The 10 Best Beartooth Songs of All-Time

Aside from the catchy name, who is Beartooth, and what songs did they make famous? Both are good questions and here are a few answers as well as some basic background on the group. According to Wikipedia, a vocalist and multi-instrumentalist from Columbus, Ohio, named Caleb Shomo, founded an American rock band called Beartooth in 2012. He initially played all of the instruments in the studio prior to when he recruited three new band members to join him. They were Brandon Mullins on drums, Nick Reed on bass, and Taylor Lumley on guitar. And, Caleb was the lead singer.

Before Beartooth, Caleb was previously with a band called Attack Attack! The new band, Beartooth, was known as a metalcore band. What the heck is metalcore you might ask? Well, it’s actually a fusion of extreme metal and hardcore punk rock music. And, according to, Caleb named the band after a street in his hometown of Columbus, OH, Bear Tooth Court.

1. “Disease” Was the Result of Caleb Shomo’s Demons in 2018

The story behind this single was that when Caleb’s demons in the form of ADHD raised their ugly heads, he decided to confront them in a rather unusual way. It was by traveling and that life-changing journey, in fact, led to this scathing new record.

2. “In Between” Was Relatable in 2018

This song became popular for a number of reasons. It was well-written and performed plus the lyrics are relatable and emotional with music that’s catchy and powerful. It also has a strong message of hope and perseverance in the face of adversity. And, it was released at a time when Beartooth was gaining a lot of popularity and was considered to be one of the most exciting new bands in metalcore.

3. “I Have a Problem” Offered a Message of Hope in 2013

This was Beartooth’s first single. It became quite popular with fans because it’s a very relatable song with lyrics that deal with the struggles of addiction and mental illness, two topics that many people can relate to. In fact, it’s been credited with helping to raise awareness of both of those issues. In addition, it’s honest, raw, powerful, and emotional. And, in spite of the dark subject matter, it ultimately has a message of hope.

4. “Sick and Disgusting” Got Stuck in Your Head in 2013

This is a very catchy song with a strong melody and a driving beat that makes it easy to get stuck in your head. And, Caleb Shomo’s vocals are full of passion and intensity, creating a very powerful and emotional experience for the listener. Besides that, you gotta love that title!

5. “Body Bag” Was Highly Relatable For Some People in 2014

This is a song that deals with the universal themes of feeling lost, rejected, and alone. Many people can relate to the feeling of being at the bottom of the barrel and feeling like no one cares about them. It contains some very specific and vivid lyrics that help listeners visualize the singer’s situation and feel more connected to the song.

6. 2014’s “Beaten in Lips” is Based on Caleb’s Own Personal Experience

This song deals with a very difficult and sensitive topic as it’s about child abuse, which is a topic that is often avoided in music. And, Caleb has stated that it’s based on his own experiences with child abuse. This gives it a raw honesty that makes it so powerful and relatable. It’s also musically different from other songs because of its unique sound that features a mix of heavy metal and electronic elements, creating a very unique and atmospheric sound.

7. “Afterall” Had a Great Music Video in 2018

One of the best things about this 2018 song is its music video, which features the band performing the song in a variety of different locations, including an abandoned warehouse, a forest, and even a mountaintop. It also featured some very powerful and emotional imagery, which helps to further connect the song with listeners. And, fantastic video aside, Caleb’s powerful vocals are full of passion and intensity, and the band’s performance is quite energetic and engaging.

8. “Enemy” Had a Strong Message in 2018

Enemy is a very well-written song with relatable and emotional lyrics along with catchy and powerful music. It also offers a very strong message about overcoming adversity and finding strength within yourself. This is a message that has truly resonated with many listeners, especially those who’ve been struggling with their own personal challenges. Caleb sings about how he has finally found the strength to overcome his enemies and to live his life to the fullest.

9. 2014’s “The Lines” Offers Some Powerful Vocals

This song’s lyrics deal with themes of feeling lost, confused, and unsure of your place in the world. These are themes that many people can relate to, especially young adults. It contains some very powerful vocals full of passion and intensity plus a catchy melody. This is also another Beartooth song with an excellent music video.

10. “Hated” Was Highly Relatable in 2016

This is a song that deals with the theme of feeling hated and misunderstood, which many people can relate to, especially if they’ve been bullied or ostracized. And, Caleb’s vocals are filled with anger and frustration, which further helps to convey the emotion of the song. It was also a very cathartic song for many people since it gave them a way to express their anger and frustration at being hated or misunderstood. In addition, the heavy guitar riffs make it perfect for headbanging and moshing.

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