The 10 Best Tom Odell Songs of All-Time

Tom Odell is an English musician who has been active since the early 2010s. Amusingly, he started songwriting before he started singing because of his time in a band that struggled to maintain a lead singer. Eventually, Odell received a record deal because of Lily Allen, thus putting him on the path to stardom. So far, he has released five studio albums. Moreover, it seems reasonable to speculate that more will come.

Here is our opinion of the ten best Tom Odell songs released so far:

10. “Wrong Crowd”

“Wrong Crowd” is the title track of Odell’s second studio album. It is more or less what one would expect based on its name, which is to say, a song about the narrator falling in with unseemly acquaintances even though he has reason to do otherwise. Curiously, Odell has said “Wrong Crowd” is part fact and part fiction, though he has never said which is which.

9. “Half As Good As You”

“Half As Good As You” comes from Odell’s third studio album, Jubilee Road. He isn’t the only one who performed on the song. Alice Merton is included as a featured artist. In any case, “Half As Good As You” is a post-breakup song. The exes aren’t letting time heal their wounds. Instead, they are clinging to one another, though there is no indication that they will ever be able to restore their previous relationship. As such, it seems safe to say that there will be no happy ending for this particular story.

8. “Concrete”

Odell released four singles for Wrong Crowd. The fourth was “Concrete.” It never secured a place on the charts. Even so, it met with an enthusiastic reception from certain quarters. A listen should be more than enough to serve as an explanation. “Concrete” is cleverer than most love songs. Moreover, Odell packed it with the right emotions to make it convincing, thus showing his skill.

7. “Hold Me”

“Hold Me” is one of Odell’s earliest singles. It isn’t the best of the lot. However, “Hold Me” can still hold its ground to some extent. Indeed, it made it to the number 44 position in the United Kingdom, meaning it managed to make a positive impression when it came out in 2013.

6. “Sense”

Speaking of which, “Sense” also came from Odell’s debut studio album, Long Way Down. This song was never chosen as one of the singles. Despite that, it deserves recognition for its excellence. If nothing else, “Sense” does a good job of conveying how confusing relationships can be. It is far from the only song to cover this topic, but it is worth remembering precisely because it remains memorable in a sea of competitors.

5. “Magnetised”

“Magnetised” sees the narrator musing over his liking for someone who doesn’t like him back. It isn’t one of those songs in which the singer rages and howls. Even so, the intensity of his emotions comes through his more subdued reactions. Of course, that wouldn’t be possible without a singer who can portray such things. “Magnetised” is notable for being the last of Odell’s songs to make a strong impression on the charts so far. It rose as high as the 40th position in the United Kingdom. On top of that, it was silver certified in the same country, meaning it sold more than 200,000 units.

4. “Real Love”

Sometimes, a simple song fails to make an impression because it brings nothing to the metaphorical table. Other times, a simple song works perfectly because it suits the subject. “Real Love” is an excellent example of the latter. After all, it is all about how the narrator’s plans have been knocked aside by his unexpected but heartfelt affection for someone else. As such, the song’s simplicity strengthens its message.

3. “Grow Old With Me”

“Grow Old With Me” is another song that went silver in the United Kingdom. Interested individuals should have no problem guessing its essence. Still, Odell’s performed it so skillfully that it managed to sound fresh and exciting despite it making its point in a very time-honored manner.

2. “I Know”

“I Know” was the last single from Long Way Down. It never hit the same heights as its counterparts. This song was the lowest-ranking of the five, as shown by how it stopped at the number 92 position in the United Kingdom before proceeding no further. Still, it earned a position on this list because it made it so easy to sympathize with the narrator. The song’s title refers to how he knows his relationship is over in an intellectual sense. Unfortunately, his heart hasn’t followed the same pace, meaning he is still hurting himself by dreaming of a reconciliation that will never come. The result is a beautiful song, albeit one that can make the listener ache.

1. “Another Love”

There can be no doubt that “Another Love” tops this list. For context, Odell was one of those artists who came roaring out of the gate rather than slowly building momentum over time. Much of that is because of his debut single, “Another Love,” which met with an enthusiastic response in the United Kingdom and beyond.

Those curious should know the song went quadruple platinum in its home market. Moreover, it went quintuple platinum in Germany, platinum in Belgium, and platinum in Switzerland while also going gold in Austria and the Netherlands. As such, it is no exaggeration to say that “Another Love” established Odell as an artist of note. Generally speaking, people interpret the song as being about someone who can’t commit to his current relationship because he was so badly hurt in his last one. That said, there are other interpretations out there, some of which are strange but interesting.

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