The 10 Best Sum 41 Songs Of All-Time

For over 20 years, Sum 41 has been gracing the stages and airwaves with hit after hit. Their smash-hit album, All Killer No Filler, released in 2001, selling over 2 million copies and earning Diamond status in the US. 6 albums later and the band is still touring relentlessly each year. The bands latest album, Order In Decline, released in 2019 and features some of their best songs in over a decade.

Here are the top 10 best Sum 41 songs of all time.

10. Makes No Difference – All Killer No Filler (2001)

Originally featured on “Half Hour Of Power”, Makes No Difference was re-released as a bonus track for “All Killer No Filler” and it was a perfect way to round off the album. The song is full of attitude and features one of my favourite Sum 41 riffs of all time.

9. We’re All To Blame – Chuck (2004)

Showcasing a more mature and darker side to Sum 41, 2004’s Chuck album saw the band head in a new direction, with more hard rock and metal influences making their way into the music, while still maintaining the same pop-punk vibe. We’re All To Blame was a departure from what we’d heard up until that point, with a fantastic breakdown section, one of the best we’d heard at the time in the genre.

8. Out For Blood – Order In Decline (2019)

Taken from their latest album, Order In Decline, Out For Blood takes the Sum 41 we grew up with and loved and pushes them into the modern age, with some electronic elements, a much heavier main section which features some fantastic double-kick action from drummer Frank Zummo. After reuniting with lead guitarist Dave “Brownsound” Baksh, many fans wondered whether the band would have the same spark and magic that they once had. The answer is yes, they do, and in a way, they are even better than they used to be. I love this new more mature Sum 41.

7. The Hell Song – Does This Look Infected? (2002)

The perfect song to open “Does This Look Infected?”. After such a strong previous album with “All Killer No Filler”, Sum 41 needed to bring their A-game with this next album and The Hell Song definitely does that.

6. Pieces – Chuck (2004)

For one of the first times, we see Sum 41 slow down for Pieces, delivering one of their best songs to date. Over the years this has gone on to be loved by millions, even people that don’t follow the band or listen to their music, it is just a great song.

5. War – 13 Voices (2016)

It had been 5 years since their previous album, “Screaming Bloody Murder”, and the band had seen their share of good and bad news. Dave “Brownsound” Baksh returned to the band in 2015 after a 9-year absence, but drummer Stevo 32 left in 2013, and Deryck Whibley suffered serious health issues due to his alcoholism. “13 Voices” was their chance at redemption and the band came out swinging with this one. This is Sum 41 back on top form and we are all about this.

4. In Too Deep – All Killer No Filler (2001)

Perhaps Sum 41’s most known hit, In Too Deep was the second single from their smash-hit album “All Killer No Filler”, featuring one of the best music videos of the era. The song also featured one of the first solos that we’d heard in a modern rock song for quite some time, some people credit this song as helping revive the guitar solo in mainstream music, so for that we have to say thank you.

3. Motivation – All Killer No Filler (2001)

The third, and final, single from “All Killer No Filler”, Motivation is a song that all of us can relate to when you just have no motivation or energy to do anything. The song is loud, it is bouncy, and has a hook that is perfect to sing along to, what isn’t to love?

2. Still Waiting – Does This Look Infected? (2002)

The first single from Sum 41’s follow up to “All Killer No Filler”, titled “Does This Look Infected?” and showed that Sum 41 are still the same great band from their previous album, but a bit more mature and serious in nature. The music video is hilarious too, even if it is more dated these days. “Do you smoke?” “No” “You do now”, I never get tired of watching that video. Also, who are Green Day 75?

1. Fat Lip – All Killer No Filler (2001)

Finally, we have the song that started it all for the band. Fat Lip helped put the band on the map, becoming one of the most played music videos at the time. The album that Fat Lip is on, “All Killer No Filler”, has a bold name for sure, but it is true as from top to bottom the album is packed with great song after great song, but Fat Lip is definitely the cream of the crop.

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