10 Things You Didn’t Know about Davie504


Ever since he ventured into making YouTube videos, Davie504 has over the years managed to amass such a huge following, on YouTube and other social media platforms. His comedic approach to music has largely contributed to this, as well as his technique in playing his musical instruments. Even though he has millions of fans and followers, some people do not know much about this YouTube sensation. So here are 10 things you didn’t know about Davie504.

1. He is Italian

Davie504’s real name is Davide Baile, and he is Italian. Not much is known about his early life, his siblings nor his parents, since he has over the years managed to keep his personal life, and that of his close relatives, out of the limelight. What is known though is that he was born on the 5th of April, 1994, and is twenty-seven years old. He was born in Sovana, Italy, and spent the early part of his childhood there.

2. Musical beginnings

Davie got into music while he was in high school. He has stated time and again that his role model growing up, and the reason why he got into playing the bass guitar at such an early age, was Gene Simmons, who played bass guitar for the famous band Kiss in the mid to late 1970s.

3. He established a YouTube channel

In 2011, when he was 17 years old and in college, he opened his YouTube channel and named it Davie504. The reason why he has become so popular over the years is that he takes an unconventional approach not only in how he makes and edits the videos he uploads but also because he has done so consistently. This unconventional approach to comedy, music and streaming began with the first video he uploaded on YouTube. Some of his earliest videos include covering Eminem songs using M&Ms, the candy, covering the famous band Red Hot Chili Peppers with actual chili peppers, and covering Korn by creating a medley using corn cobs. His earliest videos are what set him up for his eventual success. Over the years, he has done a myriad of musical challenges, ideas he often gets from his fans’ comments in previous videos. One such challenge was playing an uninterrupted slap bass solo for five hours straight. Another was when he played a bassline that another musical artist and YouTuber, Deadmau5, claimed was impossible to play.

4. Gaining an audience

Davide has been able to create a huge following since he opened his YouTube channel. The main reason for this is his constant engagement with fans. He often posts meme-related content on his channel. He does have a subreddit page, and he often makes videos reacting to the posts that are made on this page. As mentioned earlier, most of his inspiration for the challenges that he does is gotten from suggestions put forward by the fans. this way, he is able to interact constantly with the fans, and the fans in turn feel like they’re a part of the creative process. He has become a huge sensation on YouTube. He starts all of his videos by saying ‘SLAP’. Most of his fans, as well as numerous musical critics, have claimed that he is a legendary bass player. That being said, he is also able to play numerous other instruments, such as the electric guitar, piano, saxophone, and many more. As aforementioned, one of the biggest reasons why he has been able to get such a huge following is because of his comedic approach to creating content. He has, without a doubt, some of the funniest content on YouTube. That being said, even though his videos are funny, he has never laughed at any one of them, which makes it even more hilarious.

5. YouTube competitions

Davide contributed to the PewDiePie and T-Series competition that took place on YouTube. PewDiePie and T-Series are also Big YouTube stars, with tens of millions of followers on the platform. Davide was on Team PewDiePie and actually played the bass cover to a song outside T-Series headquarters. He also has also participated in a myriad of other YouTube competitions. He was part of a competition between himself, Steve Terreberry, and Jared Dines to see who would play the bass guitar that had the most strings. These competitions have helped in creating a huge fan base not only for him but also for other YouTube stars that he has worked with.

6. He has a signature bass guitar

In 2017, Chowny Bass, a bass guitar maker and manufacturer, designed and created the Dave504 signature bass guitar. Even though it has become quite frequent for YouTube stars to transition onto mainstream media and get huge endorsement deals today, this was a huge deal at the time.

7. Achievements and accolades

In May of 2019, Davide was named number two in MusicRadar’s list for the top twenty hottest bassists in the world today, only behind John Campbell from Lamb of God. The same year, he received a YouTube Gold Play Button, which he eventually turned into a custom bass guitar in partnership with Amnesia Guitars.

8. Education

Not much is known about education. One of the facts that are out there though was that he attended the University of Genova. Eventually, though, he dropped out so that he could concentrate on his YouTube and streaming career. He did return to university. He studied music production in a college in London, and in 2017, he moved to Brighton

9. Personal life

As mentioned earlier, Davide’s life is not known to many. What is known is that he is in a relationship with a girl named Drungayu, who is a Taiwanese native, and also plays the bass guitar. The two have been in a relationship since 2014, and they both post photos together on their social media. Drungayu frequently appears on Davide’s YouTube channel.

10. Net worth

As of 2021, Davide has a net worth that is estimated to be around three million dollars. A vast majority of this amount has been obtained through his YouTube channel. The channel earns him approximately 150,000 dollars and 2 million dollars annually. This is because he also sells merchandise on the channel. He has custom hoodies and t-shirts, as well as numerous stickers and prints. Moreover, he makes a lot of money from endorsements and adverts. Each advert on his channel can cost anywhere between 990 to 1700 dollars.

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