10 Things You Didn’t Know about DJ Akademiks

When it comes to online trolls, DJ Akademiks might just be one of the best of the best. After gaining online notoriety in the mid/late 2010s, DJ Akademiks became even more popular when he was hired as a cast member on the Complex talk show, Everyday Struggle. Although he would be fired from Complex for some distasteful comments he made about John Legend’s wife, Chrissy Tiegen, Akademiks never slowed down. He has become one of the most opinionated people in hip-hop culture, and he doesn’t care what anybody has to say about it. Despite his numerous beefs with people in the industry, he still has a large and dedicated following.  Keep reading for 10 things you didn’t know about DJ Akademiks.

1. He Was Born In Jamaica

Most people just assume that DJ Akademiks is from the United States, but that isn’t the case at all. He was actually born and raised in Spanish Town, Jamaica. He moved to New York City not long before it was time for him to go to high school. Initially, he had a difficult time adjusting to American culture and he turned to music as a tool to help him cope.

2. He Got His Start On YouTube

Unless you’ve been following DJ Akademiks’ career since the early days, you may not realize that he actually got his start on YouTube. He became known for posting videos sharing his opinions on various topics. While he is still active on YouTube, he has also started to stream on Twitch.

3. He Studied At Rutgers

Don’t let DJ Akademiks’ online antics fool you into thinking he isn’t intelligent. He is actually very smart and he also received a solid education. He attended Rutgers University where he earned a bachelor’s degree in biomathematics. It doesn’t appear that he’s ever worked in the field.

4. He Really Was A DJ

Over the years, there have been a lot of people who have wondered why Akademiks has DJ at the front of his name. After all, to many people’s knowledge, he has never been a DJ. What many don’t know, however, is that he started DJing during his college years and became known for playing music at parties.

5. He Is A Private Person

Akademiks is the kind of person who has absolutely no problem discussing other people’s business, but when it comes to his own he has been pretty tight-lipped. There isn’t much information out there about his personal life (especially before his career), and it will likely stay that way.

6. He Has Released Music

Getting people riled up on the internet isn’t the only thing Akademiks likes to do. Apparently, he also enjoys making music although his approach is reminiscent of his online trolling. In 2018, he released an EP called Cloud Chasers under the name Lil Ak. Although the production quality is good, the songs are parodies. There’s no word on if he plans to put out more music in the future.

7. He Likes Cars

Music may be DJ Akademiks first love, but it’s certainly not the only thing he’s interested in. He is a big car lover and he enjoys looking at and talking about expensive vehicles.  DJ Akademiks even has an entire Instagram account dedicated to showing photos of celebrities’ cars.

8. He Is Friends With Tekashi 69

You know what they say, “birds of a feather flock together” and when it comes to trolling DJ Akademics and Tekashi 69 are cut from the same cloth. As a result, it’s probably not too surprising that the two have formed a friendship over the years. Together and individually, these two have pissed a lot of people off.

9. He Is Really Close With His Mom

Even though Akademiks hasn’t shared much information about his private life, he has made it very clear that he has nothing but love and respect for his mother. She raised him as a single parent and worked multiple jobs to make sure that he never had to go without anything he needed.

10. He Dated An Influencer

In 2020, the internet started to buzz when news broke that DJ Akademiks purchased a Mercedes G Wagon for Instagram influencer Celina Powell. While dating an influencer is usually seen as cool, this situation was different due to Celina’s reputation. She is often referred to as a clout chaser and is known for trying to associate herself with various people in the industry. Ak, however, didn’t seem to be bothered by her past. Although there isn’t much known about their relationship, it doesn’t appear that the two are still involved with each other.

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