10 Things You Didn’t Know about Yung Petro

Yung Petro

Just who exactly is Yung Petro? If you’re really into the hip-hop scene, you probably already know who he is. On the other hand, you may be hearing his name for the first time as you are reading this article. Either way, there are probably some things that you don’t know about this up and coming young artist. Check out these 10 things listed below to learn more about him and his music.

1. Yung Petro isn’t his real name

As it turns out, Yung Petro is his chosen stage name. He was raised under a different name, Kiwanis Sutton. At the tender age of 26, he is already living a reality that most people can only dream of. This is something that isn’t lost on him and he says that he wants to make the most out of the opportunities that he has been given.

2. He’s only been rapping for a matter of months

Most people struggle for years to break into the music industry. The truth is, the overwhelming majority of them never get a record deal and the ones who do have usually been trying to do exactly that for a number of years before they ever have any type of breakthrough. Interestingly enough, Sutton has only been rapping publicly for about seven months, something that is almost unheard of. The fact that he has achieved this in such a relatively short time speaks volumes about his talent. Perhaps it says even more about his level of dedication.

3. He’s excited but also feels the pressure to succeed

He admits that signing a record deal is one of the most exciting things that he’s ever done, but it’s also something that makes him feel acute pressure to succeed. While he says that he doesn’t necessarily feel pressure when it comes to creating the music itself, he does feel pressure to make it something that is a successful endeavor, especially when he considers the part of Athens, Georgia where he was raised and the things that he was exposed to as a child. He wants to show other children living in the area who are growing up under similar circumstances that it is possible to achieve success. Furthermore, he wants to show them that music can be used as both an emotional escape and a way to become professionally successful. His goal is to prove to them that they can live big dreams and achieve them in a very real sense.

4. His mom was very young when she had him

His mom was only 15 years old when she had him. It isn’t lost on him that she was not finished growing up for herself when she had a child of her own to take care of, something that she did her very best with. He has commented that he is very grateful to her for her efforts. Things might not have been perfect when he was growing up, but she was always there for him and she did the best that she could with what she had to work with.

5. He was exposed to drug deals and murders at a young age

Unfortunately, he was raised in a part of Athens where he was routinely exposed to drug deals and murders at a very young age. There was a particular neighborhood in the city where virtually all black people lived called Black Road. There, he witnessed virtually anything and everything. He readily admits that the environment helped shape him into who he is today, influencing him in both positive and negative ways.

6. He only started pursuing a career in rap because of his cousin

His cousin, Robert Jewell, had long since encouraged him to pursue a career in music. At first, Sutton paid little attention to his cousin’s encouragement, believing that such a career was nothing more than a pipe dream for him. Fortunately for Sutton (and his fans), Jewell was persistent in his encouragement. Eventually, Sutton made the decision to follow his cousin’s advice and pursue a career. As previously stated, it only took approximately seven months from the time that Sutton started seriously pursuing this career for him to sign a major record deal.

7. He ended up getting signed by one of his childhood heroes

Growing up, he routinely listened to rappers like Migo and Gucci Mane. As of now, he’s signed by Quavo and his label, Huncho Records. This label just happens to have also signed Migo, whom he has had the opportunity to meet personally. It’s also worth mentioning that he and Quavo are related- the two are cousins. Again, Sutton is proving that anything is possible.

8. He has a strong desire to give back to his community

One of the things that sets him apart from many other individuals is his strong desire to give back to his community. His main focus is on the young individuals within the community. As such, he has a goal of creating programs that help at-risk youth in the part of Athens where he grew up. He wants to help those who are interested in doing so break into the music industry and prove to those who aren’t interested in music that they can take their interests and succeed, no matter what those interests might entail. He also wants to conduct programs to help provide food and free school supplies to kids in the area on a regular basis.

9. He loves his neighborhood

He readily admits that the neighborhood where he grew up isn’t perfect, but it wasn’t all bad, either. He loves the neighborhood and wants to do his part to make it a better place to live for kids that are going up there today and in the future.

10. He uses his life as material for his music

As previously mentioned, he doesn’t really struggle to find material for his music. He simply uses his own experiences and the experiences of people he knows and then tells their stories through music.

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