10 Best The Ghost Inside Songs Ranked

The Ghost Inside self titled album songs ranked list

The Ghost Inside have been through a whole lot as band, especially within the last 6 years. The unique hardcore blend of metalcore the band is known for was interrupted by a bus accident while touring. The accident left every member struck with tragedy in one way or another, which included the driver. The Ghost Inside have recovered and restored and had risen as an entirely refreshed band. Below, we’re going to rank what we consider the 10 best The Ghost Inside songs in our songs ranked list.

10. Truth & Temper

Truth & Temper comes from The Ghost Inside’s second album Returners which saw some of the most hardcore work from the band. This song however just doesn’t fit into the modern genre that The Ghost Inside has defined themselves as within hardcore, which earned its placement on our The Ghost Inside songs ranked list.


9. Aftermath

Aftermath is the breakout single from The Ghost Inside’s newest album, amply self-titled as The Ghost Inside. The song started questionable but any fan of The Ghost Inside knows not to trust a book by its cover. The first album from the band in 6 years, due to the aforementioned bus accident. The Ghost Inside referenced their old music in this jam, which perfectly summed up the band, and caught up to recent years and kept the past alive. This is the most popular song from the band’s newest album and immediately attracted all fans of The Ghost Inside, new and old.


8. Unspoken

Unspoken is another song to come from The Ghost Inside’s second album Returners, and was one of the more upbeat and faster songs on the record. It wouldn’t be a The Ghost Inside song without a fast, screaming chorus and breakdown. This is a classic example of expecting one thing and getting something greater.


7. Dear Youth (Day 52)

This song is bit of a story, with songs linked between other bands letlive. and Final Fight. The members and especially vocalists of those bands are rather close and have each written a relevant song titled Day 52, 53, and 54. While the songs are necessarily connected, they weren’t linked too far beyond emotionally.


6. Slipping Away

Slipping Away was very much a new and old The Ghost Inside song put together into one. This song earned its placement on our The Ghost Inside songs ranked due to how well it summed up the band in their modern era and showed their hardcore roots always evolved.


5. Face Value

Face Value immediately starts with incredible drums that let listeners know that The Ghost Inside were coming in hard with Get What You Give. Choruses were similar on this record to previous The Ghost Inside records but with a little modern touch from the band. This song featured Andrew Neufeld of Comeback Kid, a band that has always been a huge influence on The Ghost Inside.


4. Shiner

Shiner comes from The Ghost Inside’s debut album, Fury And The Fallen Ones and features classic shattering drums and melodic guitar parts. This song features fantastic vocals on Jonathan Vigil’s vocals as always but this song earned its placement on our The Ghost Inside songs ranked list due to its highlighted drums.


3. Engine 45

Possibly the most popular song from Get What You Give, Engine 45 features a backtrack of a fire bell leading into the band in full throttle. Engine 45 is another perfect example of The Ghost Inside making hardcore fit into the modern era of metalcore. From this point forward the band had a clear evolution in sound, earning its placement on our The Ghost Inside songs ranked list.


2. Dark Horse

Dark Horse is another song from Get What You Give and features a chorus style that would become common with releases from here on out from The Ghost Inside. This song however stands out for its intense drums, vocals and guitars throughout and its classic The Ghost Inside breakdown right where it’s needed. The song concludes on a fading guitar note which has also become a classic The Ghost Inside element.


1. Move Me

Move Me has earned its placement on our The Ghost Inside songs ranked list due to how The Ghost Inside keeps their emotions at the forefront of their music and its shown here possibly more than any other song. Hardcore lyrics throughout and crushing instrumentals make this an absolute immediate classic from The Ghost Inside.


Overall, The Ghost Inside has been a staple in the hardcore scene and evolved into their own blend of hardcore and metalcore that has certainly earned them their placement as an absolute titan in the music scene.

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