Ranking All the Bangles Studio Albums

The female rock band has always been in the limelight since the 1980s, and our Bangles studio albums ranked list takes a look at one of the most successful rock bands in the history of classic rock. The Bangles was an all-girls American rock band that released many hit singles in the 1980s. The rock band wasn’t an overnight success because it was not until 1984 that the public eye knew of their existence, let alone recognize their singles. Formed in Los Angeles, California, in 1981, the band’s singles have rocked MTV, which became instrumental in pop culture. The band members consisted of:

  • Susanna Hoffs (lead and backing vocals, guitar)
  • Vicki Peterson (vocals, lead guitar)
  • Debbi Peterson (drums, vocals)
  • Annette Zilinskas (vocals, bass- 1981-82)
  • Michelle Steele (vocals, bass- 1983-2005)

In case you haven’t noticed, Vicki and Debbi have the same surnames because they’re sisters. Thanks to their breathtaking songs and quality-assuring performances, the band has toured the US and many countries in Europe. Below is a ranking list of the Bangles studio albums, from the worst to the best:

5. Doll Revolution (2003)


After 15 years of rest, the Bangles came together to release their first new studio album in 2003, titled- Doll Revolution. The album was first released in some parts of Europe and Japan in spring, before gracing US television screens in the fall. It contains 15 songs, one paying tribute to Elvis Costello’s “When I Was Cruel.” Unlike other Bangles’ albums, the songs in Doll Revolution weren’t big hits in the US. The only time they got recognized was in the top 40 hits in the UK through the song “Something That You Said.” However, everyone’s taste in music is different. Maybe, you’ll find this reunion album more revolutionary than the rest on this list.

4. Sweetheart of the Sun (2011)



For some reason, the Bangles released the album- “Sweetheart of the Sun,” but Michelle Steele was nowhere to be seen. It was released in the fall of 2011 and is also a reunion album. The album contains 12 songs, all of which were written by the band members. The only song written by a non-band member- Todd Rundgren– was “Open My Eyes.” The album opens with “Anna Lee,” followed closely by “Under a Cloud.” Though fans of Bangles knew of this album’s existence, most of them weren’t as excited as they were listening to other albums. As reports have it, the album made it to the US Billboard top 200, but it never made it past number 148. It’s unclear why Bangles fans couldn’t encourage this album to peak on billboards, but everyone has their reasons.

3. All Over the Place (1984)


Do you remember the times when radio cassettes were the in-thing in the 80s and 90s? The album, “All Over the Place,” will take you back in time. It was released in 1984 as the band’s debut album. According to Return of Rock, the album opens up with the song, “Hero Takes a Fall,” which Susanna Hoffs and Vicki Peterson co-wrote. If Susanna Hoffs is your favorite singer, you’ll love her vocals in most songs of this album. The young Susanna boasts great lead and backing vocals, making the song more original and endearing. You will find Katrina’s photo and the Waves song, “Going down to Liverpool,” on the cover. As a debut album, no one ever imagined they’d get the success that soon followed.

2. Everything (1988)


Almost all singles from the “Everything” album by Bangles depict good vibes. In 1988, the album peaked at number 15 on the US Billboard top 200. It secured a spot for two top ten singles in the Billboard Hot 100. The number hit was the song “Eternal Flame.” The song became the number one hit in the US, Netherlands, the UK, Australia, and Ireland. Upon clicking the “play” button, you’ll notice the lead single, “In Your Room.” Fans couldn’t hide their amazement when it made it to number five on the Billboard top 100. It’s like every household couldn’t call it a day without turning on their radio to listen to this song at the time.

1. Different Light (1986)


As mentioned earlier, your opinion about the number one spot for the Bangles’ studio album could be different. It’s daunting deciding if “Different Light” deserves number one on this list because “Everything” closely follows it. This list regards “Different Light” as the best because of the massive buzz around it. With only five singles, it’s no surprise that four of them made it to the Billboard top 20. Two songs in this album made it to the Billboard top 10 and broke to number one. As one of the most successful albums from Bangles, “Different Light” made it to the limelight thanks to two songs: “If She Knew What She Wants” and “Walk like an Egyptian.” Do you know what happened after fans heard these two songs? All men drooled at Susanna Hoffs. No wonder her voice steered the band to success. According to Pencil Storm, almost all teenagers could be heard singing and humming to “Walk Like an Egyptian,” creating one of the US’ most popular anthems.


Ranking all the Bangles studio albums proves to be daunting, considering the iconic girl band still performs to huge crows to date. Their presence in the pop industry is phenomenal. Hardly anytime rock stars are mentioned without adding the trio to the list. Initially called the Bangs, Bangles have played live since joining the music industry. Some members of the Bangles band, like Michelle Steele, might have opted out of it to pursue other careers and handle personal matters. But that didn’t stop the band from scaling higher. Will the Bangles emerge with a new album after the split? Will there be another album reunion to bring back the nostalgia? No one knows, but keep listening to these albums to help you figure it out.

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