The 10 Best S Club 7 Songs of All-Time

S Club 7 was a British music group that formed in the late 1990s. Its original name was S Club 7 because it had seven members. That changed when one individual left for a metal band in 2002, followed by the others going their separate ways in 2003. Since then, some S Club members have continued performing under similar names. A complete reunion fell through in 2023 because one member died unexpectedly while another was too upset by the death to remain involved. Still, the rest of the S Club members are in the current lineup.

Here is our opinion of the ten best S Club 7 songs ever released:

10. “These Are the Days”

“These Are the Days” is a nostalgia-driven song. Its lyrics talk about how the narrators will always look back at a time when they were together, even though they know it can’t last forever. This message makes perfect sense when one realizes the song’s context. Supposedly, it was written before S Club’s breakup. However, the surviving members felt it wasn’t the right time for it until now. They have a point because “These Are the Days” hits much harder with everything that has happened than it would’ve two decades ago.

9. “Two In a Million”

“Two In a Million” is notable for being one of S Club’s better ballads. Besides this, it saw Jo O’Meara performing as the lead vocalist for the first time. Something that would be repeated on other hits. Subject-wise, “Two In a Million” is more or less what it sounds like – a song about two people being together no matter what might happen.

8. “Have You Ever”

Meanwhile, “Have You Ever” is meant for people who had love but lost it. This song is notable for being the fourth time S Club scored a chart-topper in the United Kingdom. Two subsequent singles came close in the early 2000s, but neither would manage the same feat.

7. “Natural”

“Natural” is another love song. Specifically, it sees the group singing about how their love is scientifically meant to be, thus explaining much about the song’s name. Regardless, Rachel Stevens took the lead on this one, which was rare when S Club was still together.

6. “Reach”

S Club has a well-earned reputation for upbeat music. “Reach” is uplifting even by that standard. It acknowledges that things can go wrong. However, it says people can stand up through mutual support before encouraging listeners to pursue their dreams. The song resonated with enough people to secure a platinum certification in the United Kingdom.

5. “Say Goodbye”

“Say Goodbye” tends to be seen as S Club’s last single before their breakup. That is because it was issued as such in most territories. The United Kingdom and Australia were exceptions to this rule because they received “Say Goodbye” and “Love Ain’t Gonna Wait For You” as a double A-side. In any case, this song was an excellent match for its context. Thanks to that, it climbed to the number-two position in the United Kingdom in 2003.

4. “S Club Party”

Unsurprisingly, “S Club Party” is a party song. It was well-known in its time, so much so that one of its lines became something of a meme around the turn of the millennium. The song was a number-two hit in the United Kingdom and Australia. Similarly, it was a chart-topper in New Zealand, riding high on the strength of a gold certification in that country.

3. “Don’t Stop Movin'”

“Don’t Stop Movin'” was a disco-influenced single from the start of the current millennium. Amusingly, it lived up to its name by hitting the top of the charts in the United Kingdom twice in short succession. That happened because Geri Halliwell’s version of “It’s Raining Men” overtook it for two weeks before it managed to claw its way back. Besides this, “Don’t Stop Movin'” was a chart-topper in Ireland and Switzerland. Simultaneously, it was a Top 10 hit in Australia, New Zealand, and Sweden.

2. “Bring It All Back”

“Bring It All Back” is bubblegum pop. However, some of those songs are better remembered than others. There can be no doubt that “Bring It All Back” is counted in that category. After all, it is S Club’s first single, which propelled the group into the spotlight by hitting the top of the charts in the United Kingdom. Thanks to this, the group built enormous momentum, so much so it was considered one of the breakout acts in 1999. Something that put it in an excellent position to further raise its profile in the early 2000s. One could also say that “Bring It All Back” set a tone for S Club. It is a relentlessly optimistic song. The result is somewhat cliched. Still, it made S Club distinctive.

1. “Never Had a Dream Come True”

Of course, S Club can perform music that tugs at the heartstrings. Moreover, it has had considerable success in this regard. For proof, look no further than “Never Had a Dream Come True,” which endures as one of the group’s finest releases. It was number one in the United Kingdom, two in Ireland, and ten in the United States. The last is notable because that made it S Club’s one song to show up on the Billboard Hot 100. Interested individuals should know that “Never Had a Dream Come True” was one of the songs that showed the group’s dominance of the United Kingdom’s music charts in 2000 and 2001. After all, it was the first of three successive chart-toppers, an exceptional feat by any reasonable standard.

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