10 Bands That Are Considered Buttrock


While reading the words “butt rock” may be strange, it is certainly a genre that many people recognize. Bands defined as buttrock kind of float outside of the realm of grunge after the 90’s surge of the genre. These bands come up into the rock world, while what seems like trying to be metal. I certainly wouldn’t label them as metal in any way but the attempt from a number of these bands is certainly there. Overall, I’d say bands labeled as buttrock are trapped in the world of rock, forever reaching out.


Nickelback has been around for a long time but they are probably at the forefront of the buttrock genre. This is at the very least, due to Nickelback being the subject of endless memes and jokes on the internet. The actual genres that Nickelback has been involved in jump around from country sided songs to harder rock but like stated above, they always appear to be trapped in rock.



Seether is a band from South Africa with more of a rock or hard rock sound. The band has been together since 1999, about as long as the rest of the bands on this buttrock list. Possibly the most popular song by the band is Broken featuring Amy Lee. There has been a lot of controversy surrounding members of the band and Amy Lee. More specifically, the singer of Seether and Amy Lee of Evanescence were surrounded by constant media attention with a very public breakup. Characteristics like that don’t stand well against the war on being labelled as buttrock.


Three Days Grace

Three Days Grace, like many of the other bands on this buttrock band list, have a large following but I wouldn’t say that any of these bands gain followers in recent days. The genres these bands generally fall under, aren’t too popular with younger fans as time goes on.



Staind is a band that has been around since the late 90s and continues to release music today. However, Staind is yet another band that doesn’t appear to have a growing fan base in recent days as they don’t resonate wit younger fans. Popular songs by Staind you may be familiar with are It’s Been A While and So Far.


Puddle of Mudd

Puddle of Mudd is a bit of a one hit wonder with their song Blurry being their most popular, even resonating still with fans. Another hit on the same album as Blurry but not as popular, She Hates Me. Another song you may know, from a different album, is Psycho. Overall though, Puddle of Mudd has some playtime with older songs but aren’t too great so they’re officially buttrock.


3 Doors Down

3 Doors Down is certainly what’s known as a well hit wonder with their most popular song being Kryptonite. Clearly inspired by Superman, this song itself could even be classified as buttrock. Only having one song that’s really a hit, it’s hard not to classify the band as buttrock, especially when they’re biggest song is classified as such.


Breaking Benjamin

Breaking Benjamin are a band that I’d say fit this profile of being a buttrock band but they have definitely done the best job out of reaching away from such a genre. The band has released some pretty heavy songs featuring aggressive vocals and intense instrumentals. While this is a younger version of the band, Breaking Benjamin still show some change between albums but over they still fit the profile with buttrock with their general discography.


Stone Sour

Stone Sour is lead by Slipknot vocalist Corey Taylor, who surprisingly started Stone Sour before Slipknot. Slipknot being as popular as they are may have something to do with it but the overall boring, mostly rock nature of their songs is what I would say defines them as buttrock. Stone Sour do have some great songs but in recent releases, Stone Sour songs sound a lot like Slipknot rough cuts.



Shinedown feels less like a post grunge and more like another alternative rock band trying to be something more but never quite finding that right fit to evolve into metal. The band has quite the following like stated earlier with most of these bands and have reached multi-platinum status with the amount of records sold. While this band doesn’t reach into metal like some of the other bands on this buttrock bands list but they still fit the profile with songs that sound like what others would call “dad rock”.


Trapt has been in the spotlight for what feels like forever now, due to issues with the singer in various instances. Practically all of 2020 was full of some sort of ridiculous rant or some other outrageous act on the band’s social media accounts. Headstrong is definitely the standout song from Trapt but even that doesn’t save the band from being labelled as buttrock.

Overall, all of these bands have a fair share of fans, records and sound that differ from each other and other bands but these bands can all be singled out as dad rock, or buttrock, as it’s also referred to others as.

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