The 10 Best Dimash Qudaibergen Songs of All Time

Dimash Qudaibergen is a Kazakhstan singer and songwriter whose talents are recognized worldwide. He is famously known for his vocal range and has his grandmother to thank for it. She discovered her grandson could sing thus Qudaibergen began musical training at five years old. His parents have strong musical backgrounds, which could be the reason why they were not against the singer pursuing music. His determination paid off and today, he is well known for his beautiful voice and songs. Among the best Dimash Qudaibergen songs he has ever performed, here are ten.

10. War and Peace

During a time when countries were waging war on each other, the song could not have come at a better time. Qudaibergen’s performance of the song elicited reactions all over the globe, with people praising him for becoming an ambassador of peace. He may not be the one behind enemy lines, but he is aware of the consequences. Therefore, his words do more than enough to inspire people to embrace peace.

9. Daybreak

Allegedly, the song is based on a true story. It was written by a Chinese singer-songwriter, Han Hong, who was moved by the tragic story of a child who lost his parents. The two-year-old was in a cable car with his parents when something went wrong. The father tried holding his son high, but eventually, the cable car crashed, killing the parents. Fortunately, the boy survived, and Hong, who lost her father when she was six, empathized and wrote the song. Qudaibergen does a great job of retelling the story through his version of the song.

8. Love of Tired Swans

Lara Fabian performed the original version of the song after Krutoy composed it. It was released in 2014, and Qudaibergen was later tasked with performing the male version after Mikhail Gutserieve adapted the lyrics. The Kazakh singer performed the song for the first time on NTV channel during the airing of “Central Television.” It was a memorable performance that led to him also singing at various concerts, one being in the USA.

7. Unforgettable Day

After bagging the Grand Prize at Slavic Bazaar in 2015, the singer toured Asia and Europe. He also went to his home country and during the tour dubbed “Unforgettable Day,” released a song titled the same. According to his Facebook post, Qudaibergen’s song is about a romantic love interest. He is so captivated by her that he falls in love at first sight on a day that will remain unforgettable.

6. S.O.S

Luc Plamondon wrote the lyrics in 1978 while Michael Berger is behind the composition. It was first sung by Daniel Balavoine, who shortly after died in a helicopter crash. Gregory Lemarchal also sang his version and later died from health complications. Despite the tragic deaths of the singers, Qudaibergen still found inspiration and released his version. The song is about a person who feels lost on earth and is calling out for help.

5. Your Love

On March 8, 2020, the late Russian fashion designer, Valentin Yudashkin held a premiere show and Qudaibergen had the honor of gracing it with a performance of “Your Love.” Lara Fabian wrote the lyrics for the Kazakh singer, whom she loves, and invited Igor Krutoy to compose the song for her. The collaboration resulted in a magnificent performance at the fashion show premiere where Yudashkin introduced his haute couture spring-summer collection.

4. Stranger

According to Dimash Kudaibergen Wiki, when the singer heard the tune to “Stranger” for the first time, he immediately felt that a Kazakh instrument would lend the piece exquisite sound. Therefore, he wanted the kobyz, a traditional folk instrument, played during his performance at New Wave Hall. Luckily even the songwriter, Igor Krutoy agreed that such an addition would be perfect. Thus, Qudaibergen wowed the audience with the unique performance. The singer, who is ever giving his all, looked for the best kobyz player and found Olzhas Qurmanbek as the ideal fit.

3. Ave Maria

Many songs are titled “Ave Maria,” with the most popular version usually performed at weddings. However, Igor Krutoy composed this one for the Kazakhstani singer. It was such a great performance that Anna Shcherbakova, a multi-award-winning figure skater, selected the song as her demonstration number. According to Dimash News, Qudaibergen was thrilled to have the figure skater skate to his song because he had visualized an angel when producing it. With Shcherbakova skating in a snow-white costume and her arms spread wide with graceful movements, the singer’s vision came to life.

2. Love is Like a Dream

Love means different things to people: to Dolly Parton, it is like a butterfly, but to Qudaibergen, it is like a dream. In this song, he explains how much he loves this person, and although he compares the feeling to a dream, he hopes that, unlike dreams, it will not end. It appears that the lovers had separated for a while, a period he forgives her for since he suffered loneliness and sorrows. However, she promises never to make him go through that pain again. He now hopes the love will live forever to bring him happiness for eternity.

1. Sinful Passion

In 1982, a pop music group based in Kazakhstan was created and named A-Studio. The members released the song “Greshnaya Strast,” which means “Sinful Passion,” in 1998. It must have had an impact on Qudaibergen, who decided to sing it over two decades later. Still, he appreciated the original singers and had them on stage with him as he performed to the delight of his fans. The lyrics tell the tale of a man who longs for the love of a woman whom he believes only she can get him out of the darkness he has been in for some time.

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