10 Things You Didn’t Know about Metro Marrs

After high school graduation, most teenagers are getting ready to go off to college, learn a trade, or enter the working world. Metro Marrs (Marquise Smith) isn’t most teenagers, though. The 17-year-old is officially finished with high school and he’s getting ready to go full throttle into his rap career. He is the youngest artist signed to Quality Control, home to well-known artists like Migos and he’s ready to make his mark on the game. Although he’s still new to the industry, Metro Marrs has already started to get a lot of attention and he’s looking forward to showing the world what he can do as he starts to release more music. Continue reading to find out 10 things you didn’t know about Metro Marrs.

1. He’s An Atlanta Native

Atlanta is known for being home to some of the hottest names in hip-hop, and Metro Marrs hopes to be another one to get added to the list. He is from hip-hop, and he currently lives there. He also briefly lived in New York although it’s unclear when exactly that was.

2. He Hasn’t Yet Released A Full Album

If Metro Marrs’ name doesn’t sound familiar to you yet, it’s because he hasn’t released a lot of music. To date, he’s only released a handful of songs but no full-length projects. His growing fan base will be happy to know that he’s working on a mixtape that should drop sometime in 2021.

3. He Has A YouTube Channel

As a young entertainer, Metro understands the importance of building a strong online presence. He has a YouTube channel where he posts all of his music videos. Even though the channel has less than 4,000 subscribers, he has gotten more than 2.7 million total views.

4. He’s A Private Person

So far, Metro Marrs doesn’t appear to be interested in sharing too much about his private life with the world. Of course, this could change as he gets further into his career but there seems to be a growing trend among people in the entertainment industry that staying low key is the best way to go.

5. He Already Has A Fan Page

You know you’re making strides when you get your own fan page. Despite the fact that he’s just getting started, Metro Marrs is already there. He has a fan page on Instagram called Thee Loners. The page doesn’t have many followers just yet, but there’s no doubt the numbers are going to grow in due time.

6. He Got Arrested At His High School Graduation

High school graduation is typically a time for celebrating, but unfortunately, Metro’s graduation took a turn when he was arrested for throwing money to his classmates as he walked across the stage. Metro was just trying to do something nice for his peers, but police felt that he was inciting a riot.

7. He Hasn’t Done Many Interviews

Doing interviews is typically part of the job for people who work in the entertainment industry. So far, however, it doesn’t appear that Metro Marrs has really done any interviews. This is likely due to the fact that he’s not very well known yet. As his mixtape gets closer to his release date, we’ll probably see him start doing more interviews.

8. He Has A High Hip-Hop IQ

Young people in hip-hop tend to get flack for not respecting the artists who came before them. He may be just 17-years-old, but Metro Marrs has a surprisingly good amount of hip-hop knowledge. During his appearance on All Def Music’s The Bar Exam, Metro got most of the questions right. He did, however, mention that he didn’t know who Too $hort was.

9. His Father Is A Musician

Eventually, making music is something that runs in Metro Marrs’ family. His father is a rapper who goes by the name of Young Trimm. In the mid-2000s, Trimm was signed to The Dream’s record label, Red Zone. As far as we can tell, Young Trimm never released an album or any official singles.

10. He’s Started His Own Foundation

After getting arrested at graduation, it would be easy for Metro Marrs to look at the situation negatively, but instead, he’s chosen to take a different approach.  He plans to keep giving money away, but in the future he’s going to do it under his foundation. According to Fox 5, Metro is in the process of starting something called The Loner Foundation. He said, “We are going to be giving out like a scholarship called the 10K rainy day fund scholarship, it’s basically we’re going to give $10,000 to the valedictorian and salutatorian. Each class.”

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