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Free Guy

Free Guy was released in 2021 and is directed by Shawn Levy. It stars Ryan Reynolds, who also produced the movie as the lead character; a bank teller who realizes he lives in a world where he is a secondary character in a video game. Once he realizes this, he decides that he wants to use the open-source platform in the game to become the hero. Much like other video games themselves, a good movie need a great soundtrack. Christophe Beck created the score, adding instrumental pieces which highlight scenes where the lyrics of the song would take away from the scene. Many of the other songs were from the 80s and 90s and some are popular standards. The soundtrack reflects the eclectism of the movie pulling from a myriad of different genres. Nonetheless, the songs blend effortlessly into the soundtrack. This is a ranking of all the songs from the Free Guy Soundtrack.

13. Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now – McFadden & Whitehead


This songwriting duo also wrote one of O’Jay’s hit songs early in the 70s. As the decade came to a close, the pair wanted to record one of their songs. This hit made it to the top spot on the Billboard R&B charts. Much of the lyrics in the song are inspired by the pair’s music industry experience. However, anyone looking to add some motivation to their day will also enjoy the song.

12. Millie – Christophe Beck


It’s a quintessential storybook moment when Guy gets to kiss Millie. The pair are seated on a swing set next to the Ocean. Beck’s addition brings the scene more to life, capturing the toe-tingling sensation of that first moment.

11. Believe it Or Not (Theme from the Greatest American Hero) – Joey Scarbury


Mike Post and Stephen Geyer wrote this song as well as many other tv series hits from the 80s. Aside from the iconic 80s show, the song has appeared in several other places before its appearance on the Free Guy Soundtrack. It was part of a Green Bay Packers State Farm Ad in 2017 as well as a Super Bowl Tide commercial in 2021.

10. 100 Miles and Running – Logic, Wale, and John Lindahl


This song is in several scenes of the movie. First, you’ll hear it when Guy puts on glasses that turn him into a superhero. Then, it plays when he learns how to gain credits in the game.

9. Don’t Have a Good Day, Have A Great Day – Christophe Beck


There is a dreamy quality about this song that segues into a swelling orchestra, essentially like opening the windows on a spring day. Much like the fantasy genre of the movie the sporadic strings and percussion work well to convey the message of the scene.

8. It’s All A Lie – Christophe Beck


This song plays when Guy discovers the truth about where he lives and the part he plays in the world. The bars of the music translate well to a scene where your entire world is flipped upside down.

7. Fantasy – Mariah Carey


This song draws inspiration from the 1981 track Genius of Love by the Tom Tom Club. Fantasy was the singer’s ninth number one in the United States but only the second to debut at #1. The raps verses you hear at the beginning of the song are from Ol’ Dirty Bastard. Free Guy relies heavily on this song during the movie. There is even a cover version of the song in the movie sung by the main character’s romantic interest. According to IMDB, Ryan Reynolds was the person who talked Mariah Carey into using her song for the film.

6. Make Your Own Kind of Music – Cass Elliot


Throughout the movie Guy has a crush on Millie; also known as Molotov Girl. One of the things he admires about her is her tough attitude; certainly exhibited when this song is playing. Millie takes on two different people in the game successfully. In the movie, you can see the obvious admiration written across Guy’s face.

5. Cheek To Cheek – Fred Astaire


Irving Berlin wrote this song which was originally on the Top Hat Soundtrack. Throughout the lyrics, listeners are treated to the timeless metaphor of dancing and life with someone you love. Aside from Free Guy, the song also appeared in movies like 1996’s The English Patient and 1999’s The Green Mile.

4. It’s Go Time – Christophe Beck


One of the crucial scenes in the movie is when Dude is uploaded into the game. It causes chaos because when this happens all of the other players in the game are thrown out.

3. Legndz – Devon Terrell


This song plays as the movie opens. Guy is giving moviegoers a tour of the city. One of the things he lets the audience know is that all the heroes in the city wear sunglasses.

2. Can’t Take My Eyes Off You – Frankie Valli


Bob Crewe and Bob Gaudio co-wrote this song which went on to be one of Valli’s biggest hits. Multiple groups and singers including The Letterman and Nancy Wilson went on to do their own covers of the song.

1. The Humpty Dance – Digital Underground


This song was the first single on Doowutchyalike. The original inspiration for the song is a character created by Greg “Shock G” Jacobs called Humpty Hump. The song is a pitch-perfect tribute to one of the bands Digital Underground draws inspiration; Parliament Funk. After the group’s label saw the immediate success of the song they wanted the group to keep using the character in songs. However, they only brought him back for a couple more throughout their catalog.

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