10 Things We’ve Learned about Pop Smoke’s Death

Pop Smoke, the Brooklyn leader of the New York City drill movement was an American rapper, singer and songwriter who was viciously murdered in February 2020. Pop Smoke was catapulted to stardom with his hit singles in 2019 like “Welcome to the Party” and “Christopher Walking.” Here are 10 Things We’ve Learned about Pop Smokes death.

10. Pop Died During a Home Invasion

On February 19, 2020 at around 4 a.m., four men allegedly broke into the Hollywood Hills Airbnb of rapper Pop Smoke. The suspects in the home invasion turned murder learned of Pop Smoke’s whereabouts via Instagram. They were able to read the address of of a gift bag label in a photo posted by Pop. A search warrant gave authorities access to one of the suspect’s Google account which revealed Pop Smoke’s address in the recent searches log.

9. The Assailants Stole a Rolex

While the full motive of the murder of Pop Smoke is yet to be determined, it has been confirmed that the assailants wanted Pop’s jewelry, for example a Cuban link chain which they did not come away with. The suspects managed to rob Pop smoke of his diamond studded Rolex before taking his life. The Rolex was resold for just $2000.

8. There was a Woman with Pop

At the time of the invasion, around 4 a.m. there were two men and one woman inside of the home, including Pop Smoke. Corey Walker, the eldest of the suspects at just 19, stated that he and the other suspects staked out and waited for these individuals to be the only ones in the home before breaking in to confront Pop Smoke. Police were able to piece more of the scene together after interviewing the young woman who was with Pop Smoke the night of his murder. One assailant allegedly held a gun to her head while the attack took place.

7. Pop Smoke Fought Back

The woman who was with Pop was able to tell the police that Pop Smoke was met by the group of invaders while he was taking a shower. The attackers entered through the second story balcony. The suspects admitted that they confronted Pop and ordered him to turn over his jewelry, when Pop refused a fight ensued and Pop was shot once. While on the floor, pop was kicked at least once, he was then shot twice more.

6. Corey Walker confessed to an Informant

After being arrested, Corey Walker, who is the eldest of the suspects confessed his involvement to his cellmate who was actually a planted police informant. Walker allegedly told the informant the he rode past Pop’s house earlier in the day to scope out the scene. Detective Camacho stated that Walker confessed to his role in a secretly recorded jailhouse informant interview. It was alleged by Walker that the group used ski masks, gloves, and a police scanner to break into the home.

5. Christopher Darden is Walker’s Defense Attorney

Christopher Darden, famously known for his role in the O.J. Simpson trial, contends that his client remained inside of his vehicle the entire time that the robbery took place and instructed the minors not to use their weapons.

4. Everyone Involved was Under 20

Pop Smoke himself was just 20 at the time that he was murdered, and all of the suspects were under 18 with the exception of Walker. LAPD detectives have traced the individuals back to the same LA Gang. Corey Walker, 19 and Keandre Rodgers, 18 were charged with murdered and are now facing the death penalty. The other minors have been charged with murder as well.

3. Pop Smoke’s Killer is Only 15

Carlos Camacho, a detective from the LAPD testified during the trail of Corey Walker, one of the four suspects charged with murdering Pop and the only adult at the time, that a 15- year-old was really the shooter. The 15-year-old’s detailed confession had been recorded by two informants which corroborated the accused account that the group confronted Pop Smoke about jewelry, before a fight erupted and Pop was fatally shot three times. “He admitted that he shot the victim three times with a Beretta 9 (mm.),” testified the LAPD Det. in regards the 15 -year-old.

2. The Internet believes the 15-year-old is taking the fall

In gang culture, it is a common practice to make the youngest gang members take the fall for a crime because they will be charged less harshly as a minor. Regardless, all lived involved have been ruined before they even got a chance to begin.

1. Pop Smoke Lives On

Pop was only 20 years old when his life was taken from him. His posthumous Album “Shoot for the Stars, Aim for the Moon” featuring the likes of Roddy Rich and 50 Cent debuted at number one on the Billboard 200. Recently, Pop Smoke’s manager, Rico Beats, in a message on Instagram stated “new album loading,” meaning new music is on the way!

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