The 10 Best Dream Theater Songs Of All Time

Dream Theater

Dream Theater is an American progressive rock band from Los Angeles, California. The group was formed in 1985 by guitarist and singer Mike Portnoy, drummer Alex Rudinger, and bassist John Myung. They are considered to be one of the most influential progressive metal bands of all time with a discography that spans over 30 years. This list features 10 Dream Theater songs that deserve to be recognized as some of their best work ever recorded.

10. “As I Am”


“As I Am” is an energetic and crowd-pleasing song that was released as a single from Dream Theater’s full length album “Train Of Thought”. The song begins with some clean guitar interplay between the two guitarists John Petrucci and James Labrie. The next part of the song features Myung playing a beautiful bass line. From there, the song continues on a straight path while Portnoy does some kitschy drumming and Rudinger plays a slow groove. The track features one of the best guitar solos in Dream Theater history.

9. “This Dying Soul”


“This Dying Soul” is an instrumental song that was also released as a single from the album “Train Of Thought”. The song starts with a short violent riff that leads into a very fast rhythmic section. The track features some of the best guitar soloing by Petrucci and Jordan Rudess. It also features Rudinger playing an impressive drum solo, which is one of the best drum solos I’ve ever heard. “This Dying Soul” is truly an astounding instrumental piece from Dream Theater. While the song is rarely played live, when it is played in front of a crowd it’s truly a special occasion worth remembering.

8. “Lie”


From their 1994 hit album ‘Awake’, “Lie” is a song that’s famous for its guitar solo by John Petrucci. The song begins with a very soft acoustic intro followed by the powerful and energetic progressive metal. Portnoy does some truly amazing drumming in this track, and his drum solo is one of his best moments ever. This song was one of their most defining tracks as a band, and is still considered one of the most essential Dream Theater songs by many fans all over the world.

7. “Take The Time”


From their 1992 album “Images And Words”, “Take The Time” is a track that features a very catchy rhythm section line from Rudinger and Myung. The song begins with some powerful drumming by Rudinger, and Portnoy playing a heavy guitar riff. The song goes into the verse after that, which is led by Petrucci’s fast with some great fret work at the end of it. The next part of the song features some more amazing fretwork by Petrucci as he plays his signature tunes in this song. The outro of the track goes into a soft part where Rudinger plays an amazing bass solo, which is one of his most powerful moments as a bassist. “Take The Time” is truly an incredible progressive metal song by Dream Theater and one of the most essential songs to fall under the progressive metal genre.

6. “Learning To Live”


Also off “Images And Words”, “Learning To Live” is one of Dream Theater’s most powerful songs. It starts off with a really strong riff and some heavy drumming, with Rudinger playing an amazing bassline, leading into the verse. The next part of the song begins with powerful guitar work from Petrucci in which Portnoy plays some fast solos that are just so amazing and dreamy. The song continues into a short soulful part where Portnoy plays his best solo ever. The lyrical work is also very unique, starting with “There was no time for pain, No energy for anger”.

5. “Lost Not Forgotten”


This is one of the best songs from their 1997 album “Fall Into Infinity”. The song starts with a very ambient instrumental section, which is followed by the very powerful drumming from Rudinger. After some great bass playing by Myung, the song continues on a strong rhythmic section with excellent guitar work from both Petrucci and Labrie. The song features a very impressive guitar solo from Petrucci who transitions from heavy riffs into some really melodic runs throughout the track.

4. “The Count Of Tuscany”


Off the album “Black Clouds And Silver Linings”, “The Count Of Tuscany” is one of Dream Theater’s heavier songs. The song begins with an ambient intro, which leads into the powerful tones from Rudinger and Myung. Portnoy plays a great rhythm section during the verse and his drum solo is one of his most powerful moments ever. Petrucci also features some really amazing guitar solos through out the track and incorporates some heavy riffs that will make you want to bang your head continuously.

3. “Pull Me Under”


Another from “Images And Words”, “Pull Me Under” is one of Dream Theater’s most powerful songs. The song begins with some very heavy guitar playing from Petrucci and provides a really fast rhythmic section. During the verse, Portnoy plays some amazing bass work and maintains a fast pace throughout the track while Rudinger performs an intense drum solo. Portnoy also shows his ability to play some amazing fretwork at the end of this track, which no doubt is one of his best moments ever.

2. “Space-Dye Vest”


Off the album “Awake”, this song is an absolute jam. It has so many different parts and features some great guitar playing from Petrucci and some intense drumming from Rudinger. The song contains two amazing guitar solos, which makes it a really mind-blowing experience for the listener.

1. “A Change Of Seasons”


As the title track from their 1995 record, this 23 minute song is worth every second. The song is divided into four parts that are all equally amazing. Petrucci’s guitar playing is absolutely incredible and Portnoy’s drumming is at its best in this song. The outro solo from Petrucci will have you banging your head non-stop for the full 23 minutes of the song.

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