10 Awesome Songs about High School

High School

High school is a great place to be. It is from there that you meet friends, take art classes, join a choir or play football. If you have already graduated, you likely have fond memories of the things you did as a student. Since you may not remember everything about your time as a student, there are songs that talk about high school life. Through these songs, you will experience some nostalgia. Are you ready to get nostalgic? Without further ado, below are the top 10 best songs about high school.

10. Prom Queen- Lil Wayne (2010)


In this music video, Lil Wayne plays a high schooler who falls in love with a girl. After the girl becomes a prom queen, she denies him for someone else. After high school, Lil Wayne becomes a famous artist, while the prom queen gets pregnant by a boyfriend who leaves her. Later, when he performs at a concert, the prom queen attends the concert, hoping to rekindle things with Lil Wayne. Lil Wayne retaliates by dumping her and kissing another woman on stage. The song, therefore, cautions us about letting popularity get into our heads.

9. Fifteen- Taylor Swift (2008)


Taylor wrote this song to commemorate her friendship with Abigail at Hendersonville High, Tennessee. While in high school, Abigail experienced her first date and kiss and felt her relationship would grow. However, she got heartbroken, and Taylor had to support her. So, the music video recreates what Abigail went through. According to Just Random Things, Taylor said she wrote this song to fifteen-year-olds to remind them that there is more to life than what happens in high school.

8. Don’t Stand So Close to Me- The Police (1980)


The song focuses on a girl who is in love with her teacher. It turns out that the teacher harbors some feelings for her but is aware of how inappropriate their relationship would be if they took it to the next level. The teacher urges the girl not to stand too close to him since he may act on his sexual desires. If he did, he might end up imprisoned.

7. Little Things- Good Charlotte (2001)


The song opens with the band dedicating the song to high schoolers who got called ‘freaks,’ who got picked last at gym class, and those who lacked dates at the school dance. This song embraces a comedic approach to being a ‘loser’ in high school, so the listener will not feel too bad about being one in high school. Incidentally, some bullies call people’ loser’ or other names to get a rise of their victims. Sometimes the victim could win over the bully by remaining unbothered by the bullies’ labels, which takes some power from them.

6. Stole- Kelly Rowland (2002)


In this song, Kelly sings about three high school students who experience problems that rob them of any good opportunity they may have had. First, she talks about a pretty and popular girl called Mary. Her popularity soon wanes after she becomes pregnant. Next, she focuses on an unmentioned boy who is bullied for being a geek and has a father who abuses his mother. The boy decides to end his life. Lastly, she focuses on Greg, who is a famous basketballer. Greg takes his life after he realizes some people are jealous of him. According to Daily Mail, she wrote this song to address how gun violence destroys the hopes and lives of its victims.

5. Good Girls- 5 Seconds of Summer (2014)


The song is about a bright straight-A student who gets called to Harvard due to her intelligence. Her parents worry about her when they realize she missed out on having fun because of reading too much. Most of the time, you will hear about the importance of reading. However, this song instead focuses on the dangers of reading a lot. According to Wiz Busk Out, some of the dangers of reading a lot include being teased for it, weakened eyesight, etc.

4. 1979- The Smashing Pumpkins (1996)


This song highlights the problem of popularity in high school. The popular student becomes so consumed with their status that they forget it does not mean a thing. In fact, their popularity wanes after they complete high school. Sometimes, the former popular student fails to become popular in other settings like work or college.

3. Dammit- Blink 182 (1997)


The song perfectly describes the nature of high school friendships. It focuses on a boy who is friends with a certain girl. The boy is in love with her, but the girl sees him as just a friend. Several years later, they meet, but the girl still sees him as a friend. Although some high school friendships may develop into romantic ones, we must remember that some relationships remain at the friendship level.

2. Hollaback Girl- Gwen Stefani (2004)


In the music video, Gwen plays the role of a cheerleader captain. She made this song to respond to someone who mocked her for sounding like a cheerleader. However, she finds a way to make you look at cheerleading positively. By playing a cheerleader captain, she was reminding the person that she would fight back whenever she was confronted.

1. Rock N’ Roll High School- Ramones (1979)


This song is about a student who leads a rock rebellion against the school administration. She writes the song and plays the demo to her classmates during gym class. She tries to pass the song to the Ramones, but her efforts get thwarted by the principal. This song perfectly shows how some teachers kill their students’ dreams knowingly or unknowingly.


The songs above will make you feel nostalgic about high school. Besides mentioning common problems at school, the artists managed to give us some tips on how to cope with high school life. After all, life can be hard, and you may be tempted to take drastic measures, e.g., committing suicide. By listening to these songs, you will find ways of coping while in high school.

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