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David Ellefson Talks About MEGADETH New Album and Concerts in 2021

David Ellefson talks about the process of the new MEGADETH album. He also talks about upcoming tour dates of MEGADETH in Europe.

David Ellefson is the full name David Warren Ellefson, and he was born in Minnesota in 1964. David is the bassist and co-founder of the American heavy metal band MEGADETH.

David Ellefson spoke to Talking Metal recently. David talked about the new MEGADETH album, which will release in 2021, and a metal tour in June.

As you know, we shared with you in the past weeks that MEGADETH‘s new album will be released in 2021. During David’s conversation with Talking Metal, the interviewer asked questions about the album process.

He said about the song titles of the new album: “As far as the release of it, I don’t have a title, I don’t have any song titles and any of that stuff yet, but you know, I assume we’ll be dropping it around.”

David Ellefson talked about the metal tour to be held in 2021 and the coronavirus. David thinks that the pandemic will end with vaccines and it will not be a problem for the concert.

“The vaccine’s coming out, so again, it’s all TBD, you know, so I think it’s kind of one of the beautiful things this year.

We’ve got tour stuff scheduled for June in Europe, July and August, the metal tour of the year with Megadeth, Lamb of God, Trivium, and In Flames.”

We hope we will listen to MEGADETH‘s new album at the concert and finally get our actual life. David hasn’t shared any information about the concerts yet, but we estimate that the exact dates and ticket prices will be announced within 2-3 months.

You can watch MEGADETH‘s European concert in Spain in 2018, below.

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