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The Ghost Inside self titled album ranked list

The Ghost Inside have been one of the leading bands of modern hardcore. While the band wasn’t specifically hardcore, they were inspired by the Southern California hardcore and punk scene. Every song and every record that the band has created carries the same form of hardcore inspiration. They have truly defined themselves in the metalcore scene as one of those most reminiscent of hardcore music itself. Below, we’re going to rank their releases in our The Ghost Inside albums ranked list.

5. The Ghost Inside

This is the band’s newest release and first since their unforgettable bus accident that changed them forever. The last album the band released prior to this one was Dear Youth. As the band was touring the album, they were in a bus accident. The accident left TGI drummer without a leg and other members of the band also suffering near fatal wounds. While this album was obviously fueled by that experience and everything after it, this album just didn’t hold up. The Ghost Inside maintained the sound they held onto since Dear Youth and improved upon. Although they hadn’t released any new music for 6 years, the band created a sound that was signature.


4. Fury And The Fallen Ones

This is the first release from the band since changing their name from A Dying Dream to The Ghost Inside. The sound carried over very clearly from the previous project. Not only did the sound carry over to The Ghost Inside but also helped the band improve. Working upon what worked then and what they want to work as The Ghost Inside. It earned its placement on our The Ghost Inside albums ranked list due to its pure fury inflicted upon listeners. This album may have earned fourth on our list but is a definitive album from the band. The album wouldn’t be The Ghost Inside without any single release.


3. Returners

Returners follows the sound from TGI’s debut with the name but the band evolved ever so slightly to evolve. Compared to the albums released after this however, the band had a much bigger evolutionary change in music. On this album and the one before it The Ghost Inside proved they could rise in the metalcore scene. Returns starts off fast and doesn’t stop from beginning to end, earning its place on our The Ghost Inside albums ranked list.


2. Dear Youth

Dear Youth carried the same sound the band had evolved into on their last record but this time they had changed it ever so slightly to represent the band in modern times and what they were going through. Jonathan Vigil is a very outspoken individual and a very positive one as well. So when the band has something they want to talk about or experience they have no problem translating it to music. This album was transcribed into a diary like album that helped fans feel that much closer to the band as they listened to the album.


1. Get What You Give

My personal favorite album, showed the band could evolve and find a brand new sound that was very much their own in every way. This album was the first time the band really evolved their sound and the result was an absolutely perfect curation of whatever the band had experienced prior from the stage and the road. Get What You Give was considered the band’s breakthrough album giving them tons of recognition and fans from all over the world from countries they never expected. Overall, Get What You Give sums up the band’s sound earned its placement as number one on our The Ghost Inside albums ranked list.


Overall, The Ghost Inside have been at the absolute forefront of metalcore with their unique blend of hardcore and punk from their clear inspiration as youth. Although the band have been absent for a while, they have quite the fanbase so when they came back, they were welcomed with open arms and came back swinging. The Ghost Inside have proven time and time again that not only were they not going anywhere but they’d swing their firsts until the second they officially retired. All albums from The Ghost Inside showcased a different aspect of their music career and every album together really made a mark on the scene.

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