Kid Rock Donates $100K to Small Business Covid Relief Fund

Kid Rock donated $100,000 to the donation fund for small businesses through Barstool Sports and said “THIS IS THE AMERICA I LOVE”.

Kid Rock, actual name Robert James Ritchie, is an American singer and songwriter born in 1971. The successful artist who produces rock, hip-hop, and country style music, has also been a 5-time Grammy nominee.

In 2020, the pandemic hit many people’s lives worse. COVID-19, which negatively affected social and economic life, caused many companies to go bankrupt and employees to be in a difficult situation. Kid Rock donated $ 100,000 to the campaign launched by popular sports blog Barstool Sports to help these small businesses and people,

Rap-rock and Country star Kid Rock shared this news on Twitter and said that the world should help each other and work together. He wrote, “Put me down for $100k. And I only post this in hopes others as blessed as I may be moved to help.”

The Barstool Fund‘s homepage states that small business owners impacted by the coronavirus can apply for assistance here.

Also, Kid Rock is one of the people who have had trouble because of the pandemic. Kid Rock‘s Big Ass Honky Tonk & Rock and Roll Steakhouse restaurant was affected by coronavirus restrictions. The beer permit was withdrawn on the grounds that the restaurant violated COVID-19 security problems. Also, in March, the closure of all restaurants by state order was rejected by Kid Rock.

You can listen to Kid Rock’s song, which was released during the quarantine period below.


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