The 10 Best Lil Wayne Songs of All-Time

Lil Wayne is the most successful rappers of all time. In addition to his own career, he is also responsible for introducing the world to artists like Drake and Nicki Minaj. One of the things that’s most impressive about Wayne’s career is that he’s been around forever and he isn’t even 40 yet. Wayne was only 12 years old when he started rapping and by the time he was 17 he already had his first platinum-selling hit. Between mixtapes and albums, Wayne has released hundreds of songs and he is widely regarded as one of the best rappers of all time. During the 2000s and early 2010s, Wayne was especially popular and he was working hard to show the world why he referred to himself as the best rapper alive. Now, with hundreds of songs in his catalog, Wayne has given us some of the most iconic classics in the genre. Keep reading for the 10 best Lil Wayne songs of all time.

10. Way Of Life


“Way of Life” was the only single released on Wayne’s third album 500 Degreez. Featuring a sample from the song “Don’t Look Any Further” by Dennis Edwards, “Way of Life” is a fun up-tempo song that makes you want to get up and dance. Despite being catchy, Wayne still managed to throw some clever lines in there. Even though the song is nearly 20 years old, it has aged very well.

9. The Block Is Hot


There are very few artists who can say that one of their first songs is also one of their best, and Wayne is one of them. “The Block is Hot” is a great reminder of how talented Lil Wayne has always been. If you became a Wayne fan later in his career, you’ll probably notice that this sounds a lot different than his more recent sound, but it just goes to show how versatile he is.

8. I’m Single


Everybody loves a good breakup song, and that’s exactly what “I’m Single” is. In the song, Wayne is celebrating the fact that he’s recently single — at least for then night — after what seems to have been a toxic relationship. If you’re ever in a mood where you’re just over love, this is the perfect song to play.

7. Seat Down Low


Unless you’re a serious Wayne fan, you may not be familiar with the song “Seat Down Low”. That’s because you won’t find it on any of his official albums. The song is a track from his 2007 mixtape, Da Drought 3. The song is full of great wordplay and it’s a great example of how Wayne has the ability to effortlessly ride a beat.

6. Go D.J.


Any time Lil Wayne raps over a Mannie Fresh beat, you know it’s going to be something special and “Go D.J.” is certainly no exception. As one of the singles off of Tha Carter, “Go D.J.” represented a new era for Wayne. His sound had matured and he was ready to show the world. Tha Carter was Wayne’s first number one album and songs like “Go D.J.” played a big part in that.

5. Banned From T.V.


“Banned from TV” is another song you may not be familiar with if you’ve mostly listened to Wayne’s mainstream music. The song was included on Wayne’s mixtape No Ceilings and it features almost three minutes of nonstop rapping. In the song, Wayne puts his clever wordplay on display as he raps, “Ball ’cause I gotta, you’ll love me in the morning/I told her I’m a king, them other ni***s Prince Charming/She love to rock my mic, she say there’s nothing like performing/Man, I’m in love with her grill, George Foreman”.

4. Lollipop


“Lollipop” is one of Wayne’s most well-known songs. If you were around when this song was released then you can agree that it represented one of the most exciting eras in hip-hop. Sure, this isn’t one of Wayne’s best songs in terms of lyrics, but the overall vibe is what makes the song so great.

3. Hustler Musik


Tha Carter II is one of Wayne’s most memorable albums, and the song “Hustler Musik” played a part in that. In the song, Wayne raps over a smooth beat as he talks about living a lifestyle in which he has to make some tough decisions in order to survive. Whether it be selling drugs or resorting to violence, it’s what he feels he has to do.

2. A Milli


Anyone who is old enough to remember when “A Milli” came out knows that it was probably the hottest song of the year. Wayne rode the beat perfectly and his flow stayed in the pocket the entire time. No matter how much time passes, this will always be one of those songs that has the ability to hype people up.

1. Something You Forgot


Some people may be surprised to see “Something You Forgot” in the number one spot because it isn’t one of Wayne’s most popular songs. However, I’d still argue that it’s his best because of the raw emotion he let out on the track. Anyone who has ever messed up in a relationship can relate to this song. In 2020, Wayne’s ex-girlfriend, Nivea, revealed that the song is about her.

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