The 10 Best Bon Jovi Songs of All-Time

Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi is easily one of the most prolific rock bands of all time. They’ve been playing around the world since the early 1980s and were voted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame a number of years ago. During that time, they have amassed hundreds of songs that have become the soundtrack for our lives. They’ve also done some seriously cool covers that are arguably superior to the original songs. It would be almost impossible to have grown up during the 1980s, 1990s, or even the 2000s without having a firm knowledge about Bon Jovi. That said, there may be some younger individuals out there who are not as familiar with the group, as they aren’t quite as active as they once were. If you want to hear 10 of their best songs, complete with YouTube links to each one, check out the list below. Most of the songs listed are originals from the band. However, they do some wonderfully amazing covers, as previously mentioned. Therefore, you shouldn’t be surprised if you run across one or two of them here.

10. Sylvia’s Mother


This is a great take on a cover song that the band performed live years ago. It may not be an original Bon Jovi song, but they did an outstanding job with it and it’s something that should be commemorated in its own special way. That’s precisely why it made this list at number 10. To be honest, it would have been placed much higher on the list if it was an original. Nevertheless, it simply couldn’t be left off the list in its entirety.

9. Livin’ On a Prayer


Who doesn’t love a song about an underdog that rises above all of the challenges that they face in order to overcome them? That is precisely what this song is about. At its core, it’s all about a couple that falls in love and then faces everything that life throws at them, doing everything together and experiencing the highs and lows of life as one.

8. Wanted Dead or Alive


This is a song that was originally on the Young Guns 2 soundtrack. It didn’t take long for it to become a signature Bon Jovi song, one that they have performed at practically every concert they’ve ever conducted since they wrote it. It has a western flair to it, as you might expect. After all, it has to match the flavor of the film that it was written for. That said, music is like any other art form. It is extremely subjective. As a result, fans have come to love the song because it’s so easy to see oneself in the lyrics.

7. You Give Love a Bad Name


Every band has a song about love gone wrong and Bon Jovi is no exception. However, most of those songs end up being mournful ballads that make you feel like you need a box of tissues in order to get through them. This one is quite different. It’s a fast-paced song that sounds very much like hard rock. It’s all about not only getting past an ex-lover, but telling them off in the process. As such, it has become a song that almost every Bon Jovi fan can identify with on some level.

6. Another Reason to Believe


This is definitely one of the lesser-known Bon Jovi songs. It was never a single and it isn’t frequently performed at concerts. It was written after the events of September 11th, 2001. One only has to listen to the lyrics to hear certain aspects of that day recounted in the song itself. The band even mentions the infamous Canal Street, one of the main areas that was so badly impacted by the destruction of the Twin Towers in New York City. The thing that makes the song special is that there is hope behind the mournful lyrics. It’s not just about tragic events or the way those events made people feel. It’s also about finding a way to overcome that tragedy and turn it into something positive.

5. Miracle


This is another song that was written for the Young Guns 2 soundtrack. However, it isn’t like Wanted Dead or Alive in the sense that everyone knows the lyrics to it. In fact, even a lot of hardcore Bon Jovi fans aren’t really all that familiar with it. It’s a beautiful song that tells an equally beautiful story, one designed to fit the film. That said, it can certainly be taken out of that context as well. In the end, it’s a song with poignant lyrics and some high notes that are truly challenging, making it well worth listening to.

4. Bells of Freedom


This may not be one of the hardcore rock and roll songs that Bon Jovi has become so famous for doing, but it should not be overlooked under any circumstances. It’s one of the most beautiful songs the band has ever performed. Although they don’t perform it live often, it is definitely worth taking a listen to. Like most songs, you can use the lyrics to tell the story of your own life. Better yet, it offers up some of the most uplifting lyrics that you’re ever likely to hear. If you’re going through a tough time and you’re looking for inspiration to overcome those hurdles, this is definitely a song that you should be listening to.

3. Always


The list wouldn’t be complete without a heartfelt ballad about loving someone with your whole heart and allowing that love to last for a lifetime and beyond. Almost every band has one, but few of them tell the story as well as this one does. That’s precisely why it has become so popular over the years and why it’s likely to remain so for many more.

2. Hallelujah


Again, this is not an original Bon Jovi song. Almost every person that is even a casual music lover knows that Hallelujah was originally written by Leonard Cohen. That said, Bon Jovi has provided fans with one of the most moving renditions of the song ever heard. They don’t typically perform all of the verses, opting instead to shorten the song considerably. However, that doesn’t make the song any less beautiful to hear. There have been plenty of covers of the song by various artists over the years, but this is definitely one that stands out.

1. It’s My Life


This song is often considered to be the theme song for people who were coming of age in the 2000s. It’s all about proclaiming one’s freedom over practically anything and anyone you can think of. It talks about how precious life is and the fact that no one is going to live indefinitely, so it’s imperative to make each moment count. In short, it talks about not allowing other people or outside circumstances to dictate the way you live your life. As a result, it lands in the number one slot because it’s a great song with an equally enticing beat, but it has a message behind it that is very much worth taking to heart.

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