The 10 Best Lamb Of God Songs Of All-Time

Lamb of God's Randy Blythe interview about Walk With Me In Hell song

For over 20 years Lamb Of God has been one of the premier modern metal bands, regularly touring the world with their onslaught of heavy chugging riffs, fast drums and aggressive vocals. The band has faced its share of challenges over the years, including singer Randy Blythe facing a manslaughter charge, but the band is still performing and writing music today and show no sign of slowing down.

Here are the top 10 best Lamb Of God songs of all time.

10. Ghost Walking – Resolution (2012)

When the song first begins you wouldn’t be wrong to assume that you’re about to hear a different side of Lamb Of God, with a riff being played on acoustic guitar. But it only takes 20 seconds before the Lamb Of God we all know and love to appear, with the song kicking in with the usual audio assault of heavy guitars and drums along with Randy’s screaming vocals. This is certainly a highlight of the Resolution album.

9. In Your Words – Wrath (2009)

When you turn on a Lamb Of God song you are promised a few things, heavy chug filled riffs, double kick fueled drums, and Randy Blythe’s signature vocal growl style, and like many other songs In Your Words ticks all of those boxes.

8. Hourglass – Ashes of the Wake (2004)

Ashes of the Wake may have released early into the band’s career, but it is often considered their peak, and with good reason. The album is filled from top to bottom with classic after classic and a true modern metal masterpiece and Hourglass is a perfect example of that.

7. Omerta – Ashes of the Wake (2004)

Omerta has a more hardcore feel to it than other Lamb Of God songs, with a heavier emphasis on chugging, along with a much slower tempo. The song has a Pantera vibe to it, the song wouldn’t sound out of place of Pantera’s Far Beyond Driven.

6. Walk with Me In Hell – Sacrament (2006)

Walk with Me In Hell is one of Lamb Of God’s more melodic tracks, but that doesn’t stop it from being any less heavy. For a nice change of pace when it comes to the band’s music, this is a song we highly recommend checking out.

5. Redneck – Sacrament (2006)

A gateway song to the band, Redneck was incredibly popular upon release in 2006, featuring a fantastic music video that saw lots of airtime on music channels across various countries, especially in the UK and US.

4. Desolation – Resolution (2012)

There are only so many ways you can describe a Lamb Of God song. For the majority of them, they feature heavy riffs and fast drums filled with double kicks, along with evil sounding screaming vocals. But, if you can do something well then why change it. The Resolution album is often overlooked in favour of previous albums Ashes of the Wake and Sacrament, but Desolation is one of the best and most hard-hitting songs that Lamb Of God has ever created. The band are really good at creating grooves that make you nod your head along, well…headbang along in their case. This song makes you want to throw hands in a pit every time it is played.

3. 512 – VII: Sturm und Drang (2015)

In 2010 during a Lamb Of God show in Prague, singer Randy Blythe pushed a fan off the stage, who sustained head injuries that led to his death. In 2012 the band returned to Prague to perform, unaware of the events that took place with the fan. Blythe was arrested and remanded in custody for five weeks before being released, he agreed to return to Prague to face trial in 2013. With a 5-10 year sentence hanging over his head, Blythe returned to clear his name and was ultimately acquitted of the charges. 512 was written about his time in prison and the song’s title was his cell number. When you know the meaning of the song it makes it so much darker but improves the listening experience greatly.

2. Now You’ve Got Something to Die For – Ashes of the Wake (2004)

Coming in at number 2 is Now You’ve Got Something to Die For, my personal favourite Lamb Of God song and one you can’t listen to without getting pumped up. This is one of the heaviest songs that Lamb Of God has ever released and one you need to listen to if you enjoy headbanging along to fast and heavy riffs.

1. Laid to Rest – Ashes of the Wake (2004)

Laid to Rest is a gateway song when discovering the band, and with good reason. While the song might sound like an assault on your eardrums at face value, the song has many different parts from its iconic intro, to a more melodic section, before kicking into a heavy barrage of riffs and growling vocals. This is Lamb Of God at their finest.

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