10 Things You Didn’t Know About Kurupt


If you grew up listening to hip-hop music in the 1990s, then Kurupt is no stranger to you. He was very close to the beloved Tupac, and they were even signed to the same label, Death Row Records. Since he was a child, Kurupt has loved hip hop and has been in different groups, including HRSMN, comprising Canibus, Killah Priest, Ras Kass, and Kurupt. They have been out of the limelight for a while but have made a comeback. With them making music again, fans might want to learn some facts about Kurupt, so here is a start.

1. He Chose Alcohol over His Girlfriend

Daily Mail reported that the rapper had left the “Marriage Boot Camp” after fighting with Toni Calvert, his girlfriend. At first, Kurupt said that he left because he feared Calvert would become violent towards him but later revealed the real reason was the lack of brown liquor, which was banned at the house. Dr. Ish Major told the rapper to get the help he needed, saying that even if he left boot camp and failed to get sober, he would not survive for longer than five years.

2. He and DMX Fought over Foxy Brown

Kurupt dated Brown, and they got engaged, but rumors began that she was cheating on him with DMX even before they could get married. Kurupt got so mad that he rapped that DMX was trying to steal his woman. Years later, Brown said that she and DMX did not have anything going on and instead blamed Eve for coming in between her and Kurupt. All the same, the beef between DMX and Kurupt lasted for over two decades, but they made peace in 2017.

3. Why He Fell in Love with Foxy Brown

While Kurupt may have been mad at Brown for letting another man come between them, he still remembered why he fell in love with her in the first place. According to Ambrosia For Heads, he had never been involved with any woman as he had been with Brown. Her music was one of the attractive features, with the rapper falling heads over heels over her rhymes. With them being connected, usually, it was hard for Kurupt to imagine that Brown would go behind her boyfriend; they were supposed to do a record titled “The Dog and The Fox” together, but Brown did it with Earl Simmons.

4. Tupac Taught Him How to Act

One thing that Kurupt credits the late Tupac for is teaching him about the acting game. The rapper never went to acting school, but he still managed to be involved in film acting. Tupac advised him to get in character and change the language if he felt better about it. However, even if Tupac tutored him in drama, Kurupt’s baby mama introduced him to agents. Although he was unsure about his ability to act, she still saw potential, and within no time, he had been cast in three films.

5. He First Wrote His Rap Lyrics in 1980

In his interview with The Hundreds, Kurupt revealed that he started rapping in 1980. His cousin, Skippy G, had introduced him to hip hop when Kurupt was six, and at eight, the rapper wrote his first lyrics. He still remembers them to date because after penning them down, he began freestyling.

6. How He Got the Name “Kurupt”

Ricardo Emanuel Brown is the official name of Kurupt, so you probably wonder how he got the stage name. He said that he was nicknamed Kid at first, but later, he changed it to K.I.D, which meant “King in Destruction.” After a while, he wanted to be known as K-Rock, but then he moved to California and met with the late Mental, who gave the rapper the stage name “Kurupt.” He preferred sticking with a “K” in the stage name because he had gotten used to it.

7. He Knew He Wanted to be an Emcee since He Was Eight

Kurupt’s cousin Skippy G influenced the young rapper at eight to grow up and be like him. Watching his cousin and friends freestyling and their routines inspired Kurupt. He says in the past, rappers had to earn their place in the industry. They freestyled and went to Battle Rap, but nowadays, musicians are rapping written rap which cannot be compared to freestyling. He argued that with written rap, you could not beat someone talking about what is around the opponent, and perhaps that creativity and thinking on one’s feet is what got him to want to be an emcee.

8. He Credits Dr. Dre for Getting Him in the Industry

According to HipHop DX, Dr. Dre gave Kurupt an opportunity, and he seized it. The hip-hop artist said he was competing against RBX, Daz, and Rage to be signed by Dr. Dre. Therefore when Dr. Dre handed him a record “Stranded on Death Row,” he had to do his best lest he was left without a label. Luckily, Kurupt was talented, and judging by the smile that Dr. Dre had plastered on his face after listening to Kurupt rap, the artist knew he had impressed the record producer.

9. He Raps for Fun

Kurupt believes that the artists in the 90s hardly compare to the youngsters today. He said unlike in the past when people rapped for fun, the current artists are motivated by money. He refers to himself as an emcee and not a rapper and said that even when he turns 90, he will still be rapping because it is in his blood. Kurupt added that he was not interested in signing a record deal; he only did so because people said he was good enough to get a deal. All he ever did was to make music, whether he got paid or not.

10. He Sells Marijuana

If you ever smoked Moon Rocks, then you have helped further the marijuana business of Kurupt. He said that Moon Rocks is his medicine line, and he supplies to dispensaries in California, taking care of patients who have their medical cards.

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