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Hot Rod

“Hot Rod” is a 2007- comedy film that broke the ceiling in movie theaters in the US and worldwide. The storyline revolves around the main character, Rod Kimble, and his stepfather, who obsessively makes a mockery out of him for trying to follow in his biological father’s footsteps. Written by Pam Brady, the film ranked ninth at the US box office in the same year it was released, grossing $5.3 million. “Hot Rod” has terrific songs from its soundtrack. Here are the ten best we thought you’d love.

10. “Ancestors Protect Me”- Rod & Kevin (2007)


“Ancestors Protect Me” is a metal/pop/rock song sung by Rod & Kevin. It was released in 2007, featuring among “Hot Rod” soundtracks. The song is more like a dialogue with Rod engaging Kevin in a conversation. Both singers are characters from the film. We enjoyed this song because Rod appears to be going on a quest. His friends support him by wishing him well. It’s funny the clip ends with Rod getting hit by a rod on his forehead. Best line: “Get ready to meet your maker.”

9. “A Gringo Like Me”-Peter Tevis & Ennin Morricone (1965)


“A Gringo” refers to an American or a person who isn’t Spanish. Peter Tevis and Ennin Morricone released “A Gringo Like Me” in 1965 for the film “Gunfight at Red Sands.” The two met in Italy in the 1960s and decided to work together. It is no surprise that Tevis is credited with singing the lyrics of songs in many Western movies like “Hot Rod.” Best line: “Keep your hand on your gun. Don’t trust anyone.”

8. “Danger on The Track”- Europe (1986)


In 1986, a Swedish rock band called Europe released a song, “Danger on the Track.” The band joined hands in 1979 by main vocalist Joey Tempest, guitarist John Norum, bassist Peter Olson, and drummer Tony Reno. The track talks about a man trying to navigate challenges in life while maintaining his sanity. It’s a song you’ll want to listen to if you’re facing turmoil in life and want to calm your nerves. Best line: “I was heading for the mountains. I had saved so much for you.”

7. “Never”- Moving Pictures (1984)


“Never” is a fantastic song from Moving Pictures, released in 1984. The band came from Australia and was formed in 1980. They made their debut in the music industry through their album, “Days of Innocence,” in 1981, which peaked at number one in the Kent Music Report Albums. Their song “Never” featured as a soundtrack for two movies: “Footloose” (1984) and “Hot Rod” (2007). Unfortunately, the band never received any royalties after releasing this track due to the bankruptcy of their US record company. Best line: “But love love love is on the line.”

6. “Two of Hearts”- Stacey Q (1986)


“Two of Hearts” is an R&B song by US-based singer, Stacey Q, released in 1986. The song was Stacey’s most significant hit, considering she drew support from talented songwriters like John Mitchell. Featuring in her debut album, “Better than Heaven,” which she also released the same year, the song has hit global success. Its lyrics revolve around love and romance, so it should make you give an in-depth thought while listening to it. Best line: “Two hearts that beat as one.”

5. “Cherokee”- Europe (1986)


Another song released by the Swedish band (Europe) on this list is “Cherokee.” The band released it in 1986 as the fourth single in the album “The Final Countdown.” It peaked at number 72 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the US. Also, its video was shot in Almeria, Spain, in September 1987. Going by most music critics, “Cherokee” refers to plain Indians inhabiting teepees in the desert. Best line: “Made them realize that the promises were fake.”

4. “Skulls”-The Nutley Brass (2005)


“Skulls” was first released by Misfits in March 1982. Written by Glenn Danzig, Misfits joined hands with the Nutley Brass to rendition the song in 2005. The collaboration between the two brings a taste of classic music laced with R&B, alternative, and rock genres. While we might not like the punchline “we want your skulls” because it’s scary, we applaud the band for being creative and not aping what everyone is doing. Best line: “I want your skulls.”

3. “Street Luge”- Trevor Rabin (2007)


“Street Luge” is a 0.48-minute track by Trevor Rabin. It was released in 2007 when “Hot Rod” came into the limelight. Unfortunately, this song lacks lyrics because it’s purely instrumental. Still, you can enjoy the fantastic background instrumentals featuring guitars, pianos, and drums. Listen to this track when stuck in traffic.

2. “Rock the Night”-Europe (1986)


The third song from Europe featuring on our list is “Rock in the Night.” The band released the heavy metal track in 1986, so it’s no surprise that it should be among one of the most treasured songs on “Hot Rod.” It was written by vocalist Joey Tempest in 1984 and came in two different versions. In 1985, it charted in the Swedish Singles at number four. The US billboard, on the other hand, ranked 30th in 1987. Best line: “Rock now, rock the night.”

1. “Chase”-Giorgio Moroder (1978)


In 1978, an Italian composer called Giorgio Moroder released an instrumental song titled “Chase.” It was a disco single for the soundtrack album “Midnight Express.” The exciting part about this song’s release is that the director, Alan Parker, approached Moroder, hoping that he would mimic the style of “I Feel Love.” It is no surprise that the composer spearheaded its recording and collaborated with Harold Faltermeyer for arrangement. Listen to this instrumental song on your way to work.


Jokes aside, “Hot Rod” is an excellent movie to watch because it has special life lessons to learn from. According to Collider, the film takes you back in time, allowing you to appreciate the soundtracks released in the 1970s-1980s. All the tracks on this list speak volumes of talent from the singers, composers, instrumentalists, and directors.

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