The 10 Best Disturbed Songs of All-Time

Heavy metal rock band Disturbed changed its name from Brawl when the group felt the pain of some tough social issues the world faces today. It represented how they felt, and most of their lyrics combine powerful drums, melodic guitar work, and heavy metal overtones to emphasize the messages, most of which are deeply moving. Here are the top 10 tune,s as rated by fans and critics with an overview of why they made the top 10 list.

10. “The Sound of Silence”

Metal band Metallica melded with orchestra music for a successful album in “Garage Inc.” but how does a metal band pull off a folk rock tune without disappointing fans? The old Simon and Garfunkel hit “The Sound of Silence” found new life as Disturbed resurrected the song on their 2015 “Immortalized” album. Lead singer David Draiman shines in his impeccable vocals that start with a deep base and melodic rendition with an operatic quality. As the song reaches the latter half, he breaks into his signature metal gravelly vocal style that fans went wild, catapulting it to the number 42 spot on Billboard’s Top 200 in 2016.

9. “Stricken”

Do you remember playing “Guitar Hero in the early 2000s? If so, you might have encountered this difficult song on Expert mode. “Stricken” came out on the “Ten Thousand Fists” album in 2005. It made number 95 on the Hot 100 list. It’s still remembered over twenty years later and it brings back fond memories of the airplay it received on radio and MTV that year. Sometimes it’s nice to get a reminder of simpler times and “Stricken” is one of those special songs that can transport you back. It’s still popular with Disturbed fans today.

8. “Inside The Fire”

Lead singer David Draiman sings from the heart in this dark song inspired by the suicide of his girlfriend in real life, according to Song Facts. Those who know the story or experienced the suicide of a loved one can relate to the intense emotions and darkness that emanate from the tune. “Inside The Fire” received a nomination for a Grammy Award in 2009 for best hard rock song, and it remains in vogue with fans today.

7. “Are You Ready”

Disturbed has found an audience and a platform to express their opinions on social issues. “Are You Ready” made waves with its hard-driving lyrics that call on listeners to think for themselves and not give in to the “herd mentality,” according to Loud Wire. The song came out in 2018 on the “Evolution album and remains among the top ten Disturbed songs today.

6. “Land Of Confusion”

Disturbed enjoyed success with Mike Rutherford of the group Genesis’ hit tune. Remaining true to form, Disturbed’s rendition of the politically motivated song examines the US/Russia issues that made the two countries suspicious of one another and questions the motivations and actions of the two leaders before tensions eased for a brief period. The song critiques the global political climate by analyzing its political leaders. Band members made a few adjustments to the song’s structure. It appeared on their “Ten Thousand Fists” album.

5. “Warrior”

“Warrior” is a track that appeared on the band’s 2010 album “Asylum.” It’s in the middle area of the top ten with some placing between fifth and seventh best of all time. Draimon delivers a powerful punch with lyrics and roaring vocals that gets your blood moving. It’s the ideal song for getting you pumped up to do something physical.

4. “Shout 2000”

Trembol chooses “Shout 2000” as the fourth-best Disturbed song of all time. It’s a cover of the original “Shout” written by Ian Stanley and Roland Orzabal. The first band to release the song was Tears For Fears in February of 1985. It’s another nostalgic tune that has been covered by multiple bands, but Disturbed has a way of presenting its version of old favorites. It appeared on “The Sickness” album, released in 2000.

3. “The Light”

Singers Room places “The Light” in the third position on our list. “Anyone who has felt that they didn’t measure up, or experienced life-changing trauma can relate to the tune. It’s about finding your way out of the darkness of depression and self-doubt and finding a reason to hold on and maintain control of your life. The music video is a powerful snippet that shows that there are good things in life and we have only to reach out and accept them. The people who matter in our lives will see past what some others may not understand, but we must reach out and take what they offer instead of hiding. It’s an inspirational song with powerful emotions that can pick you up and give you hope when you need it the most. The track appears on the “Immortalized” album.

2. “The Vengeful One”

“The Vengeful One” packs powerful lyrics that describe a man marveling at the world he sees around him. The world has gone crazy and people seem to enjoy dishing out inhumane treatment of one another. The world has beyond chaotic and those who are the most cruel laugh at the suffering they inflict on others. The song was nominated for “best rock song” in 2015 when Disturbed released it on its “Immortalized” album.

1. “Down With The Sickness”

“Down With The Sickness” isn’t everyone’s favorite Disturbed song, but the majority of voters put it high on the top ten list of the band’s greatest hits. Genius lists it as “one of Disturbed’s most successful songs.” The song appeared on the album titled “The Sickness” which was its debut studio album, released in 2000.

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