Ranking All The Songs from The Those Who Wish Me Dead Soundtrack

Those Who Wish Me Dead

Taylor Sheridan directed Those Who Wish Me Dead, a 2021 release starring Angelina Jolie. The screenplay was written by Sheridan and the author of the novel Michal Koryta. Jolie plays a smoke jumper who tries to keep a young boy safe while people are trying to kill him because he witnessed a murder. The movie was primarily shot in New Mexico. initially, the film premiered in South Korea and was released in the United States a week later. The soundtrack was released on May 7 2021 on WaterTower Music. Brian Tyler conducted the soundtrack with the Hollywood Studio Symphony. This is a ranking of all the songs from the Those Who Wish Me Dead Soundtrack.

16. Presence – Brian Tyler


The song is aptly titled because throughout the film there is a strong presence of the unseen demons that we feel so acutely they might as well be tangible presences before us. The combination of Sheridan’s direction and Tyler’s score gave the actors a great balance to work within.

15. Glimmer of Hope – Brian Tyler


One of the things that Jolie related the most to in the movie is the sense of maternal protection her character feels for the child who is in danger throughout the movie. She had the privilege of fostering her relationship with him throughout the film and it translated well to the screen.

14. Lightning Strikes – Brian Tyler


It’s difficult to determine the people we can trust in our life. Tyler captures the unique tug of human emotion in the bars of his music.

13. Those Who Wish Me Dead Finale – Brian Tyler


The end of the movie comes down to those who survived and the ones lost along the way. As the movie ends, you see many examples of heroism.

12. The Calm Inside the Storm – Brian Tyler


When a 14-year-old boy witnesses something unspeakable, the only way to keep him safe is to enroll him in a wilderness survival program. However, the option where he winds up is one with teens who have had serious trauma.

11. Shadow Mechanics – Brian Tyler


The Montana wilderness plays a heavy role in the movie. While watching the movie, the scenery and soundtrack move the movie forward well even in slower patches of the plot.

10. The Beauty of Time – Brian Tyler


Despite the mixed critic reviews, the movie came together nicely. While working on the project, Sheridan was also filming Yellowstone with Kevin Costner. Both movies have a western flair. However, this film is much more of a psychological thriller.

9. Lament – Brian Tyler


The movie was done during a busy time in Angelina Jolie’s life Before doing this film, she directed By The Sea and was set for the follow-up sequel shortly after this one was wrapped.

8. Ultimatum – Brian Tyler


Even though critics were not overly enthusiastic about the movie. several things helped bring them along. One of these was choosing Nicholas Hoult of X-Men fame as a co-star of Jolie. Another was the way that Tyler’s score melds into the film making it a bigger standout than it might have otherwise been.

7. Zero-Sum Game -Brian Tyler


You can certainly get lost in the thrill of the chase in this movie but it may have fallen short of the goal Sheridan had without Tyler’s score. Part of his resume is doing scores for video games, so he has a unique talent for matching action to the film.

6. The Love of a Father – Brian Tyler


One thing that makes the film so urgent is the backdrop of a Montana fire. Before utilizing Tyler’s stellar compositions, it would already keep viewers on the edge of their seats. However, each scene is made electric through skillful orchestration.

5. Opus – Brian Tyler


According to Deadline, Tyler is has won multiple Emmys as well as was nominated for a BAFTA for his work on soundtracks through his career. When he completed this soundtrack, he’d done almost a hundred scores.

4. Embers – Brian Tyler


Throughout Tyler’s career, he did primarily movies with a lot of action giving him something to play off from. However, Sheridan selected him for the Those Who Wish Me Dead soundtrack because it would give him a chance to put his full range of talents to work.

3. Those Who Wish Me Dead (Main Theme) – Brian Tyler


Throughout the songs on this soundtrack, Tyler runs the gauntlet of emotions musically. There are so many sub-themes running through the film aside from the main plot involving a smokejumper and a frightened teen who witnessed his father’s murder.

2. Mind Heart Conflation – Brian Tyler


Much of this soundtrack was an experiment, as told in the next entry on this list. One of the best parts of the experience for Tyler is he got to push himself to higher levels of his creativity. This was exhibited in his next project which was audio as well as visual.

17. A Burning Cello – Brian Tyler


Jolie had a lot of hesitation coming into this movie. Tyler’s score weaves its way through the complicated emotions that Jolie noted in one of her earlier interviews on the film. she was at a downtime in her life and found the theme of the movie cathartic for the things she was experiencing. At one point, Tyler set a cello on fire until it could no longer play a sound. He used the sound as recurring bars throughout much of the film.

1. Elegy For A Soul – Brian Tyler


Like other portions of the soundtrack, this melody relies heavily on a chaste collection of strings and a lot of brass. They are the necessary elements for a movie that is deeply rooted in psychological horror and a harrowing chase.

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