10 Awesome Songs About Storms

Etta James

Music has a way of making sense of the world and our lives, and there’s possibly a song about virtually anything out there. One subject matter that’s a popular topic for songwriters to create songs about is the weather—storms in particular. They could be about storms that pour out of the dark sky or ones that just pours out of your soul. Either way, there are many songs about storms that just get us in a stormy kind of mood. Here are 10 awesome songs about storms that you should keep on your playlist for a rainy day.

10. Riding the Storm Out – REO Speedwagon


80s rock band REO Speedwagon has given us plenty of hits, and Riding the Storm Out is definitely one of their greatest hits. The mood of the song is different from many on this list in that it’s high in energy and up tempo. The song talks about what it’s like to be away from the city and live life in the mountains. The singer sings that even though the storm outside is frightening, it’s still better than being in the city.

9. Flood – Jars of Clay


Christian rock group Jars of Clay was probably one of the first Christian bands that crossed over to mainstream organically. One of the reasons for that is this song, Flood. This song actually has references to probably the biggest storm ever—the storm that flooded Noah and his ark. There could be religious tones here lyrically but nothing that can’t be interpreted otherwise.

8. It was a Dark and Stormy Night – Five Iron Frenzy


Five Iron Frenzy was a 90s ska punk band that also sang a lot about Christian themes. It was a Dark and Stormy Nightsings heavily about a heavy actual storm, which obviously represents something emotional. The other side of the song sings about the hope after the storm. Five Iron Frenzy actually broke up in 2003, but they released this single 10 years later to much surprise of their fans.

7. Storm – Lifehouse


Somber and quiet, Storm by Lifehouse is a beautiful song about dark times and the people we rely on to help get us through. As usual, the physical storm here lyrically represents difficulties in life. Lifehouse lead vocalist and front man Jason Wade shines incredibly during the beginning of the song when there’s zero instrumentals backing him up. The result is a powerful rendition of a song about a storm.

6. Shelter from the Storm – Bob Dylan


In his usual smooth and poetic style, Bob Dylan sings about finding shelter from the storm from a woman. In Shelter from the Storm, Dylan sings about struggles of life without love and warmth. It’s a long 5 minutes of good folk music that can be put on repeat.

5. Storms in Africa I and II – Enya


Many people might’ve forgotten about this rare voice, but Enya is someone worth remembering. The Irish singer is probably one of the more unique voices in the last few decades, and Storms in Africa is her unique tribute to the beautiful continent. There’s something totally positive and beautiful about this two-part song. The lyrics is minimal and sung in Irish in Part I, while Part II in English talks about storms washing the warm earth over Africa.

4. After the Storm – Mumford & Sons


British folk rock band Mumford & Sons took the world by storm in the late 2000s with their powerful voices and incredible strings. In the song After the Storm, we are treated to Marcus Mumford’s quiet storytelling backed with a simple accompaniment. There’s raw emotion in his voice as he sings about what happens after the storm comes. There’s a good mix of elements throughout the song that bring so much emotion. It’s the kind of song you listen to with your eyes closed.

3. Stormy Monday – Cream


If there could only be one proper blues for a Monday, Stormy Monday would be it. Led by the amazing Eric Clapton, this track is sure to get you in that kind of mood. Clapton sings the truth here: “They call it stormy Monday, but Tuesday’s just as bad; Wednesday’s even worse; Thursday’s awful sad.” There’s no getting away from a storm sometimes, but songs like this have enough soul to save some days. It’s a world-class performance from such amazing musicians.

2. Stormy Weather – Etta James


Continuing on with some more soul, Etta James’ Stormy Weather ranks second on this list for a few reasons. First off, Etta is just a powerhouse—there’s no denying her. Secondly, the song is a classic track. Written in the early 30s, we’ve heard many greats perform Stormy Weather from Sinatra to Garland and Fitzgerald to Washington. Etta’s is our favorite because her approach is just so soothing and effortless. This rendition is from her album, At Last.

1. Rock You Like a Hurricane – Scorpions


Possibly the most recognizable song on this list, Rock You Like a Hurricane is one of Scorpions’ best hits from the hair rock era. In fact, this is considered to be the German rock band’s signature song. Although the song doesn’t specifically talk about an actual storm, it feels like a steady hurricane to listen to. It’s got so much force and power that it literally just blows you away. Rock You Like a Hurricane was released in 1984 and reached number 25 on the US Billboard 100. The band actually re-recorded the song in 2000, but this time it was backed by the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. The song was re-recorded again a few more times after this, each of which is unique on its own.

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