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Bon Jovi

There is no denying the brilliant contributions Bon Jovi band has brought to rock Music. Since then, they have sold over 150 million records worldwide, making them one of the best-selling bands ever. They bridge a gap between heavy metal and pop rock with style and ease. The band achieved worldwide recognition and firmly established itself as one of the biggest music bands. They remain the best American rock band that can be heard on any radio station across America. Their fourth studio effort, “New Jersey,” received global success with five top 10 hits, including “Bad Medicine” hit #1 On The Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart. Listed below are 10 Best Bon Jovi studio albums of all time;

10. This House Is Not for Sale

The fourteenth studio album by Bon Jovi was released on November 4, 2016. Their first show with Phil X (lead guitar), who took over for founding member Richie Sambora in 2013. It also features bassist Hugh McDonald who was previously seen only playing live since 1994. Critical reception of the album ranged from mixed to average, and most critics described it as well-made but formulaic. This House Is Not for Sale debuted at number one on Billboard’s 200 with 129 thousand units sold (128K pure sales). It made it their second consecutive studio album released internationally in 2018 that reached its peak position within two weeks. In addition, there were bonus tracks included that were reissued months after the release of the album, namely “When We Were Us.”

9. Bon Jovi

Tony Bongiovi oversaw the album’s production and co-writing of their self-titled album. It includes one song written entirely outside of their circle: “She Don’t Know Me,” which charted at No 43 on U.S. Billboards 200 albums list during the 1984 period. Kerrang magazine selected the album as the 11th greatest rock album of 1984. Except for “Runaway,” songs from this album were rarely performed live after Bon Jovi released it in 1986. The only exception is their 2010 Circle Tour, where they played “Roulette” and “Shot Through The Heart.”

8. 2020

The album’s first single, “Unbroken,” was released in November 2020 and it was followed suit with the second radio release, Limitless, on February 20, 2021. He asked the crowd if they wanted to hear something no one else knew about. He then played what appeared to be a newly single American Reckoning off 2020. Lead singer Jon Bon Jovi wrote two more songs included in the album before its postponement. “Do What You Can” represents his fight against COVID-19 and was initially called “Luv Can,” while replacing an earlier song named “Shine.” The tracklist order also changed when he wrote a protest about George Floyd’s murder – which happened during the Black Lives Matter movement by police officers.

7. Slippery When Wet

The third album by Bon Jovi, Slippery When Wet, was released on August 18, 1986. It features many of their well-known songs, including “You Give Love a Bad Name,” “Livin’ On A Prayer,” and “Wanted Dead or Alive.” The recording sessions took place at Little Mountain Sound Studios in Vancouver between January-July 1986 with a production by Bruce Fairbairn. Slippery When Wet is a self-proclaimed breakthrough album for heavy metal and was widely seen within the genre. The first song on this groundbreaking album turned rock ‘n’ roll into radio-friendly pop by blending it with the lead guitar riffs. It also allowed Bon Jovi to become big-time players in America without coming up through the New York club circuit.

6. Crush

With five years between These Days released in 1995 and this release, Crush marked their most extended period without making a new recording together. They worked with producer Jon Bon Jovi to update their sound using electronic loops and impressive arrangements for a smattering of songs on Crush. They produced singles such as “Crush On You,” released before its parent album came out in June 2000. Both tracks were present at No Statues Left Standing: The Best Of 1980-2010 1st edition, due October 9. Despite the year-long hiatus, Bon Jovi’s sixteenth studio album was just as successful and introduced them to a whole new generation of fans. The lead single “It’s My Life” helped earn them their first-ever Grammy nomination for Best Rock Performance by Duo or Group with Vocal, besides being nominated for 1995’s Album Of The Year.

5. Have a Nice Day

The tenth-anniversary edition features new cover art designed by Jon Natocioni. It includes two bonus tracks that were originally from 2004’s “Have A Nice Day” Sessions, as well as an alternate version of “In And Out Of Love” taken straight from one of those sessions. The original platinum release was delayed because of misunderstandings between music company Universal Music Group (UMG), who controlled distribution rights for this album. Have a Nice Day was met with mixed reviews from music critics. The album’s title track reached number one on its debut in 15 countries and produced two chart-topping singles, “Who Says You Can’t Go Home?” Besides their success across Europe and North America, HANYSDAY peaked at #2 on Billboard 200 while also achieving platinum status by RIAA. Bon Jovi would later release eight studio albums following this successful outing that saw his stretching abilities as singer-songwriter and guitarist.

4. Bounce

The September 11 attacks heavily influenced the album because of Jon Bon Jovi’s proximity to New York City. The title Bounce refers to a physical bounce and how America bounced back from this tragedy. The country has an outpouring of support for one another that has never been seen before or since. The band even dedicated their song “New Jersey” to those hurting on 9/11 because they felt it could relate more so than other songs would have done otherwise.

3. Keep the Faith

Keep The Faith’ is their last album to feature all five original members, as bass guitarist Alec John left the band in 1994. It also marks a departure for them without producer Bruce Fairbairn. The latter had produced 7800° Fahrenheit since 1985, which was an instant success, with its title track becoming one of the most played songs on MTV. Thanks to Jon’s acoustic guitar sound, the sensation was mixed beautifully throughout many other tracks while maintaining the group’s signature sound. To mark the moment of change, Bon Jovi released an album with a more strict interpretation. The result? Keep the Faith proved to be one big hit that topped star charts in America and worldwide.

2. Lost Highway

The band’s tenth studio album, Lost Highway, was a tremendous success. John Shanks and Dann Huff produced the album with Nashville’s Blackbird Studios or Hollywood NGR Recording facilities. It displays Bon Jovi’s impressive ability in rock music and country-pop ballads from the 2006 single “Who Says You Can’t Go Home.” Jon Bon Jovi said that the band was influenced by Nashville-style country music on their newest album. The epic track “It’s My Life” features vocals from Kid Rock, and it became the first time both singers appeared together in any song or concert footage ever released.

1. These Days

The album These Days is Bon Jovi’s best-selling record to date. It features songs darker than their usual feel-good material, but it also includes some love ballads for those who enjoy them.“These Days” dethroned Michael Jackson’s album HIStory as the number one album in the United Kingdom, where it remained for four weeks. The high sales of the band’s album in Europe sanctioned a reissue under its original name, These Days Special Edition. The record was ranked number two on Q magazine’s list for 1995 and voted as Album Of The Year by British Kerrang’ readers’ poll. It had more than half (50%) voting for this album. In 2006, it also appeared at Classic Rock & Metal Hammer’s “200 Greatest Albums OF THE 90S” List, where they called this one-off classic rocker’s most overlooked treasures.

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