Weezer Self-Titled Albums Ranked

Weezer Blue Album self-titled ranked list

Weezer has released many albums in their long career, but among their most interesting have always been their self-titled, or color-themed albums, such as “The Blue Album” or “The Black Album”, which are nicknames technically as the albums are truly titled “Weezer”. In total Weezer has released 6 self-titled albums, starting with their debut “Weezer”. The Blue Album” and ending with their most recent, 2019’s “The Black Album”. Below we’ve gone into detail on and ranked all of the Weezer self-titled albums in our list of  Weezer self-titled albums ranked list.

The White Album

Starting off with the least popular of all of the Weezer self-titled, color-themed albums “The White Album” by album cover alone showed a different kind of self-titled album from the band as it featured Weezer actually standing at a location, not in a studio taking a solid color background photo. While the most popular song from Weezer’s “The White Album” was possibly “Thank God for Girls” or “King of the World”, the album as a whole was more of a laid back, chill, surf rock vibe which has always been Weezer but compared to the other self-titled albums, “The White Album” barely held its own in comparison.

The Black Album

Not long after Weezer released their covers album that we detailed below, “The Teal Album”, the band released “The Black Album” which was not only heavier in terms of rock music overall but the cover artwork, following the color theme featured the entire band dressed in leather bodysuits. While “The Black Album” hasn’t held up as well as the albums released before it, especially the self-titled albums, “The Black Album” did feature a captivating song in the form of “Can’t Knock the Hustle”. Overall, while this may have something to do with the fact that Weezer has released four albums since 2019, which includes “The Black Album” and “The Teal Album”, which may have pulled attention away from some of the releases released within this time. Even now, Weezer has been working on their next series of albums, all set to release in 2022.

The Red Album

“The Red Album”, was one of the heaviest experimental albums from Weezer, as the album featured several elements that showed that Weezer could often and comfortably step out of the zone that helped create their previous albums. The strongest and most popular song from the album was the meme and internet-inspired “Pork and Beans.” While the song “Pork and Beans” was different for Weezer, the music video proved to be even stranger as the video featured not just a weird mashup of several popular internet trends and faces but also paved the way for the weirdness that increased as Weezer only continued to grow in popularity, despite being a band that rose to fame in the 90s.

The Teal Album

Although, out of the ordinary, even for Weezer, “The Teal Album” was amply titled as it wasn’t just a color-themed album name but was a specific, interesting color which already hinted the album would be a little different but upon release, the album was shown to be a full-throttle covers album. Weezer hyped up the covers album by promoting a song long hoped by fans to be covered by the group, “Africa” by Toto. Overall, out of all of the albums on our list of ranked Weezer self-titled albums, “The Teal Album” was loaded with songs that inspired the band and that they could have just as much fun recording these covers as their own songs. While at times the band provided less energy in the covers than they do in most of their own music, the covers reached across most genres from the 80s to today although the album was the highest-ranking, newest album from Weezer.

The Green Album

Much like every other Weezer album, The Green Album held a different vibe compared to not only Weezer’s other albums but their self-titled albums specifically. The most popular songs from “The Green Album” included “Island In The Sun” which may be the most popular Weezer song of all time, as well as the rock-heavy hit “Hash Pipe”. Many fans of Weezer have long associated the band with marijuana and this hit song may have only strengthened that case.

The Blue Album

In no surprise, Weezer’s most popular album of all time, “The Blue Album”, also happens to be their debut album as well as the highest-ranking self-titled album on our list of Weezer self-titled albums ranked list. Songs featured on the album are among the most popular Weezewr songs of all time and included “Say It Ain’t So”, Buddy Holly”, Undone – The Sweater Song”, and the Guitar Hero jam “My Name Is Jonas”.

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