10 Things You Didn’t Know about Irv Gotti

Irv Gotti

What do you know about Irv Gotti? Maybe you already know that he is a famous DJ and a record producer, but is that where your knowledge stops? If it is, then there is a lot left to be uncovered. If you’re interested in learning more, read these 10 things about Irv Gotti that you may not have otherwise ever known.

1. Irv Gotti is his stage name

The whole world may know him as Irv Gotti, but his given name is actually Irving Domingo Lorenzo, Jr. That’s a real mouthful, so it’s no wonder that he changed his name. Shortening his first name from Irving to Irv makes plenty of sense, but why did he choose the last name Gotti? As you might have guessed by now, he did it to reflect his fascination with mob boss John Gotti. It might seem like a rather odd connection, but that was his reasoning behind it, nevertheless.

2. He co-founded Murder Inc.

What is Murder Inc? It might not sound like it, but it is in fact a record label. How did he end up deciding on this name for his record label? Apparently, he was watching a television show about gang members and saw a logo of the same name in the corner of the television screen. He thought that it would be interesting because he has a fascination with mob bosses, as previously mentioned. He made the connection that mob bosses put hits out on people and he wanted to create hits (in the musical sense), so his record label was then named Murder Inc.

3. He knows his way around the television industry

This one might surprise you. He’s actually responsible for creating a BET television series called Tales. Aside from that, he doesn’t have a lot of experience in television, in fact almost none. That said, he proved with this particular series that he could work his way around the television industry quite effectively. At the same time, he also proved that he has a certain level of creativity, one that is capable of attracting audience members.

4. He’s worked with some of the biggest names in music

If you think that his record label is just some little-known label that’s only capable of working with equally little-known artists, think again. In reality, he has worked with such well-known individuals as Jennifer Lopez, Ja Rule and Ashanti. His ability to work with artists of this caliber has gone a long way toward proving that he is the real deal in the music industry, not just a wannabe or an imposter.

5. He also collaborates with them

He doesn’t just sign important artists to his label and then produce their records. He also works directly with them on collaborative efforts. Some of the artists that he has collaborated with include Jay-Z, Kanye West and DMX. Through these collaborative efforts, he has proven that he is just as capable an artist as he is a record producer.

6. He plays a number of musical instruments

He has plenty of skill when it comes to producing records, but he also has genuine musical ability. In fact, he’s been known to play a drum set as well as a keyboard with relative ease. It’s something that he demonstrated when he collaborated with artists such as those mentioned in the paragraph above. In addition to playing instruments, he also lends his vocal talents to some of these collaborations.

7. He can write songs, too

Some people can play an instrument and sing songs all day long, but they’re not capable of writing a lick. That is not the case with this particular individual. As it turns out, he’s been writing songs for some time, slowly honing his talents in this area until he feels confident enough to cut some of his own pieces as original material.

8. He was acquitted of serious legal charges

Back in 2003, he faced serious legal charges when he and his record label were the subject of an FBI investigation. It was believed that he was using his record label as a front for money laundering that was connected to a drug kingpin, one named Kenneth McGriff. The FBI were convinced that there was something going on between the two of them, but charges were eventually dropped when no hard evidence could be found.

9. This prompted him to change the name of his label

After everything that happened with the FBI investigation, he was pressured to change the name of his record label from Murder Inc to The Inc. Under the umbrella of Universal Music, there was increasing concern that the name of the label itself was drawing negative attention to both him and every artist that signed under him. He did change the name, but he was never happy with the situation. As such, he eventually developed his own umbrella company and put the label under that operation, effectively cutting ties with Universal Music. By all accounts, the feeling was mutual.

10. He has a rift with fellow artist 50 Cent

He has had a rift with fellow rapper 50 Cent for some time, one that has been growing increasingly public in nature. Recently, 50 Cent claimed that he had caused Gotti’s record label to go bankrupt, and that he did it intentionally. Rebutting those claims, Gotti clapped back with the comment that everything concerning his record label is perfectly fine. Furthermore, he went on to claim that 50 Cent is simply angry because his own actions caused him to be shot, stabbed and beat up. Gotti claims that 50 Cent was looking for someone to blame, and that he just randomly picked Gotti’s label to direct his anger at. 50 Cent claims that there are two sides to every story, one fans haven’t heard yet. Who knows how it all will eventually shake out?

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