10 Things You Didn’t Know about Doe Boy

Doe Boy

Doe Boy is an American rapper who was born on March 25, 1994. His birth name is Cotrell J. Dennard and he also goes by the name Isam Mostafa. Doe Boy has been in the limelight since 2018, after the release of his track “Mini Vans.” He has been in the rap music career since 2012 when he worked on his first project “Boyz N Da Hood” with Lex Luger. The 27-year-old rapper has come a long way in the music industry and he does not seem like he will be taking a break any time soon. Some of his most popular music include “Don’t Play That” and “Letter to Future.” While you might be familiar with some of his music, here is a list of ten things that you probably did not know about Doe Boy.

10. Future is one of His Closest Friends

In an interview conducted by Billboard, Doe Boy stated that Future, an American rapper that he has also collaborated with in the past, was one of his closest friends. When asked about his relationship with Future, he stated that Future was his favorite brother. The two rappers released the song “Most wanted” in 2019. During the 20 question interview with Billboard, Doe Boy also stated that the best advice that he ever received from Future was “Never give up.”

9. Doe Boy is Generous

Despite the “gangster” nature of most of his song, Doe Boy is a generous person. In the 20 question interview by Billboard, Doe Boy stated that the one thing that his fans did not know about him was that he is generous. The harsh reality of Doe Boy’s background, his involvement in rap music could fool people into assuming that the difficulties that he faced in his life made him stingy or unkind.

8. His Streets Need Me II was Inspired by 50 Cent and Gucci Mane

Doe Boy’s first project from his Epic deal “Streetz Need Me II” was inspired by 50 Cent and Gucci Mane. Most of his fans initially thought that the project, which had an old school vibe was inspired by West Coast rap music. In an interview with Forbes Magazine, Doe Boy stated that in one of the verses included in the “Mini Vans” song, he incorporated some of Gucci Mane’s old flows to the song. He was also quite shocked about people’s connection of the project with Eazy-E and West Coast rap music.

7. His Mother Used to Sell Drugs for Living

Doe Boy has talked about the difficulties that he experienced while growing up in some of the interviews. As a child, he experienced his mother engaging in the business of selling drugs to meet their daily needs. His mother used to help his uncles sell drugs to ensure that she could provide for her family.

6. His “56 Birdz” Project with DJ Esco Emerged from the Success of One Song

Doe Boy worked with DJ Esco on the “56 Birdz” project, which is a nine-track album that was released on March 12, 2020. The project emerged from the success of a collaboration that DJ Esco did with Doe Boy when DJ Esco presented a beat for a song that he wanted Doe Boy to record. The song came out well and the two decided to produce a whole album.

5. The Name of His New Album “Demons R Us” Came from an Instagram Post

The name of Doe Boy and Southside’s album “Demons R Us,” which was released on November 5, 2020, came from an Instagram post. In an interview with Revolt TV, Doe Boy stated that he had gone to Miami to work with Southside on the album and they were not sure what to call the album. Southside posted a photo of Doe Boy and him on his Instagram account, with the caption “Demons R Us”. When Doe Boy saw the Instagram post on Southside’s Instagram account he suggested the name and they ended up calling the album “Demons R Us.” During the same interview with Revolt TV, Doe Boy also stated that he believed everybody was a demon.

4. The First Music He Bought for Himself was Bow Wow’s CD

While he currently has access to a wide variety of music and the finances to buy any piece of music he wants, Doe Boy has reported in one of his interviews that the first music he bought was a Bow Wow CD. He bought the CD while he was young, which shows that even as a child he was still interested in music.

3. Demons R Us is Doe Boy Biggest Album of His Career

Doe Boy and Southside’s album “Demons R Us” is Doe Boy’s biggest album so far. Judging from the sound of the album and the work that has been put in its creation, this album is unique. Doy Boy posted a comment on his Twitter handle on November 5, 2020, stating that he was releasing the biggest album of his career. The rapper has received a lot of praise from his fans over the quality of the album.

2. He had just been released from Jail when He recorded “Streetz Need Me I “

Doe Boy’s life before he released “Streetz Need Me I” was way different than what it is today. In an interview published on DJ BOOTH website’s, Doe Boy narrated how he recorded the song while he was still living in Cleveland and had just been released from jail. Releasing “Streetz Need Me 1” helped him move from being a regular guy living in one of the poorest cities in America, East Cleveland” to becoming one of the best rappers. His career with the Atlanta label had experienced an unexpected hiatus due to the time that he spent in jail and the release of “Streetz Need Me I” offered him a second chance to become a successful rapper.

1. Future Influences His Work Ethics

Although Doe Boy had a difficult childhood, he is currently committed to his rap music career. In the interview conducted by DJ Booth, Doe Boy stated that he adopted his diligent work ethics from Future, who has been a key influence in his music life. In the interview, he stated that he got in the habit of working because he liked producing music but Future’s constant presence in his life also pushed him to focus on his music.


Although Doe Boy was born and raised in one of the poorest cities, hip-hop music helped him transform his life. This list gives you some insights into his life and career as one of American’s best rappers.

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