10 Things You Didn’t Know about Jon Schaffer

Jon Schaffer

Jon Schaffer born Jon Ryan Schaffer is an American musician and guitarist. He loves heavy metal musician and is part of the Iced Earth music band, which is based in Florida. Schaffer is the rhythm guitarist and the main songwriter in his band. Schaffer who was born on March 15 1968, formed his music band in 1984. The name of the band was later changed to Iced Earth. He has collaborated with different artists over the years, including Blind Guarding and Hansi Kürsch. Here is a list of ten things that probably didn’t know about Jon Schaffer.

10. Schaffer Started Playing the Guitar When He was 14-years-old

Schaffer developed an interest in music and musical instruments while he was still young. He started playing the guitar and writing songs when he was 14-years-old. He is a self-taught guitarist and songwriter. Having learned to play the guitar at a young age, Schaffer became the key guitarist in his Iced Earth band. He believes his skills in playing the guitar contributed to his success as a heavy metal musician.

9. He is Vocal about His Political Stand Point

Jon Schaffer is one of the few musicians who are vocal about their political standpoint and actively engage in activities that show their political interests. Schaffer has been vocal about his support for the former president in the United States. In April 2021, Schaffer pleaded guilty to two charges against him that were associated with the insurrection that occurred on January 6 at the US Capitol. Reports on the case have revealed that he was the first person involved in the riots to plead guilty.

8. His Favorite Saying is “Stand for something or die for nothing”

Schaffer believes in taking a stand in what he believes in and supporting his beliefs with actions. His favorite quote could also be the driving force behind his strong political standpoint and his involvement in the US Capitol riot on January 6 2021. As part of his commitment to his political belief, Schaffer formed the “Sons of Liberty” project and released its debut album “Brush-fires of the Mind” in 2009.

7. Dream Vacation

Schaffer’s dream vacation is being in the Rocky Mountains in northeast Colorado. In an interview with the Metal Master Kingdom that was uploaded on YouTube on April 4, 2018, Schaffer stated that while he has gone to the Rocky Mountains several times, he still considers it his dream vacation. He also stated that being in mountains in the middle of nowhere would be an amazing experience for him.

6. He loves Studying History and Current Events

Schaffer loves studying history and keeping track of current events around him. He also considers it important for him to stand for what he believes in, and expose tyranny. Some of his favorite books that relate to his love for history include The Real George Washington by Jay A, Parry, The Creature from Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin, and Thomas Jefferson’s writings. The books mainly address past political issues linked to the United States.

5. He Underwent Neck Surgery in 2000 and 2014

Schaffer suffered an on-stage injury in 1996 and underwent his first neck surgery in 2000. After the surgery, he continued suffering from neck pain and additional issues that he could no longer ignore. He had to cancel the band’s tour in February 2014 to go through another surgery to address his neck pain. He explained the decision to cancel the Europe tour to his fans on the band’s official Facebook account.

4. He Went to a Lutheran School

Schaffer went to a Lutheran School for five years. His experience with the Lutheran school caused him to develop a lot of anger, resentment, and rebellion because of the mistreatment that he experienced at the school. In an interview uploaded on the FaceCulture YouTube page, Schaffer stated that one of the Lutheran pastors shoved a bar of soap in his mouth because he kept asking questions about evolution and creationism. While the experience was traumatizing, he stated that it somehow shaped the man that he is today.

3. He has been in the Same Music Band All His Life

According to a profile review of Schaffer on the Iced Earth website, Schaffer has been in the same band all his life. He formed the band in 1984 and named it “The Rose” for a short while before changing its name to “Purgatory.” In 1988, he changed the name of his band to “Iced Earth.” To date, his band is still referred to as “Iced Earth.” The changes in the name of his band were characterized by its development from its infancy stage to a successful heavy metal band.

2. He Teamed up with his Old Band Members to Release some of their Past Tracks

In 2018, Schaffer teamed up with his former. Releasing the songs was meant to show the foundation of the band and its growth over the years. All the tracks featured in the album were released as limited LP, Digipak CS, and were also available digitally for their fans. The tracks were produced and mixed by Schaffer and Jim Morris and were dedicated to Richard Bateman who was the band’s original bass player. Bateman passed away before the songs were produced.

1. His Father is His Hero

Jon Schaffer’s father was one of the people who inspire him to follow his dreams. Although his father died, Schaffer still recognizes his father’s influence on his music career and life. Aside from his father, other people that inspire him include Samuel Adams, Patrick Henry, Steven Toboz Jr., Steven Harris, Ronnie James Dio, Aaron Russo, G. Edward Griffin, and George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson.


Jon Schaffer music career started when he was relatively young. As an individual who has always been in a music band, he has accumulated a wide range of skills and knowledge about heavy metal music. While his political decisions and actions are bound to affect his life negatively, he will still be remembered as one of the key figures in heavy metal music.

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