10 Things You Didn’t Know about Webbie


Webbie was born on September 6, 1985, and raised in Sherwood, Louisiana, a crime-ridden neighborhood; second highest in the United States. Later, he relocated to Glen Oaks, Louisiana. At 11, Webbie signed with Get Money Boys, which helped him launch his career. Once rap music gained popularity, he switched labels to Trill Entertainment four years later. In 2005, he released his debut album, “Savage life.” It plateaued at #4 on the Billboard Hot 200 and was certified Gold by the RIAA in February 2008. As he began writing for his sophomore album, he started to think about the strong female influences in his life, namely his mom and grandmother. The lead single, “Independent.” was a tribute to them. Webbie is very private and doesn’t like to do interviews, so it’s challenging to find information on him. However, he has given some insight about himself in interviews. These are 10 things you didn’t know about Webbie.

1. Stop the presses

Webbie doesn’t like doing interviews since people ask too many questions. Additionally, he feels like everyone is watching him. Webbie thinks people do not need to know a lot about him outside of his music. According to Hip Hop DX, he does have a message for his fans, “keep ya head up, man, and when you come home, I got you, man.” He added that he is a “savage” on Trill entertainment, and he will continue recording gangster rap.

2. False Information

Several news outlets reported Webbie commented he was better than his cousin. He is outraged that people wrote the story because it never happened. Much like interviews, he adamantly asked the reporter to focus on his hip hop music. He doesn’t feel like he’s better than anyone and just wants to perform to the best of his ability without being judged.

3. Hometown

Webbie hails from Baton Rouge and is exceptionally proud of his Hometown. He titled his debut album “Savage Life.” When it dropped, radio stations played it extensively across the country. Webbie chose the title because he has a pistol on him each day. As with many other interviews, he kept his comments brief and reminded the reporter of his presence on Trill Entertainment.

4. Arrest

Police arrested Webbie in Baton Rouge on domestic violence charges. According to Billboard, on July 5, they suspected he held his girlfriend hostage along with friends. He closed his fist and hit her as well as assaulted her with a belt. His girlfriend added he pinned her on the ground and had his knees on her throat, preventing her from breathing for quite some time. When she left the scene, she had a fractured nose and was spitting up blood. His charges include aggravated battery with a dangerous weapon, second-degree battery, domestic abuse by strangulation, theft, and property damage.

5. Inappropriate behavior

He is no longer allowed on the set of BET’s 106 and park. Rosci aired her grievances during an interview with The Urban Daily. Her statement included allegations of sexual harassment. Rosci’s advocated for herself, saying, “I have no shame in sticking up for myself and telling you you are improper right now. She felt his behavior was unacceptable because there were young children on the set. Even though Webbie was out of line, Rosci added she still likes his music. Webbie didn’t talk about the situation except to hint Rosci made a big deal out of nothing. He never wanted anything to do with her and thought she might want attention.

6. Death in the family

Sadly, his mother died when he was nine of cancer. His father and grandmother raised him, which led to a tumultuous childhood. Events in his youth inspired much of Webbie’s music. He started writing when he was five. His mother, Jocelyn, introduced him to music. He drew inspiration from rappers like Master P., Eightball & MJG, the Geto Boys, UGK, and his cousin DJTrillReed. Even though she’s gone, he remembers her often on his social media accounts.

7. Movie Star

Aside from writing and performing, Webbie starred in several movies; Gangsta Musik in 2005, Hustle and Flow in 2005, and On The Grind in 2006. One of his most famous roles is in Ghetto Stories. The movie is about rival drug dealers who try to keep afloat in Baton Rouge. Throughout the film, they battle each other since they are both rival gang members. However, as the movie progresses, they realize they are related. In the end, they create a strong bond. The film also starred Lil Boosie, Tyrin Turner, and Bun B. Webbie in Meagan Good’s music video, “Video Girl,” released on April 29, 2011.

8. Being the best

Despite being proud of himself, Webbie is critical of his work. He feels that since he’s never received an award, Webbie feels he’s not appreciated. His fans disagree. His first single sold 50,000 copies and remains his best-selling today. Additionally, in an article from Passion Weiss, they said his album “Savage Life” described Webbie’s work perfectly. Again, critics disagreed, and it was left off streaming services for a while after it was released. Nonetheless, even if his success isn’t commercial, he still has a large fan base who enjoys his style and thinks he’s one of the most talented rappers.

9. Isn’t it divine?

Webbie declared has declared himself a preacher. After being in front of several churches, he feels like he has the qualifications despite not taking formal classes at a seminary. While talking about his faith, Webbie spoke about Lil Boose being in jail. He feels that God’s will put him there, and otherwise, something terrible might have happened.

10. Paying off a bet

Webbie and 50 Cent made a million-dollar bet on a boxing match. Later, 50 Cent refused to pay Webbie the money he owed, even disappearing to avoid speaking to him. Webbie even threatened 50 Cent on a recent track. However, they finally settled on playing the bet off, and it wasn’t monetary. Instead, 50 cents did a guest rap on Lil Boosie’s record. According to TMZ, later, Webbie said, “I told him we don’t need no money man, we need some verses, got on my boy song.”

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