10 Things You Didn’t Know about Apollo Lofton

Apollo Lofton

Are you familiar with rap artist Apollo Lofton? If you’re not, you might regret that fact after you listen to a couple of his songs. Most of his fans say that they like his music because they can identify with it. Perhaps this is true of a lot of rap artists. Some would even say it’s true of musicians in general. That said, there are a lot of things about Apollo Lofton that make him stand out. If you’re interested, here are 10 of them.

1. His music is based on personal experiences

Like so many other artists, he sings about the things he’s been through. When you hear him singing about the rent coming due or being filled with fear, it’s because he has experienced these types of situations. He doesn’t just sing about this stuff so he can complain about life. He does it so his fans will hear the music and understand that they aren’t alone, even when they are feeling the same way. Unfortunately, everybody has fears and reservations. By singing about those things, he is able to help people understand that there are others out there who feel exactly as they do.

2. He learned to be patient at an early age

When he was a boy, he would often have to do things around the house when he would have preferred to be playing. It wasn’t an easy life and it wasn’t always fun. However, it had a positive outcome because it taught him something that very few people seem to possess these days- patience. It’s something that served him well as he was growing up and it continues to serve him just as well now.

3. He never listens to the people who tell him it can’t be done

He says that others were always telling him that he should give up on his dreams to become a professional rap artist. Some of them told him that he had his head in the clouds. Others said he needed to stop dreaming and look at the world around him. None of it mattered to him. He never let anyone else tell him what he could and couldn’t do. Once he decided on a goal, he found creative ways to make it happen. Most importantly, he just kept working until the things he had always wanted started coming to him.

4. He has faith

He has more than enough faith to get him through virtually any type of situation. Like patience, that is something that seems to be in short supply these days. According to Lofton, he would never have made it this far if not for his faith. It has provided him with the perseverance he has needed to succeed and the belief that better days are ahead when things get difficult.

5. When he sees a shot, he takes it

A lot of people have a tendency to freeze up when they have a sudden opportunity to make their dreams come true singing rap music. He understands. It can be hard to force yourself to get out there, especially when you feel like you are crawling way out on the farthest limb. Most people are too afraid of falling, so they never take that chance. He has. He knows that it can be scary, but it can also help you reap rewards that you could never have even imagined. The thing is, you’ll never know unless you take that leap.

6. He never lets fear stand in his way

This brings him to his other point. He doesn’t let fear stop him. He gets scared, just like everyone else does. However, he says that every moment is a choice. You can choose to push the fear aside, to harness it and use it to propel you to the next level, or you can give in to that little voice in your head that tells you you’re not good enough. He prefers to take the chance and see what happens. He knows things aren’t always going to go his way, but he also knows that sometimes, they will.

7. He’s thankful for what he has

He doesn’t ever forget where his roots are. As such, he’s always grateful for everything that he has, something that he tries to pass on to others. He believes that good begets good. Therefore, remaining thankful is a key component of achieving your dreams. It’s an idea that he has allowed to guide him throughout his life. Clearly, it’s something that has worked well for him.

8. He enjoys connecting with his fans

He genuinely enjoys connecting with his fans, whether it’s through his music or on social media. Either way, he hopes that others will take something positive away from each interaction. For him, it’s a way to both tell his story and inspire others at the same time.

9. He’s always striving to do better

He believes that no matter how good you might be at something, there is always an opportunity for you to be better. Even the best people in their chosen field constantly strive for that next level. He says that the day you start thinking you’re too good to improve, is the day you should call it quits because you’ve lost your mind.

10. He’s not afraid to be silly

As a matter of fact, he truly enjoys being silly, something that sometimes shows through on his social media posts. Even when he’s singing hip hop music to himself in the car, it’s funny. He says that he likes to share these types of posts because it might make someone else smile. For him, that’s what it’s really all about- lifting others up and being part of a community. It’s something he enjoys because he didn’t always have access to that kind of support when he was younger.

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