The 10 Best NOFX Songs of All-Time


NOFX are a punk band that’s a little different from most punk bands, from today or from the day that NOFX started. They aren’t necessarily a comedic band but they certainly have their fair share of comedic points of view. Overall, NOFX vocalist Fat Mike has always been very outspoken but over recent years, he has offended great deals of people at once, time and again. With that, there’s been a good amount of outcry asking that the band be removed from certain festivals and standard touring lineups. While not every show the band has been announced for has seen the band removed, but there has been a constant outcry regardless. Below, we’ve compiled the 10 best songs of all-time from the pioneering punk band NOFX.

10. The Longest Line

The Longest Line is a NOFX song from The Longest Line EP from the band, released in 1994. Although an early song from the band’s career, it remains one of their top songs among fans. The song displays the band’s usually seen speed of punk with a short 2 minute play time.

9. Cokie The Clown

Cokie The Clown is not only a song by NOFX from their EP of the same name but also the drug loving alter-ego clown of vocalist Fat Mike. Fat Mike would make appearances at shows and festivals as Cokie the Clown and it was pretty frightening, as it was pretty likely that if you encountered him as this alter-ego that he was likely under the influence of several somethings. Overall, this song is yet another song from NOFX that falls along with their comedic, fast punk songs.

8. It’s My Job To Keep Punk Rock Elite

It’s My Job To Keep Punk Rock Elite is one of the longer titled NOFX songs, yet not the longest titled song they have released somehow. Most NOFX songs aren’t too serious overall but the tone here is a little serious with a somewhat joke of a title. Overall, with this song NOFX is saying while they didn’t invent the genre, they sure as hell are defending it and expanding it until the end. This is one of a few songs that’s seen its fair share of covers, earning its placement on our best NOFX songs of all-time list.

7. Soul Doubt

Yet another fast, punk song from the pioneers but this time we see something else the band has become famous for, play on words within their titles. Soul Doubt simultaneously says there’s is doubt within Fat Mike’s soul while also stating that the band has “sold out”. While this sort of play on words is somewhat strange, this behavior becomes synonymous with the band over time.

6. Dinosaurs Will Die

Dinosaurs Will Die is one of the first songs from NOFX that really stuck with me as I got older for some reason. While most NOFX songs have stayed with me since the first time I’ve listened to them, Dinosaurs Will Die stood out from the rest of their catalogue. This song shows a different side of punk that we see less and less from band’s today, with NOFX however it’s just on side of an endless die that the band keeps rolling.

5. Franco Un-American

Franco Un-American is a song released by NOFX during the peak of their Rock Against Bush era where they showed fans that they had more grounded and old school punk roots attached to them still. This song tells a somewhat story of carrying so much for your country and not carry at all, all at the same time. With hardcore issues such as veganism and global warming, NOFX tried to touch many subjects with this song, in the most unapologetic of ways.

4. Seeing Double At The Triple Rock

Seeing Double At The Triple Rock could be considered the modern punk anthem with how this song alone got an entire generation of fans for NOFX. Although this song, or album, don’t represent the old-school NOFX that many older fans know and love but it’s known as the somewhat gateway that got several fans into the punk band. Occasionally from the point in their career you could pick up older elements from the band’s past work but this song showed the next era the band would enter.

3. Don’t Call Me White

Don’t Call Me White falls into the category of a much older style of punk that NOFX used to be considered, with much more raw tones and that same comedic flair. The band has used their more raw tones to evolve their sound overall with time but NOFX presented something different here. This song features some ska elements that the band used heavily at the time and before but of course with time, NOFX left the more ska punk elements behind.

2. The Separation of Church and Skate

The Separation of Church and Skate is probably the most famous song from the band outside of Linoleum. Both songs are monumental for the band in their own way but each song falls into its own path of punk rock. The Separation of Church and Skate is a punk song about something that most people can relate to: separate the church and state. Of course with NOFX’s comedic tones and constant play on words, this song fits into their catalogue perfectly.

1. Linoleum

Finally, we have Linoleum at number one on our 10 best NOFX songs of all-time list, as it was easily the band’s most popular and favorite song among fans. Most recently, the band have released a new version of the song entitled Linewleum that features the metal band Avenged Sevenfold. Not only does the new variant of the classic song feature Avenged Sevenfold but also shows several fan videos of covers of the song and other NOFX related fan-made creations.

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