The 10 Best Laura Pausini Songs of All-Time

Laura Pausini

Laura Pausini is an Italian singer-songwriter who has been active in the music industry since the early nineties. Her genre is pop and Latin pop; she released fourteen studio albums and has remained one of Italy’s most successful singers. Since her debut in 1993, her achievements have been exceptional, and she has enjoyed chart success in many different countries. Pausini’s popularity and commercial success have also made her one of the most influential Italian singers. She has been a voice coach and part of the judges in different singing competitions as a host of many reality TV shows in Italy.

10. Tra te e il mare

Tra te e il mare is a song about a person in love, but the partner is living in another city. The song’s name is “The Sea Between You and Me.” It was released in 2000 in the album Tra te e il mare and was successful in many countries. The hit song reached number two in Italy and was the fifth best-selling single of 2000. The song has been used as a sound truck in movies and tv shows such as Sesso, il mare e l’amore.

9. Non c’è

This song is about a person who was in love and got hurt. Now the person is expressing the anger and bitterness in her heart after being hurt so she can move on and not be sad anymore. According to Billboard, the Non-c’è song was released in 1994 in an album titled Laura Pausini. Immediately after the release, the song gained a substantial following countrywide and beyond and was nominated for the Latin Grammy Award for Producer of the Year and the Lo Nuestro Award for Tropical Collaboration of the Year. The song won the Latin Grammy Award for Producer of the Year. Films and movies like Che Amore! and La nostra prima volta (My First Time) have used the song as a soundtrack.

8. Escucha Atento

Released in 2004, Escucha Atento was the lead single in the album Resta in Ascolto. The song is about a person who was in love, and after the relationship was over, she still remembers her lover. The song is from a sad perspective and expresses the former lover’s memory. This song did well and reached the top 10 in the country. Movies like Vecchia Guardia and La Bestia Nel Cuore have used the song as a soundtrack.

7. Io canto

Io canto is a song about a person who loves singing, and she always sings in public and in front of people to let them know her talents. This is a way that the person can express her love for singing because she has a strong passion for it. It was released in 2006 in the album Io canto (French Edition) and was a success. Many people caught the idea of this song, and it became a big hit, reaching number thirteen in Italy. It has been used as a soundtreuck in movies such as La Flora de la Canela.

6. Limpido

Limpido song is about a person preparing to call the relationship off because she feels the change needed for the relationship to stand is not happening. She hopes she will find her way by letting the lover go. The song was released in 2013 as one of the lead songs in the 20 – The Greatest Hits album. It gained popularity all over and was nominated for the World Music Award for World’s Best Song and World Music Award for World’s Best Video.

Since the song was a hit, different movies have used it as a soundtrack, like in the film Come una Rosa.

5. Vive ya! (Vivere)

Vive ya! is a song encouraging a person to live life to the fullest and to enjoy every moment because it goes by so fast. The song is from a positive perspective and encourages the person to move on from the past so he can move on with his life. According to Popnable, this song was released in 2013 featuring Andrea Bocelli in the album 20 – The Greatest Hits. It gained much following and hit number one in Spain, reaching the top ten in Italy. The song has been used as a soundtrack for different tv shows and films like in the TV series Veloce come il, Vento.

4. Dispárame dispara

Relesed in 2006,Dispárame dispara song was one of the truck in the Yo canto album. The song is about regretting breaking her lover’s heart and how it happened. The person wants to free her feelings and get over the pain. The song was a success and reached the top twenty in many countries. It has become a soundtrack for many movies and TV series, such as in the film La mensa 2.

3. Strani amori

Strani amori is a song about lovers who are in a confusing love. The partner is not sure where the love is going. Even though she is lost in love, she wants to see where the love can go. This song was released in 1993, featured in the Laura Pausini album, and received well. It was nominated for Lo Nuestro Award for Replay Song of the Year due to its popularity. Movies such as La mia vita d’amore and Faccio solo il Mio Lavoro have used the song as a soundtrack.

2. Incancellabile

It is a song about love where a woman confesses her feelings toward the love of her life. Even though the person she is with doesn’t understand her feelings, she is not willing to give up on what she feels. According to Halidon Music, the song was released in 1996 and was featured on the Le cose the vivi. Films like Faccio un salto all’improvviso and La mia vita d’amore have used the song as a soundtrack.

1. One More Time

It is a song about a person who wants love to come back. The person is asking for another chance to be in love and to have the desire for a second time. The song was released in 1999 and featured in the Message in a Bottle album. The reception was well received and reached the top twenty in Italy. The song was used as a soundtrack in the film Alta Infedeltà.

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