The 10 Best Hank Williams Songs of All-Time

Hank Williams is an American country music singer, songwriter, musician, and guitarist. Williams was an influential singer, and his music has impacted several generations down the line. He has recorded 35 singles, which emerged on the Billboard Country Top 10 and Western Best Seller Chart. He began his music career in 1937 and was given his guitar lessons by Blue musician Rufus Payne.

In 1948 after releasing the single “Lovesick Blue,” it became a hit and brought him widespread recognition. Hank Williams is a distinguished musician of the 20th century in country music. He has influenced several artists like Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Chuck Berry, and Charley Pride. He entered the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1987, the Country Music Hall Of Fame in 1961, and the Songwriter Hall Of Fame in1970. Here are the top ten Hank Williams Songs of all time ranked in descending order.

10. Move It On Over

‘’Move It On Over’’ was a hit and emerged fourth on the Billboard Singles Chart. It gave him recognition, and he joined the Louisiana Hayride Radio Program. It was recorded at Castle Studio in April 1947. This song was one of the earliest rock and roll songs. The song is about Williams sleeping in a doghouse after coming home late. Listeners can view William’s ability to show the facets of everyday life.

9. Hey, Good Looking

Williams wrote this song to his friend Jimmy Dickens while on a plane with Minnie Pearl and Pearl’s husband, Henry Cannon. He later decided to keep the music to himself. He recorded the song at Castle Studio in March 1951. It features Drifting Cowboys Band members who add a ton to the track giving it a deeper meaning that we love from William’s songs. It was ranked number one on Billboard Hot Country Singles. During Kate Smith Evening Hour in March 1952, Williams performed this song and later used the clip in the 1989 video for “There Is A Tear In My Beer.”

8. Cold Cold Heart

The lyrics of ‘’Cold Cold Heart’’ are about Audrey, William’s wife. The song has to be one of the most heartbreaking songs; you hear the sorrow and pain he went through in his marriage. He described his wife as ‘cold cold heart” when he visited her in the hospital after she had developed an infection following an illegal abortion. Williams bent down to kiss her, but she refused and lashed him out. He took the pain and wrote this song which was a huge country hit.

7. I Can’t Help It

MGM Records released this song in May 1951. It features Drifting Cowboy Band members who give it a catchy rhythm. The music undoubtedly describes the feeling and emotions Williams has towards Audrey. Its simple lyrics and passionate singing made it a classic and emerged number two on the Billboard country singles chart in 1951. Anita Charter and Williams sang the song on the Kate Smith Evening Hour on April 23, 1952.

6. I Am So Lonesome I Could Cry

“I Am So Lonesome I Could Cry” is one of the most covered songs in the catalog of Hank Williams. The song shows the world around Williams and reflects on his saddest moments and distress towards his wife, Audrey. The song emerged number 111 on the list of the 500 Greatest Songs All Time.

5. Lost Highway

This song was written by blind Blues traveler Leon Payne in 1948. He describes a painful path he was going through in life. Williams recorded the music, and Castle Studio released it on September 9, 1949. This song gained more recognition and became the title for several books, a television series, a stage show, and a record label

4. I Will Never Get Out Of This World Alive

The song “ I Will Never Get Out Of This World Alive” was the last single Williams wrote before his death with the help of co-writer Fred Rose. He recorded this song in 1952 at Castle studio, and it features Chet Atkins (lead guitar), Don Helms (steel guitar), and Jerry Rivers (fiddle). He recorded this single while frail and ill, and later after the song had entered the country’s chart, he died.

3. Your Cheatin Heart

This song was released in 1952 by Castle studio during William’s last session. It was produced by Fred rose. In this song, he describes his first wife Audrey to Billie as they were driving from Nashville to Shreveport. Prompt to William’s death, the song became an instant success and set as the title of the 1964 film version of William’s life. This song is considered one of the country’s most important standards.

2. Lovesick Blue

“Lovesick Blue” is arguably the most durable hit that Williams recorded. He has received tremendous applause for his performance of this song. Cliff Friend and Irving Mills wrote the song in 1922, and it was released in December 1949 by MGM records. Upon the release, the song became a huge success, and it emerged to be number one on Billboard’s Top Country and Western Singles Charts. This song is. It was featured as one of the biggest in country music history.

1. I Saw The Light

It’s a blues-infused gospel song written by Hank Williams. It was recorded by MGM Records and released in September 1948. He was inspired to write the song by a remark his mother made while returning from a concert. The song did not become a success during its initial release, but later it became one of William’s favorite hits. The song has a country gospel standard and is arguably Hank William’s greatest single.

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