Danny Carey from Tool hopes: “New Tool stuff in the quarantine”

Tool band drummer Danny Carey hopes for the new EP during the quarantine. They’ve also released “Fear Inoculum” after 13 years later.

In these days, too many people in quarantine due to COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic. Also, according to health experts and politicians, the biggest events such as festivals, concerts or conferences won’t return until 2021. We can understand this Tool’s 2020 concerts can’t return until early 2021. Almost every festival and concert already canceled or postponed the their 2020 events. But we can have another opportunity because the music bands want to make more recordings in their home studios. In a Berklee Bass Webinar interview with drummer Danny Carey also reveals to write new music while the band isn’t touring in the pandemic.

Danny Carey spoke about they want to record new music with Adam Jones and Justin Chancellor in these months. Also replied:

“I’m hoping, during this downtime, as soon as we’re able, maybe we’ll get together – Justin [Chancellor, bass] and I, and Adam [Jones, guitar] – maybe start hashing out some new Tool stuff in the meantime, maybe write another EP since we’re down and we can’t do anything else.”

Then added:

“I’m just kind of waiting on that, you know, waiting around but – that’s all I’ve really got going on, you know?”

Tool‘s new album Fear Inoculum released in 2019. They also won the Grammy with “7empest” track. You can watch the full interview below.

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