10 Things You Didn’t Know about Honeykomb Brazy

Honeykomb Brazy is an enigma of sorts. The rapper gained notoriety, especially in the last couple of years, not only because of the music he has been putting out but also because of the activities he has been involved in, in both the recent and the distant past. Recently, especially, he has been at the center of media attention because of the latter. Though especially in the Atlanta area where he resides, he is known by many people, but there are still those who do not know about him. So, here are ten things you didn’t know about Honeykomb Brazy.

1. Early life

Honeykomb Brazy, whose real name is Nahshon Jones, was born on September the 15th in 1993. He was born in Atlanta, Georgia, and both his parents are African-American. His early life and interactions were troubled, maybe because he did not get the proper upbringing. He attended school in the same state, Atlanta, from kindergarten all the way till he graduated high school. After high school, he would attend the University of Jos, where he was studying Business management. Eventually, though, he decided not to take the professional route and focus all his attention on making music, so he began to do exactly that.

2. He started his music career when he was fairly young

Since his childhood, Brazy always had a passion for music, and it was a way through which he could vent and express himself. That being said, he started taking music seriously when he was 19 years old. At the time, he was simply a songwriter and had not yet begun to venture into the world of rapping. Eventually, though, he did become a rapper, and his first music releases, Young Weezy, Cry Baby, 16 shots and Need it, set the tone for his career, and his fanbase started to grow steadily.

3. Record label

Eventually, he did become a big music act, especially in the Atlanta region. As he continued to grow in popularity, major record labels began to follow him. This all culminated in him signing a record deal with some top-shelf record labels in 2020, namely RN4L, SoSouth, and Rap-A-Lot. After signing his record deal, he released a couple of records, namely Yellow freestyle and Dead People, both charted and hugely successful. What is more amazing is that he made and put out the two songs after being involved in a shooting involving a couple of his friends. He also released Mirror, which alluded to the incident.

4. Continuing to put out music

After signing his label deal and being involved in several altercations, he did continue to put out music, and his popularity in Atlanta and the rest of the country continued to grow. His music is Trap-rap and is heavily influenced by the quintessential sound of the Atlanta region.

5. Altercations

Honeykomb Brazy has had a couple of altercations with the law. It first began when he was arrested on gun-related charges. He did post bail and, after some time, was put on probation to serve out the remainder of his sentence. He was also involved in a shooting that resulted in getting himself hurt and being admitted to the hospital. Allegedly, he had had some conflict with members of a rival gang and got hurt when his inner circle confronted the rival gang. After the said altercation and discharge from the hospital, he was arrested for gun and drug-related charges. He was given probation, but not so long after, he would break the rules of the said probation and be arrested again. More on that later.

6. His grandparents

Honeykomb Brazy’s persona really skyrocketed when his grandparents were killed and their house was set on fire. An autopsy on his grandfather revealed that he had been shot a couple of times, through their grandmother’s didn’t produce any conclusive evidence. After the two were killed, the house was blown up. Passerby and neighbors are the ones who alarmed the police when they heard gunshots at first, and then the fire followed. Police believe that Honeykomb Brazy’s beef with rival gangs had, one way or another, had something to do with this. Via an Instagram post, it seemed that Honeykomb Brazy actually took responsibility for what had happened, stating that he held himself responsible for bringing his family into his squabbles.

7. Court cases

The police still have not identified a prime suspect in the murders, though they believe that Honeykomb Brazy and his street squabbles had something to do with the death of his family members. In May 2021, Honeykomb Brazy was apprehended by the police and brought into custody, with the charges leveled against him relating to a shootout he and his circle were involved in.

8. Probation violation

As stated before, Honeykomb Brazy was on probation because of Gun and drug charges from a while back. His probation has still not ended when a shootout occurred between members of his circle, including another rival gang. A video showing how the rival gun pulled up on Honeykomb Brazy and his gang when Honeykomb Brazy was headed for the barbershop surfaced. The police took it upon themselves to bring him into custody and question him. Prosecutors of the case wanted to ensure that Honeykomb Brazy was not granted bail and that his probation is canceled. This was because, before the shooting, Honeykomb Brazy had not met with his probation officer for three months after he was scheduled to. While awaiting his trial, he is in jail for what has been more than a month.

9. Net worth

Even though Honeykomb Brazy has not released an official album, he has put out some commercially successful music, singles, or released short mixtapes. He has been able to amass a net worth of more than 700,000 dollars. A huge chunk of this money is due to the huge label deal he had signed, and the rest of it is from the music he has been putting out.

10. Personal life

Even though the case about his grandparents was a high-profile one and caught a lot of attention, not much else is known about Honeykomb Brazy and his personal life. All that is known is that while he was growing up, his parents were not often there and thus had it rough at times.

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