The 10 Best Schoolboy Q Songs of All Time

Quincy Matthew Hanley, better known by his stage name Schoolboy Q, got his nickname because of his good grades in school despite being a truant. The don’t-care attitude resulted in him landing in jail in 2007. After his release, he was desperate because no job was coming his way so he decided to try his hand at rapping. Since then, he has not looked back and the persistence has paid off. The rapper has collaborated with big names in the music industry including Kendrick Lamar and A$AP Rocky. Check out some of the best Schoolboy Q sings so far.

10. There He Go

It seems to be a song about being confident no matter what. The rapper says that he may not be wearing jewelry, but still he shines and even if he does not have a bodyguard, he walks around majestically. He oozes confidence which makes people comment “There he go,” as they keep admiring him. Of course, he throws in a few vulgar terms in the song.

9. Hell of A Night

The Song’s title gives you a clue about what the rapper has in mind when he says “Hell of a Night.” For someone whose songs are all about sex, drugs, and partying, this track is no different. He begins by talking about drinks and dancing. He goes ahead to show he is a ladies’ man, talking about how ladies want to share his tongue. Schoolboy Q even mentions ménage á trois revealing that he does not mind being in open relationships. After all, he is ready for one hell of a night.

8. Hands on the Wheel Featuring A$AP Rocky

You would think that a musician loves all his songs but Schoolboy Q reveals he does not. According to HipHopDX, although “Habits & Contradictions” album is the rapper’s biggest album to date, the single “Hands on the Wheel” is his least favorite song. Schoolboy Q explained that he had to perform the song in 200 shows, and every time, the song was the last. Then he ended up hearing it on the radio every time after returning to New York. The song turned to his least favorite, and he admitted that every rapper has a song they hate no matter what they say.

7. Blessed Featuring Kendrick Lamar

Schoolboy Q uses this song as an inspiration to anyone going through a rough patch, telling them not to give up because circumstances change. He starts by rapping about living off a backpack and always needing a place to sleep, but then the tables turn. He talks about praying to God to change the situation, hoping that his prayers would be answered. Still, in the face of adversity, he kept on fighting, hoping for a positive outcome. He believes it can be worse, so we should all learn to count our blessings and not stress about what we do not have.

6. Break the Bank

Ambition is the middle name of Schoolboy Q as evidenced by his songs. He is proud of the progress he has made and the journey has been worthwhile. He says Kendrick should move away from the throne because Schoolboy Q is coming for it. The lyrics show how ambitious the rapper is and wants to get to the top no matter what. His mind is on making money and breaking the bank using his rapping skills.

5. JoHn Muir

Freestyling is an exceptional talent, and Schoolboy Q revealed to XXL Magazine that he freestyled the entire song. The song is titled after the school the rapper attended. From the verses, you can catch a glimpse of what school life was like for the rapper. He raps that he began playing truant in fifth grade. He ran up and down the streets selling weed at the age of 14, the same age he began having sex. From the lyrics, it is clear he had a rough upbringing.

4. Studio Featuring BJ The Chicago Kid

You must have at one time had your mind wander off during working hours and you start thinking of what you could be doing instead of sitting at your desk. Well, you are not the only one as Schoolboy Q narrates in this song. As a rapper, he has to be in the studio most of the time recording songs. However, he has a girlfriend and wishes he could be with her in the studio so they could get intimate. Since she cannot come to him in the studio, his mind keeps drifting off to how they could be spending time in between the sheets at home.

3. Man of the Year

According to Singersroom, the song came about by accident. As Schoolboy Q and Kendrick Lamar celebrated the success of the latter’s album in a certain club one night, Schoolboy Q heard a beat and fell in love with it. He decided to write a song based on the beats by Nez & Rio. The song is inspired by his rise to the top, and the rapper reflects on his humble beginnings.

2. Collard Greens Featuring Kendrick Lamar

The song is allegedly about smoking marijuana which is referred to as “collard greens” as a euphemism. Some verses are also about getting intimate with a woman. Funny enough, the rapper once told VIBE that he was not a weed rapper despite releasing a song titled “Bet I Got Some Weed.” Then again, for someone who started puffing marijuana when in grade 10, it comes as no surprise that his allegiance to the drug cannot fade away.

1. That Part Featuring Kanye West

If you love authenticity, this should be your anthem. Although the grammar police will tell you there is no word like “conversate,” Schoolboy Q drives the point home. He says he does not want to “conversate” with fake people. He adds that his focus is on achieving his goal of being rich when he says that all he wants is that paper, meaning dollars. He does not want to associate with broke people because he believes in profiting every time. However, even when he gets rich, he does not change since his stance on being authentic.

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