10 Things You Didn’t Know about Skinnyfromthe9

Over the last decade or so, releasing music to the public has become easier than ever before. This has resulted in a new generation of artists who have been able to use the internet to their advantage. Skinnyfromthe9 is one of the latest rappers to do that. The rising artist has created quite the buzz thanks to a mixtape and a handful of singles that have been released over the last few years. Although he hasn’t put out an album yet, he’s already gotten the opportunity to work with some big names. Although he’s gotten off to a great start, only time will tell if he has what it takes to build a long-lasting career. Here are 10 things you didn’t know about Skinnyfromthe9.

1. He’s Originally From Florida

Skinnyfromthe9 was born David Villegas in Hialeah, Florida. However, he moved to Somerville, New Jersey at an early age and that is where he has spent most of his life. As a result, New Jersey has always been the place he represents. You will often see publications falsely report that he was born in New Jersey.

2. He’s Had Some Trouble With The Law

One of the reasons Skinnyfromthe9 has gotten popular so quickly is because there’s already been a good amount of controversy attached to his name. Skinny has had several run ins with the law since 2014, many of which were the result of minor offenses. However, in 2018, he and some of his family members were charged with aggravated assault and kidnapping.

3. He Started Rapping In 2016

Although Skinny is often labeled as a new artist, he’s actually been rapping for a decent amount of time. His career began in 2016 when he started posting raps on Soundcloud. It didn’t take long for his music to start getting attention and within two years he released his debut mixtape, It’s An Evil World.

4. He Challenged Almighty Jay To A Fight

In February of 2019, fellow rapper Almight Jay was accused of stealing around $80,000 worth of jewelry from Skinnyfromthe9. Although Jay denied the allegations, the situation created bad blood between the two. In an Instagram video in June of 2021, Skinny shared a video of himself boxing and he challenged Jay to a boxing match for a $20,000 prize.

5. He Claims To Have Gotten Shot

Although people do love Skinnyfromthe9’s music, a lot of the attention he’s gotten has had nothing to do with his work. In the summer of 2020, Skinnyfromthe9 claimed that he had been shot although many people beleived it was nothing more than a publicity stunt. He eventually posted a video of himself in the hospital as ‘proof‘ but people still weren’t buying it.

6. He’s Been Homeless

He may be doing well for himself now, but things in Skinnyfromthe9’s life haven’t always been easy. His father was in and out of jail when he was younger and his mother struggled to make ends meet. At one point in time, Skinny, his mother, and his siblings were living in a homeless shelter.

7. He’s An Eminem Fan

Long before Skinnyfromthe9 was a rapper himself, he was a huge fan. Music played a major role in helping him get through the tough times he faced. He told XXL, “I was listening to a lot of Eminem because I could relate to him. I didn’t feel like I was alone. That’s how I discovered hip-hop, listening to ‘Cleanin’ Out My Closet’ one day on a car ride. I felt like I was the only one going through this stuff, so when I heard Eminem, I related to him like crazy.”

8. He’s Fairly Private

Despite his popularity on social media and all of the drama he’s been in, Skinnyfromthe9 has been a pretty private person thus far in his career. Most of what he posts on social media has to do with his work and he hasn’t really gone into much detail about his person life in his interviews.

9. He Hopes To Inspire Others

Sucess is obviously Skinnyfromthe9’s number one goal, but that isn’t the only thing he hopes to accomplish. When XXL asked him what he hopes to do with his career, he said, “I want to be a huge inspiration to kids who felt like they were neglected when they had a dream, no matter what it was. I wanna show the kids that dreams come true if you really work hard for it, and you put your all into it. I wanna symbolize positivity.”

10. He’s Adventurous

People can say what they want about Skinnyfromthe9, but one thing’s for sure, he’s going to do his best to enjoy his life as much as he can. Skinnyfromthe9 seems to be the kind of person who isn’t afraid to try new things. Being open to new experiences will definitely serve him well in his career.

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