Way Out
  • Lion
  • We Are
  • Pigskin
  • Rain
  • Kill Everyone
  • Believe
  • Up In Smoke
  • Outside
  • Medicine
  • One More Bottle
  • Delish
  • I Am

Notes from the Underground is one of Hollywood Undead’s most popular albums to date – and for good reason too! With songs like Lion, Outside, and Dead Bite, how could it not be? This was the first Hollywood Undead album that I listened to in its entirety after listening to “We Are” on YouTube, so I will always have that nostalgia with this album, unfortunately “Pigskin” kind of ruins it for me; I just don’t care too much for it.

Day of the Dead (Deluxe Edition)

  • Usual Suspects
  • How We Roll
  • Day of the Dead
  • War Child
  • Dark Places
  • Take Me Home
  • Does Everybody In the World Have to Die
  • Disease
  • Party By Myself
  • Live Forever
  • Save Me
  • Guzzle, Guzzle
  • I’ll Be There
  • Let Go
  • Ghost

Day of the Dead has some of my favorite Hollywood Undead songs of all time on its track list, and I enjoy listening to every song on this album (even Guzzle, Guzzle grew on me after a while). I know that some people weren’t as thrilled with Day of the Dead, but honestly I love it to this day. As for favorite tracks, I’m going to have to go with Ghost, Usual Suspects, and Day of the Dead, for sure.

American Tragedy (Deluxe Edition)

Track list:

  • Been to Hell
  • Apologize
  • Comin’ In Hot
  • My Town
  • I Don’t Wanna Die
  • Hear Me Now
  • Gangsta Sexy
  • Glory
  • Lights Out
  • Coming Back Down
  • Bullet
  • Levitate
  • Pour Me
  • Tendencies
  • Mother Murder
  • Lump Your Head
  • Le Deux
  • S.C.A.V.A.
  • Street Dreams

American Tragedy is classic Hollywood Undead; quite a few of us were introduced to the band with American Tragedy, and this was the first album on which their current lead singer, Danny Murillo, was featured. American Tragedy was truly the beginning of a new era of Hollywood Undead. This was quite a deviation from their first studio album “Swan Songs” and was more focused on hard-hitting lyrics with a powerful sound. I’m still hoping we get a sequel song to S.C.A.V.A. one of these days!

Swan Songs (Collector’s Edition)

Track list:

  • Undead
  • Sell Your Soul
  • Everywhere I Go
  • No Other Place
  • No. 5
  • Young
  • Black Dahlia
  • This Love, This Hate
  • Bottle and a Gun
  • California
  • City
  • The Diary
  • Pimpin’
  • Paradise Lost
  • Pain
  • The Natives
  • Knife Called Lust
  • The Loss
  • Bitches
  • The Kids
  • Circles
  • Black Dahlia (Buffalo Bill Remix)
  • Black Dahlia (Lo Fidelity Allstars Remix)
  • Black Dahlia (The Pharmacy Remix)

To many, Swan Songs is the essence of Hollywood Undead; this was their first album officially released and features quite a few of their most popular songs including their once-anthem “Undead.” This album is filled with so much pain and anger that it’s pretty heartbreaking to listen to if you pay close attention to what’s being said. Swan Songs is widely regarded as being the best Hollywood Undead album, but while I do agree that this album is phenomenal, I think that HU has come along way musically, and I think that the Swan Song days are behind us – at least for the most part – especially in terms of lyrics, as Swan Songs has some pretty intense lyrics that even Johnny 3 Tears regrets writing. In an interview with Billboard, George “Johnny 3 Tears” Ragan states: “I still disagree with censorship, but we said things on our first record that, if I had known how upset it would make some people, I definitely would not have said. We were young and angry and didn’t mean what we said to be taken literally. But you have to take into consideration that someone else might take it literally and people might actually get hurt. And I don’t mean offended; I mean hurt.”

New Empire Vol. 1

Track list:

  • Time Bomb
  • Heart of a Champion
  • Already Dead
  • Empire
  • Killin’ It
  • Enemy
  • Upside Down
  • Second Chances
  • Nightmare

I really struggled with where to place my top two picks, because I love both of them, but the only thing that was stopping me from putting New Empire Vol. 1 in first place is because I’m not the hugest fan of “Empire.” That’s really it, I love every single song on this record, but Empire is the one that I’m just not all that crazy about.


Track list:

  • California Dreaming
  • Whatever It Takes
  • Bad Moon
  • Ghost Beach
  • Broken Record
  • Nobody’s Watching
  • Renegade
  • Black Cadillac (feat. B-Real)
  • Pray (Put ‘Em In the Dirt)
  • Cashed Out
  • Riot
  • We Own the Night
  • Bang Bang
  • Your Life

As I said earlier, it was a really tough call between New Empire Vol. 1 and Five, but ultimately I decided to go with Five, because I love every single song on the album. There isn’t a song on this record that I would skip at any time, and if “Riot” comes on in the car, then it’s completely over – I’m talking windows down, volume up, and we’re having a riot in the car.

That’s my ranking for every single Hollywood Undead album. We should also be getting some new music coming up pretty soon, as they are already working on their next album, so we’ll just have to stay tuned to see what they bring us next!

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