10 Things You Didn’t Know about Rod Wave

Rod Wave

What do you know about American rapper Rod Wave? Born as Rodarius Marcell Green in 1998, he has made a name for himself in a business that tends to gobble people up and then spit them out like yesterday’s trash. How has he done it? Much of it comes down to his ability to make the most out of virtually any situation that comes his way. Below are 10 of the most fascinating facts about the rapper.

1. He believes that music is truly an extension of one’s soul

He has repeatedly commented that music is a way for the soul to speak. According to him, music has a way of getting past so many of the barriers that people tend to put up around themselves. It doesn’t matter what language you speak, where you’re from or even what you believe, music can transcend all of those things in order to bring people together. He has said on a number of occasions that if you really want to know a person at their very core, listen to the lyrics that they create. As far as he’s concerned, it’s like having a window directly into another person’s soul.

2. He didn’t get his start in the music business in a traditional manner

He may not have gotten his music career started in a traditional manner, but he did begin his music career in a manner similar to many others that are becoming famous in today’s world. He has been creating music for a few years, and he eventually put an album together and then made it available to the public on both YouTube and Tik-Tok. The music resonated with the people that heard it and it went viral, skyrocketing him to fame and getting him a record deal.

3. He thinks that anyone with drive and passion can make their dreams come true

He’s always quick to point out that everyone has the opportunity to make their dreams come true. It’s easy to daydream about having the life you want, but it takes both drive and passion to make those dreams become a reality. He wants people to know that if they are willing to put in the effort, they too can achieve great things like he has in the rap music industry.

4. He’s not about painting rosy pictures of the real world

Although he’s quick to encourage people about making their dreams come true, he doesn’t paint fairy tail pictures where things are always perfect and nothing ever goes wrong. He’s quick to comment that it’s possible to make your dreams come true, but it’s also like anything else in life. You tend to get out of it whatever you choose to put into it. That means that achieving your dreams takes hard work and dedication, even when things aren’t going your way. The people who persist are the ones that will succeed. On the other hand, the people that aren’t willing to put in the work or who back away from their dreams every time they hit a bump in the road may not ever see them come to fruition.

5. He’s still finding his feet in the music world

Remember, he got his start in the music business through YouTube and Tik-Tok. As such, he still struggles somewhat to find his footing with traditional music labels. To date, he’s been associated with no less than four of them. It mostly comes down to the fact that he doesn’t particularly enjoy the idea of being controlled by his music label or being told what to do by officials there. He wants to create music, but he also wants to do it on his own terms.

6. He tends to be very cautious when it comes to working with other people

He enjoys the prospect of working with other people but he’s very particular when it comes to who he chooses to work with. For the most part, it all comes down to his need to know that he can genuinely trust someone. Once he realizes that he can, he’s anxious to work with them. Until they prove that he can trust them, he is far more hesitant to do so.

7. He has reported that he doesn’t trust others easily

As you can see from the above paragraph, he doesn’t always trust others easily. Like many people who have trust issues, he has trusted people easily in the past and wound up getting burned for having done so. As a result, he’s far more cautious who he places his trust in these days.

8. He’s hesitant to get too attached romantically

Largely because of his trust issues, he has commented many times that he’s not in a hurry to get attached romantically. While he’s been in romantic relationships in the past, he’s always quick to point out that these types of relationships require a great deal of trust, something that he is genuinely struggling with at this point in his life. He says that he would prefer to deal with those issues before getting romantically involved because he doesn’t want to allow his trust issues to become a roadblock to finding a good relationship with someone else.

9. He communicates his intimate feelings through his music

He has a lot to say and for the most part, the things that he says resonate with a lot of people. That’s precisely why his music is so popular. However, he is quick to point out that he’s not always the best conversationalist. Instead, he is far more comfortable communicating his most intimate feelings through his music, allowing others to listen to it on their own terms and glean from it what they may.

10. He says that he sometimes feels invisible

He has said in the past that there have been many times in his life when he has felt invisible. Since he has achieved a certain level of fame, he says that he still feels invisible at times, especially when people seem to be more interested in the amount of money he makes as opposed to the way that he feels about something. The pain that is associated with these feelings of invisibility is one of the things that makes his music so poignant, but it’s also something that he has paid a high price for in the process.

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