10 Things You Didn’t Know about Blxst


Matthew Burdette was born in Los Angeles on September 17th, 1995. Later, he became known by his professional name, Blxst. His style of music is a hybrid of rap and R&B. After graduating from high school, his rap career began to take off. In 2019, he released the song Hurt, which established his syle; emotionally charged songs about relationships. His musical influences are Pharell Williams and Kanye West. Although his first single, Who Would’ve Thought, was released in 2016, it wasn’t until 2018 that he truly began his recording career. Six singles, including Can I, which he co-wrote with Eric Bellinger, were released on his label. Later that year, he started touring, selling out shows along the West Coast. He signed with Red Bull records in 2020 and released songs with Mozzy and MBNel. His next collaboration was Don’t Forget with Drakeo the Ruler. These are ten things you didn’t know about Blxst.

1. Real Estate

According to euphorazine, the rapper has a line in one of his songs about looking at the popular real estate site Zillow. When asked about the line, he responded that one of his biggest goals was to purchase a home in the upcoming year. When he has downtime, he likes to look at different spots to find the city he most wants to buy his first house. One of his top picks is Los Angeles.

2. Producer

Aside from recording his hits, he’s also produced songs for other notable rappers. He created Right Wit It by Kalan.Frfr. Additionally, he worked on the song By Now by Eric Bellinger. The song Do Yo Gudda by Kendrick YG was one he didn’t expect to take off. One of the constant things in his career is evolution whether he’s working with another artist or writing songs.

3. 90s

One of the things he feels has shaped his musical career was being born in the 90s. He thinks it allowed him to have a good foundation of older rap artists alongside listening to ones that aspired to be like them. He wants to use his experience to lessen the gap between these two distinct styles.

4. Looking in

Most of his songs are sung from a third-person point of view. Blxst writes songs this way because he wants to make sure he takes in the whole picture. It allows him to go deeper into the song’s meaning and gives him the insight he might have missed if he had only told the story from a single viewpoint.

5. In the kitchen

His idea for The Cook Up series stemmed from Dirrect Dev, who works behind the scenes on Evgle Eyes vlogs. Direct Dev suggested creating a series about Blxst being a vegan combining it with his unique music style. Much of Blxst’s style is about melding two types of music, so the idea fits well into his brand.

6. Early inspirations

Despite what people may think, Blxst’s original rap influences were not Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, or Snoop Dogg. His grandfather liked to rap Bonita Applebum by a tribe called quest, which started Blxst’s love of rap music. Hearing those groups was when he knew he wanted to be a hip-hop recording artist. After his cousin added additional encouragement, he went into the studio to start recording. Once he did, he quickly found out music was in his DNA. According to XXL, Blxst replied, “it was already channeling through me when asked about this feeling.”

7. Mother knows best

According to passionweiss.com, one of the best pieces of advice he received was from his mother. She told him to worry about himself before others. She equated it to instructions from an airplane, cautioning him to make sure he was a hundred percent before trying to help anyone else, similar to the lesson he learned living in Los Angeles, where he started forging his path. While growing up, he learned to believe in himself and discovering a way that worked for him versus being defined by others’ perceptions.

8. Zoiks!

Blxst wrote a song for the Scooby-Doo Soundtrack. He felt it was easier than some of his other projects because he had many people to collaborate with instead of his typical approach to writing songs from his thoughts and emotions. During the collaboration, Blxst and a group of musicians wrote approximately ten songs a day. Like many other things in his life, he feels it was a stepping stone for the rest of his career.

9. Wish for fans

One of the things Blxst wants to communicate in his songs is that anything is possible. In an interview with passionweiss, he remembers a time before he was famous and thinking about what his future may be like, commenting” “Damn, what if I become an artist, really sign a deal, and have music videos.” His takeaway from that moment is at certain times in our lives, little things seem noteworthy, but as we actualize our dreams, those things become only small pieces of our day-to-day life.

10. Change of scenery

One of the Blxst feels helped his success was moving from Los Angeles to Inland Empire with his dad. Growing up in Los Angeles, he lived with his mother. His school was between gang houses, so he always felt insecure about what might happen. In an interview with The Red Bulletin, Blxst discussed this misconception. Although Los Angeles is a beautiful place, there is an underbelly full of gangs and other dangerous elements; the area he lived. He considered being an NBA star and fell in love with skateboarding until a broken ankle made him quit. However, once he lived with his dad, he began to forge his path. Although he’s had to make some tough choices letting go of people and needed to move away from his mother. He’s kept her advice close to his heart. As his career evolved, he charted his success and always put himself first.

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