10 Awesome Songs about Tacos

Tacos are a popular food. As a result, a lot of people have sung about tacos for much the same reasons that a lot of people have sung about other popular foods. Sometimes, these songs use tacos as stand-ins for something else. Other times, well, suffice it to say that there is a surprising number of songs in which tacos are just tacos. Either way, interested individuals might want to check out these songs for their listening pleasure.

Here are 10 of the best songs ever released about tacos:

10. “Raining Tacos” – Parry Gripp and BooneBum

Parry Gripp is well-known because of his novelty songs. In particular, his solo songs are often about either food or animals, meaning “Raining Tacos” is very much in line with the general body of his works. The song became popular in the late 2010s because of the Roblox player base.

9. “Tacos” – Little Big

Little Big is a rave band that started in Russia but has relocated to the United States because of recent events. It likes to experiment, which is perhaps unsurprising considering how strange its music can be. For instance, “Tacos” seems to be a song about tacos and other foods. It isn’t using them as metaphors. Instead, it is using them as exactly what they are. Regardless, “Tacos” seemed to have done quite well in Russia, where it managed to reach the top of the charts for a time.

8. “Muerte Por Tacos” – Pangolin

Speaking of which, “Muerte Por Tacos” is another song on the strange end of things. Once again, it is a song in which the tacos are literal tacos rather than metaphor tacos. The strange part is that the viewpoint character is very enthusiastic about tacos. Indeed, he is so fond of them that he says he is willing to kill for them, which is rather extreme but manages to get the intended message across.

7. “Tacos and Tornadoes” – Koe Wetzel

Country musicians spend a lot of time singing about alcohol and alcohol addiction. “Tacos and Tornadoes” is a song in which the singer expresses regret after expressing the deleterious effects of excess alcohol consumption. Still, it earns points for being one of the better-sung and better-written examples of such music.

6. “Tacos For Two” – Tommy Hancock

Tommy Hancock was a notable figure in the development of West Texas music. His “Tacos For Two” is a joyful, upbeat song about a man being out on a date with his significant other. It is surprisingly enjoyable for something from the mid-1960s, particularly for people who are either already in a good mood or looking to put themselves in a good mood.

5. “Tacos, Enchiladas, and Beans” – Doris Day

Doris Day started as a big band singer in the late 1930s. Later, she went on to become one of the most popular singers and actresses in the United States. “Tacos, Enchiladas, and Beans” is a very entertaining example of her work. In it, she sings they are her favorite foods, meaning they are the only competitors her significant other has for her heart. The funniest part is that she is extraordinarily fond of these foods, as shown by how she relegates him to a distant fourth for her affections.

4. “Street Tacos” – Bonus Points

“Street Tacos” is a song that relies heavily on its Latin-inspired instrumentation. Meaning-wise, it champions street tacos over fast food tacos, which is very relatable. Yes, street food vendors are a bit of a gamble in the sense that they show enormous variation from case to case. Still, they often make their food using fresh ingredients on the spot, so it isn’t hard to see why a lot of people would see them as being superior to their fast-food counterparts. Fast-food tacos are great when it comes to cost and convenience. Alas, taste is often sacrificed in exchange for those two selling points because trade-offs are inevitable in such things.

3. “Fish Tacos Party” – Alexandros

Alexandros is a Japanese rock band. Its “Fish Tacos Party” is a very upbeat, very uplifting sort of song. It talks a great deal about the daily routines people follow even though they don’t want to. The curious thing is that Alexandros says they should do so anyway, though they should also do their best to keep their passion alive. On the whole, it is exactly the sort of musical pick-me-up people could use when getting up in the morning in anticipation of a tough day ahead.

2. “One Night Taco Stand” – Josh Grider

“One Night Taco Stand” is a love song in which Josh Grider appeals to someone who has managed to catch his eye. The taco stand is quite literal. However, it is just one of the elements of Mexican-American culture that he brings up, which makes sense because he came from New Mexico. With that said, his singing does a great deal to sell the song and the song’s lyrics.

1. “Tacos and Margaritas” – Coffey Anderson

Metaphors don’t have to be particularly sophisticated to work. Sometimes, the simple ones are the best, particularly since they can click for people in a way that their less approachable counterparts cannot. As such, food-based metaphors have their place in love songs because they make their intended meaning clear to the listener in an instant.

Coffey Anderson uses a wide range of comparisons to make his feelings clear. Bonnie and Clyde come up at one point. Similarly, so do Thelma and Louise. There is also more than one food-based metaphor, though tacos and margaritas receive the most mention. That paints a very specific kind of picture in the listener’s brain, which comes together with everything else to skillfully make its point. Something deserving of much praise.

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