10 Things You Didn’t Know about Consequence

Rapper Consequence

Dexter Raymond Mills Jr. is professionally known as Consequence, a rapper who grew up in Queens, New York. He started his rapping career with producer J, Dilla, who died from lupus in 2006, and Phife Dawg, who died from diabetes complications. Consequence is now battling the two diseases that took away his friends, and he has had to make dramatic changes to his lifestyle. Although he will not torture himself, trying not to indulge in certain foods like fried chicken is quite challenging. He has so much to live for, especially with his young son, following in his footsteps. Let’s tell you more about this music producer who has been instrumental in making Kanye West’s albums.

1. He Learned How to Produce Music by Watching Other Producers

Apprenticeship has always been regarded as an excellent learning method, and Consequence utilized it to get some music production skills. In an interview with BET, the rapper said that he grew up around the best beatmakers among who were Q-Tip, Pete Rock, Buckwild, Rashad Smith, and Large Professor. Consequence added that he also had the distinct pleasure of watching Kanye West making “All Falls Down.” Thus, he picked up a few tricks that came in handy for him when he wanted to start producing music.

2. “Get By” Was Supposed to Be His Song

Consequence disclosed that initially, the song was meant to be Mariah Carey’s but while in the studio, the rapper started freestyling it. Even before he could have a chorus, Talib Kweli went by the studios and, upon hearing the beat, wanted it, and it wound up as his. Consequence said he was not mad for not getting the beat, saying that even if he sounded great rapping, Kweli had a concept. However, he vowed to himself not to miss another good beat to someone else, and he wrote “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.”

3. His Son Took Up an Interest in Music

They say like father like son, and that is the case with Consequence and his son Caiden. When XXL Magazine interviewed the pair in February 2020, Consequence revealed that he knew his son wanted to be a musician when Caiden started asking to go to his father’s job. Although it was already in his blood, the interest confirmed to Consequence that his son would be following in his footsteps. For Caiden, the best moments include going on stage with his father and making music videos. He loves music because it is a means of being close to his father.

4. His Father was in the Navy

For Consequence, being with Caiden in the studio and on stage is a promise fulfilled. Growing up with a father in the Navy, the rapper and his dad were disconnected. His father had to travel a lot for work, so he tried to convince Consequence to join the Navy so they could be together most of the time. However, Consequence was not passionate about it. Caiden being interested in music is the rapper’s chance to have the close connection he always wished he had with his own dad.

5. His Son is Friends with Kanye West’s Kids

Consequence has been friends with West for a long time, so it makes sense that their children hang out. The rapper said that the first time they ever hang out was during Coachella, and since then, they spend time together. While at Stormi’s party, Consequence got carried away watching his son holding hands with North West, so he took a picture and posted it on Instagram, captioning it “Boo’d up.” He, however, clarified it does not mean anything, and people were reading so much into it. He added that Caiden also plays with West’s other children.

6. His Advice to Parents

With parents becoming so overprotective of their children, Consequence believes they can only do so much. He said that his job as a parent is not to shield his son from the world. Instead, it is to prepare him for what life throws at him and show him how to protect himself.

7. He Gave “Jesus is King” His All

It is a sign of dedication when a man denies himself a break to ensure that the album he is working on gets to streaming platforms in time. Such was the case with Consequence while he was putting the final touches on West’s “Jesus is King” album. He told Complex that fans became apprehensive when the album did not get to the streaming platform at the expected time ̶ midnight. He explained that they needed a few more hours, and he did not even take dinner to deliver it the earliest possible; the album ended up being delivered at 4.30 am.

8. He Started Rapping in Middle School

Like most rappers, Consequence began rapping while in school but never thought about taking up hip hop music professionally until later. He kept his talent under the wraps while honing his skills until he was bold enough to be in a group, NFL. The group disbanded, and Consequence decided to talk to his cousin, Q-Tip, about joining him, so he started touring with Tribe until it disbanded.

9. He Was Once a Security Guard

When Tribe disbanded, Consequence felt lost. He had never been on his own, and all the record deals other music labels promised him never yielded any results. He told Chicago Tribune that he did not know anything apart from rapping and that was not a skill to put on a resume when looking for a job. Therefore he enrolled in school to become a security guard, finally getting a job in Long Island. He still did not give up on music and would utilize his breaks to write lyrics.

10. He at One Time Could Not Afford to Pay Bills

Consequence can now boast of a net worth of $2 million. Although it is not much, seeing that he has been in the game for so long, he still has so much to be grateful for, knowing how far he has come. He disclosed that after Tribe disbanded and he was bent on working on a new album, he barely had any money to survive. He kept shopping off groceries with credit cards whose bills he could not afford to settle.

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