All The Linkin Park Albums Ranked

Linkin Park has been surprisingly inspirational throughout the years with bands of all genres covering the band. This is probably due to the fact that Linkin Park blended genres in a way that they’ve never done before. From rapper Mike Shinoda to a DJ, Linkin Park has brought a unique sound to the scene from formation. Upon recruiting now passed vocalist Chester Bennington, Linkin Park officially found their sound of with unique rap and rock blend. Linkin Park’s sound has learned more towards rock as time went on yet they still kept that core experimental sound. In honor of the incredible artist that was Chester Bennington, and is Linkin Park, we’ve put together our Linkin Park albums ranked list.

7. The Hunting Party

The Hunting Party saw the band’s departure from traditional rock sounds and a return to nu-metal. This is also the first studio album from the band to feature guest musicians such as Tom Morello and Daron Malakian. Rapper Rakim and Helmet vocalist Page Hamilton are also feature on the album, helping solidify that classic Linkin Park sound they rediscovered on this album. The other members of the band created this album while Chester was filling in for Stone Temple Pilots. When the singer returned to a more aggressive nu-metal album than they had been previously used to, Chester was able to jump right in.

6. A Thousand Suns

A Thousand Suns is a well-received concept album from the band of humans fear of nuclear warfare and other social issues. The album sees a band experimenting as they always do but this time around they leaned into more progressive rock sounds. Overall, the album features a more evolved sound of Linkin Park’s previous record Minutes to Midnight. It wouldn’t be a Linkin Park album without the bands aggressive insertions of heavy rock and electronic sections.

5. One More Light

One More Light is heavily inspired by current pop trends combined with their signature experimental rock rap sound. The album features guest appearances from rappers Pusha T and Stormzy. One More Light was the final release from the band featuring vocalist Chester Bennington following his death. Unfortunately this album felt very studio coated, holding back the instrumentals of the records and lacking signature emotional screaming from Chester.

4. Living Things

Living Things is the fifth album from Linkin Park, released in 2012. The band’s electronic sounds come back to life on this album, with clear inspiration from current EDM styles. Living Things is inspired by personal topics with the band members as well as current events, as with their other albums released around this one. Most album themes after Meteora are very much related to current events. Living Things may have modern electronic elements throughout but the electronic elements on this album are a slight variation to the usual Linkin Park sound that I welcomed immediately. The overall electronic rock vibe provided by this album has earned it it’s placement on our Linkin Park albums ranked list.

3. Minutes to Midnight

Minutes to Midnight saw the band embracing a more heavy rock approach compared to the heavy, electronic sound they presented on their first two albums. While this album can still be called a classic Linkin Park album, the change in their overall sound marked a new era for the band and the genres they’d be experimenting with. Minutes to Midnight’s placement on our Linkin Park albums ranked list because while it is another revolutionary album from the band I just don’t believe it delivers the way their previous albums did.

2. Meteora

Meteora is the second album from the band that brought the band into the spotlight even further than Hybrid Theory. Linkin Park brought the same nu-metal vibes from their previous album while bringing in more rock sounds as well. Overall, this sees the band starting to lean more into progressive rock sounds with their signature rap elements included. This album earned it’s spot on our Linkin Park albums ranked list due to its huge influence on the scene.

1. Hybrid Theory

The album that features the most popular and hard hitting Linkin Park songs, Hybrid Theory shows the band in their rawest form. From screaming vocals to intense raps and powerful guitar work to slamming drums this album absolutely delivers on all ends. It’s no wonder this album helped finalized the band’s placement within the hard rock and nu-metal scenes. Hybrid Theory has earned the number one spot on this Linkin Park albums ranked list because this album, among other rising nu-metal artists, changed the world of music forever with their blends of nu-metal and other rock, metal and pop trends. Most recently, the band released a 20th anniversary edition of the album featuring over 80 songs.

Overall, I don’t think anyone can say Linkin Park didn’t inspire several generations and inspired new genres with the new paths they created for future artists, of all genres and scenes.

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